A Needed November

Happy November, friends! Many of you subscribe to my newsletter-some only to the blog. Creating a newsletter was a requirement for many years. For me, it was a joy. Communication is everything. One course in self-publishing emphasized sending a newsletter or something “special” to email subscribers only. Given the effort, creativity, and time required I’m sharing with ALL MY FRIENDS here in this space. In the past, I included a monthly calendar. Now my newsletter has morphed into my own “small chunks” of writing and updates on my life. I’ll try to include a corny joke and information about my cancer! Not only is this using a creative side of my brain that I need to keep sharpening, but it allows me to reflect one month at a time. There will be some months I may not be able to create one. While I’m morphing and changing with circumstances my email might be used for other purposes or announcements. Those that have subscribed know that I do NOT send many emails; nor would I ever share your address! There’s ALWAYS an opt-out option!

Speaking of opt-out…I choose to NOT opt out on feeling thankful, showing gratitude, and reframing negative thoughts into necessary niceness. One can’t be cheery all the time! But I can change my own mindset with little effort if I choose! November, I needed you. You hold a special time of year. Slow down, please. May the anticipation of the season (as seen in the eyes of my “grands”) and the hope of holidays create a gravy of gratitude that flows like my faith.

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30

Have faith 💚

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