It was Wednesday and I took a Sunday drive. The sun was sending its warmth through the windows. The wishful windshield seemed large enough to handle my daydreams; it was clear and clean. It wasn’t warm enough or my hand would’ve been hanging out the window. There was a corner where I pulled over and turned down my tunes. I just stared at the livestock and focused on the small rolling hills. Part of me knew where this road led; most of me didn’t care. It’s in the backroads, just like the woods, where I feel most at home. It’s a different feeling than standing atop a mountain, gazing at the Egyptian pyramids, or best, holding a newborn baby. But in this crazy topsy-turvy strangeness of the world around me, it felt like the joy of family and laughter, the hugs of those I love and miss, the best cup of coffee, the best road trip, and the overwhelming awe of my Creator. It was a backroads benediction.

K.L. Hale

Sunday drives of my childhood sometimes led to a Dairy Queen if we were lucky. Dad’s stories always made our backroad drives even more exciting. We’d see homesteads, family houses, cows (lots during those days), rolling hills, and listen to great music. As a teenager they were the best roads to learn to drive. I know what you’re thinking–I’m pretty sure we all did the same things on backroads (but I didn’t go to jail for it). My sons, and every teenager I knew, had some backroads to travel. There’s a happiness about taking a drive and finding something new to enjoy and see (especially if it involves a quaint coffeeshop at the base of any mountain).

A lot of my life has been filled with backroads. I have a determination for discovery and I get nourishment from nostalgia. Do the backroads of your mind ever seem congested or crowded? It helps to wipe the windshield and focus only on the places of peace. Use the rearview mirror to see that which is following TOO close and don’t dwell on where you’ve been. All the wrong turns, flat tires, and break-downs happen to everyone. I hope one day you can smile with the miles, the satisfying scenery, daring detours, and the curvy corners. I’m sorry if you feel you’re on the wrong road. We’ve all been there. Muster up your music, put some air in your tires, mark your map, and don’t refrain from refueling. The road you take is yours and yours alone. I’ll wave and smile when I see you. Even better, let’s meet for coffee down the road.

Have faith 💚


This was written in November 2019 (pre-“C”) Flash forward 6 months and my thoughts are the same. For some the absence of face-to-face is satisfying. Others may crave it. Despite our differing views, one truth exists~we all communicate.

The glare of the screen will never replace the light of sun.  And viewing 1200-1800 pixels on a post will never replace the realness of real.   The silence is deafening and the air feels stale without words.

It was practiced during my day-looking someone directly in the eye.  Even nodding your head to confirm their thoughts.  Maybe a tilt of the head to display interest.  Even a smile to represent the humanness of the verbal exchange.  There would be a pause and that meant that the speaker is graciously giving the opportunity for a listener to respond-simply ingenious.

It seems now most heads are down.  Rarely will you hear a voice.  But you’ll hear a click or a ding.  It’s to notify.   Someone is living, someone died, someone is sharing a funny, someone is wondering what you’re doing. Milestones in life are celebrated on a screen.   These technology talks should bring us closer, so they say.  Yes, some celebrations of life last only the length of your battery.

I look up and around-and get out. It’s with nature I have the best dialogue.  The two of us prefer face-to-face.  Imagine a stare-down contest.  Nature always wins.  Sometimes I chit-chat with the leaves and squirrels.   The trees nod to show they understand me.  Clearly, they’re seen as they are and don’t hide from their reality.  They only know to exist in truth.  During parts of the year they’ll stand completely bare.  There will be no beautiful cover.  For they know glorious change is just around the corner.  

The wind embraces me, and sometimes sings a melody, when it’s time to hug goodbye. 

“It was great to see you!”

“And you as well.”

“Let’s meet again.”

“Yes, face-to-face!”

Have faith💚