Energy Efficient

A year ago, I was planning on sealing leaks and windows in the R.V. Now, I’m planning the same for my house.  I’ve always tried to conserve energy.  I’ve never taken long showers.  A steady home temp helps conserve in all seasons (it’s a struggle at times).  Many of my appliances are rated energy efficient. I’m also THAT person (I owe this trait to Dad). I’m the one that will walk behind you and turn off the lights left on (I’m sorry, it’s a learned natural reflex).   Ironically, I have horrible eyesight and need the BEST lighting to read. Lowering my electric bill is a fantastically fun challenge for me! Using my energy wisely is a necessity.

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In all the ways I try to conserve, I also waste.

There are times I don’t shut the door completely-to my house-and my heart. Have you ever left the door to your heart cracked open so you can let enough love in? Yet, during the frigid or heated times hope and faith leak out a bit.  

Have you ever tried to seal the cracks of confusion with caulk only to realize you missed a spot?

What about when you run too hard and long and your battery keeps dying?

How is your temperature setting? Do you fluctuate from hot to cold? Or is it steady and conservatively operating?

What are you wasting? Time? Energy? Purpose? Thoughts? Feelings? Money?

For years and years, it took so much energy to maintain the schedule I set for myself. My hate of waste kept my space filled with soul-searching situations. My new learning has provided a new energy; and at times depleted it.

Can we stop for a coffee break and chat? One on one? You can tell me. I’ll never judge you.  I see you. This is not a race. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.  Give yourself permission to pause. Use YOUR energy how you need. Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Is it edifying? Or is it exhausting? Do you feel it your true purpose or a pressure? If what you love to do requires much energy seek out power that will edify and electrify. Plug into positive energy. Disconnect from discord. Don’t be drained by debate or deadlock.  Try not to assume someone with more energy has more purpose. If you have NO ENERGY than why? Are you seeking a charge from a dead source?

Currently, I’m still waiting on electricity for a garage I had installed months ago (BUT I’m SO THANKFUL TO HAVE A GARAGE).  You know the way of the world today. Supply and demand. Demand is high and fluctuates easily. Supply, not so much.  Are the demands too high and your supply low?

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We could all help the world by conserving more, wasting less.  Outages will still happen. There will be breakdowns. It’s ok. Give yourself warm space to grieve. Allow love to power you back. It’s a beautiful recyling. It’s a renewable resource.

If kindness were in kilowatts what would be the total of your electric bill?  What if passion powered our spirit? Could inspiration impact ideal intensity?  Could you imagine faith as fuel?   Are you energy efficient? I have found the true source of my power. Have you? You are loved. 🤍

Have faith🤍

If you followed me from the beginning, or even friends I had on Facebook YEARS ago, you’ll know my love of watching the PS22 choir! I wanna sing this song dancing with my family, grandkids, and every kid that needs someone to believe in them! THIS IS ENERGY THAT’S NEEDED!
A little inspiration….may it light your way!

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