Shackled Assurance

It's a prison I don't wish to escape. It's a confinement of confidence. It's finding your voice without needing to use it. It's seeking HIS will-not probing for problems.

A Prison of Peace

It’s bravery with buoyancy. It’s being hitched to hope. It’s being fastened by faith. It’s being restrained by radiance.

I'm shackled with assurance,
there's beauty between the bars.
A cell of contentment
is a surrender to the scars. 

If you feel you’re in prison, how do you find the key? It’s been with you for life. Unlock love and be FREE!

Have faith 💚

Photo credit-K.L. Hale (Wilson Creek’s Battlefield (MO), Lookout at Lowman Pass & Payette River, & Shoshone Falls Park (Idaho)🤍


46 thoughts on “Shackled Assurance

    1. lvcamp1850gmailcom

      Dear friend this post (i read 4 times today) really hit home. The last couple of weeksmy umph,mojo,patience & peace have taken a “hiatus! I’ve been struggling. God spoke tomy heart to read Philippians 4:6-9. I have been my mind got it but my heart didn’t. Today my heart got it. Thank you dear dear friend just what i really needed! 💞💖❤💝

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      1. That is the sweetest thing to say! I hope this finds you well and I’m so sorry for late response. I actually thought I had responded but it was in spam. I’m so glad this post resonated with you and gave you encouragement. It’s the only true peace I know~being shackled by faith. Take care of yourselves and let me know if you come here to camp! Love and hugs! 💚❤️🤗🙏🏻


    1. Thank you my friend! I have SO MANY photos–tens of thousands (and not just grandkids and kids 😉 of many beautiful places across our country and beyond. It’s my goal to INSERT them into my daily happiness AND in my writing. I hope you’re doing well my friend! 🤍💚🤗

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    Your words are beautifully crafted. “A cell of contentment
    is a surrender to the scars.” I love that image. I’ve missed seeing you for a while. Hope all is well.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy 💛 your words are always encouraging! I’ve been focusing on learning and even taking day trips to support my love for learning and just getting out! I’ll be stopping by as I have some reading time coming up. Doesn’t time just fly? I look forward to catching up on your site and work. Take care and blessings to you both. 💚💛

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  2. lvcamp1850gmailcom

    I have been struggling the last couple of weeks as my umph,mojo,patience &peace have seem to be on vacation! God has had me reading Philippians 4:6-9 since Sunday. My mind sees it but it hadn’t reached my heart till i read your post (4 times!) Today. It makes sense if you have peace everything else falls into place thank you dear friend! Love you! 💕❤💖💞

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    1. I’m so glad this post was relatable to you my friend. It’s a peace that is hard to describe. Some confuse dreamers with being discontented. In my reality I’m a dreamer BECAUSE I have peace. I’m not going to live in fear. Fear and faith cannot coexist. When you give up the fear and control, peace has room to reside. I can only control what I can control. Being sad doesn’t cause you to lose peace. Sad is an emotion~Jesus got sad! But peace ~it’s not an emotion~it’s a state of mind, heart, and soul. I love how you said peace makes things fall in place. Beautiful. So many, including myself, have shifted “shoulds and coulds” hoping for peace. Don’t be too hard on yourself my friend. We all lose the things you mentioned at times! Give yourself grace. I heard this last night watching the premiere of The Chosen’s newest episode ~”We’re not at our final destination yet. We’re at the airport!” I stand with you at the airport.
      I always appreciate your thoughts and insight! Love you friend. ❣️❤️💚💛


    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a beautiful day! Started off with connecting here, working on two other platforms for promotion of this and the poem, and spent all afternoon with some very special “special needs” adults! It included Bingo, painting rocks, laughter, and celebrating a birthday. It’s another day in the winner’s column! And a lazy night! 🙃 I’m already dreaming of morning coffee ☕️! 💛❤️☕️

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  3. Beautiful post Karla, the words are from a soul released. It doesn’t matter how deep the wound, how painful the journey, a part of Him is there in every one of us. Hold that faith…and be free 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  4. Oh, Karla. What a post!! Oh yes the KEY is LOVE in order to free ourselves from our self-made prisons. God is LOVE. LOVE is God. When we align ourselves with LOVE the healing begins. This post put tears in my eyes! Thank you for shining your light! BIG (((HUGS)))!! xo


  5. That song you have shared is a wonderful version of that song with one of the most beautiful messages to know and believe. Struggling a little bit in a different sort of prison in my mind this week. Circles of feeling like I “should have done more” or “should be further along.” The age old curse of what ifs and worrying about what could, should, or would have been instead of what is.

    Thank you for sharing this reminder and inescapable truth from God. I hope you and family are faring well this week. 💛

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    1. Hamish, thank you always for your kinds words and support. The prison of the mind can seem like a lifetime sentence. I have the “key” to unlocking it is just what you’re doing…you’re emptying your feelings and thoughts, which help purge the poison behind the bars. I believe we ALL feel the feelings you have. I know I have and still fight with them. Here’s a thought I want to share with you–when I look at social media, and the “world” in general, we are sadly giving the message that says, “You are enough!”. Don’t get me wrong here, I believe that we should not push ourselves or try to live to OTHERS’ expectations if we truly believe we want to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. What I’m saying is I’M NOT ENOUGH! I’ll never be enough. Because WITHOUT my faith and belief in going to a place unimaginable to our temporary home here, I am simply not enough. I am NOT ENOUGH without God. I relinquish all my selfishness and fully admit it. Without HIM, I am nothing. It’s been a beautiful week and I thank you for always being so authentic and aware of the workings in your heart and mind. I hope those feelings disappear soon. And if they don’t, you are loved. If they do, you are loved. 🤍

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      1. ❤ Words are not necessary to convey my thanks for your kind response. God is there and always will be. I need God, as His is the only love that will never falter. Drawing strength from Him I have reclaimed the hope that He freely holds out a few times over the past few difficult days. And it is in those moments I see that is where the real me exists: when I choose to be with God.

        Thank you, once again. The sun has been out here the past few days which has made getting outside easier, which in term helps the sun rise in my heart a little bit more too.

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      2. You are a wise young man, Hamish. It takes years, and sadly some may never find it, for some to reach a point in their life when they let go of ego to truly know WHY they exist and to WHOM gets the credit for their existence. Some will blame God for their lives. Isn’t it pure simplicity and love when you fully know the one true God and Creator? “And it is in those moments I see that is where the real me exists: when I choose to be with God.”~ those words describe exactly how I feel, Hamish. I’m so glad the sunshine has helped, too. And when the seasons turn, HE is still there and you have support when you need it. Stay blessed dear one!

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