Repurpose, Reuse, Reduce

At the beginning of the month, I shared that I would repost SOME poetry I’ve written since I began blogging. Here it is…the LAST week of April. Repurposing and reusing works! It’s amazing to reflect on past poems to affirm feelings of change and growth. How could a pandemic NOT change us? I wrote of heads being down, communication and collaboration limitations, and division in our country. And of roots. Roots are strong. Mine have kept my faith grounded. My reality, however, has shifted with the swirls of the seasons. At any given moment, growth can seem stunted. Pruning is necessary. The right conditions can spur growth. You must do the work. You can’t wilt and withdraw in the waiting.  Healthy nurturing includes REDUCING stress and REUSING your resolve repeatedly. For me, it’s taken half of my life to figure out my crop seasons. I’m in a place, after 7 years, where the hope I’ve written about these last 2 years is growing. I didn’t find it through social media. Healing didn’t happen by continuing to ignore the hurt that has held me for so long. I didn’t find it through being “better.” Becoming more Christ-like isn’t about being a better version of yourself; it’s about totally emptying yourself and being honest about who you are. I still feel anger, sadness, and confusion at times. But what I found that has saved my life was inside me the whole time. I had to stop listening to others around me or keeping myself in a “box” that was determined by societal norms. This is a hard one—if you can ignore the hate and rudeness, if possible, please do so! I pray you don’t allow a passive-aggressive world determine your self-worth. I’m not naïve to think that everyone is nice. I’ve had very hurtful things said. I’ve said hurtful things. If you have limitations due to your health, please let those around know specifically what they are and how you best navigate life. What I’m trying to share is simply, don’t give up. No matter the repeats, don’t give up…on YOU. Find the YOU you’re meant to be. You’re enough. Empty the hurt with helpful friends. Lean in to hear HIS whispers. Find your garden. Rest in it. Surround yourself with its beauty. You don’t have to hide. Hurl the hurt towards heaven. It may not take away the pain at times, but it sure feels good to throw it out! You’re never alone! God sees you and he loves you just the way you are.

He will repurpose, reuse, and reduce what he feels necessary…not only does this sound Earth-friendly, but Heaven-friendly also!

Take root

What are you sowing?
What will you reap?
Will your harvest be plenty?
How heavenly your heap? 

Placing the seed is the easiest part.
The digging and raking go straight to the heart.
The surface seems scorched and barren to sight,
Keep cultivating and find the soil quite right.

New growth may occur
With a scattering toss,
Without proper maintenance,
You may experience all loss.

That which you fertilize
Will find certain success
Without nutrients and attention
It’s bound to get stressed.

Use the light of the sun,
Block out all substitutes.
Given time, love, and patience,
It’s bound to take root.  

K.L. Hale

Taken by me at Table Rock State Park Dewey Short Trail, Earth Day 2022
Taken by me at Table Rock State Park Dewey Short Trail, Earth Day 2022

AND THERE’S MORE! A Weekend of Music–Branson, Missouri

If you’ve heard of Branson, MO, then you know it’s considered a mecca of music. Some think of us as a hick-town with hick music. Well, folks, we ain’t all hicks, but we do have roots. Me? I love it all–gospel, OLD country, soft rock, americana, folk, Broadway, jazz, and MoTown. I feel I’ve led a million lives in music. This weekend I experienced a bit of all of it. Sprinkle in awesome comedy and a good time was had by all! Seriously, the tour bus attendees from ALL across the U.S. had me in stitches (what am I to do with your generation???). And yes, I’m still going to get goosebumps when over 1/2 the audience stands to be recognized as Veterans. It’s a big deal to me. The sacrifice these men and women made (and do make) have impacted my life–personally. When the crazy fun group from Abilene, Texas shouted out I shared about my sons in the Air Force and future placements. These fun folks had a lot to say to this Momma. I stood there as a Mom thinking of my daughter-in-laws who gave up comforts of home to serve as military wives. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s not a just a job to me if only 1% of our nation heeds the call. Our country is impacted by extremism. At a time where the red and blue lines divide, music can heal. So does kindness and lots of laughter. I hope you enjoy these two little clips.

Have faith! 💛

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