Solo Sojourn

Why not alone? If you could do ONE thing, TODAY, no limitations, no restrictions, and all alone, what would it be? Oh, I’m not asking you to shirk your responsibilities.

Don’t let fear and the panic of paranoia pause your passion.

Years of taking care and a daily routine ~have you ever been alone? You’re twisted in the tornado of your own territory. You forget who you are trying to be the ONE thing for everyone else.

You spent years as a caregiver and still have much to give. You have a purpose. And if staying in your own home and doing nothing is your dream, do it. But do something alone. At least once. Be prepared and positioned. You can be breakable, but still bold. Faith and fear are oil and water.

Circumstances in your current reality might cancel your capabilities. Yet, you can take steps. Don’t you dream? A meal to yourself? A walk? A place where it’s quiet? A place to listen? Cancel the noise. One day, and maybe not of choice, you might be alone.

You’ll find strength. Stop. Still your body, heart, and mind, a power unknown to man, will punctuate HIS promises!

I’ll not forget my solo journey(s). Miles and miles of open road. Just me, Finley, and the GPS of God. It was peaceful. I could stop when I wanted {every historical sign}, stay where I wanted, and soak in every moment. My sons and their families at the end of all these miles kept my gas-tank and grit completely full. Oh, the places we can all go. I’m far from done of the Open Roads.

Your journey is your own. It’s a significant sojourn~for this is not our eternal home. ❤️

The open road unfastens my soul. The beauty in the journey makes me whole.

K.L. Hale

Have faith🤍


The most frightening moment wasn’t standing on the edge looking down. The climb was terrifying. Sweaty palms on slick side rails were scary. Walking to the end of the board was undeniably a daredevil deed though.    

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Less than 10 feet above the water, the springy board sought to hold my confidence captive.  My outstretched arms, like wings, kept me balanced as I tiptoed across the fiberglass.

I made it to the edge!  The height didn’t bother me.  Trusting my body, and the lessons learned from the swim lessons my parents insisted upon, I’d hop on one foot and jump (I HAD to leap on one bounce).   Consecutive jumping would end tragically, I was certain.  

Later in life I was introduced to the humorless high dive.  The swimming “friends” above or below me on the ladder, tossing taunts, were terrifying.   These “friends” would try to bounce the springboard while I was on the edge.   It didn’t take long to learn to wait at the side of the pool until the “nice” kids headed towards the ladder.

With time my confidence grew.  Jumping off the board became natural.  Making a splash hitting the water was satisfying.  Sometimes I’d gurgle because I left my mouth open.  But most times I’d swim to the safe side with a huge smile.  Ah, the valiant feeling of victory. Conquering that fear gave me the courage to climb even higher objects in life.  

The last 5 years have felt like climbing that ladder for the first time again.  I’ve been scared.  It would have been easier to just sit on the side and admire the waters from a distance.  Just like the gravel bar on the river. 

A year and half ago, I grabbed the handrails and took a step up.  This year I’ve continued the climb (beyond a doubt it’s a high dive).  On-line classes-a step up. Coaches and fellow writers-a few more rungs.  Faith, friends, and family support-I made it to the top.   My legs are a bit shaky. But it’s time to jump again.  I wonder if I’ll make a splash.

Relearning.  Reinventing.  Repurposing.  Reimagining.  Reinforcing.  Reconstructing. Recovering. Rediscovering.  Rearranging.  Researching. Revising. Rebuilding. Remembering.  REASSURANCE IS RESTORED.

You can climb the ladder too (if you’re not afraid of heights).  I will never taunt you. I’ll even jump in and help you if you struggle after the jump.   There’s this lifeguard who knows exactly when to throw me a life preserver.  He’ll throw one to you too.🤍

It’s time to SPRINGBOARD into something special and new. I want to thank Lisa Jochim (please visit to support Lisa). She had a huge following on WIX, she’s part of our family now. For 4 months she has coached me once on week. Thank you to Jon Bard and Laura Backes for the wonderful courses and resources Jeff, Kim, Martha, Kristy, Vicki, Pam, Kate, Ashok, Kathy, Richard, Vicki, Mitch, Eddie, Kathy, Mark, Julie (both), Dawn, Dwight, Jane, Michelle, Nico, Brenda, Tangie, Vincent, and so many more…Thank you for your unending WordPress support!

Friends, If you have children, grandchildren, or just a fan of children’s’ books, I hope you peek at my new page (click on Faith and Finley at the top of my site).

Faith and Finley Tour the 50 is the beginning of a series designed for ages 7-11 (ALL AGES 😉).  

Why support Faith and Finley?  Readers can explore a few facts and meet friends as we journey across the state lines.  What’s near your own back yard to explore? What makes YOUR state special?  There’s history that can’t be forgotten and facts to uncover.   There’s a world outside of the walls.  It’s closer than you think. Feel the feelings but find the facts!  Find your park.  Enjoy Earth’s playground.  Get out. Don’t lose faith.  There’s beauty to behold when we seek it.

See you on the road and in a bookshelf near you!  

Have faith💚