Faithful Fall

It’s here. And my flannel is waiting. So long summer solstice. Hello Fall equinox.

Although the sun’s refraction alters true “equality” (12 and 12 hours of sunlight and darkness) we’re all pretty much in sync. Isn’t it encouraging to think that even poll to poll, pole to pole we are somewhat equal?

The days shorter, the mornings crispier, and the air heartier; it’s simply exhilarating to me.

Fall memories flood the crevices of my soul. Some are crisp, some are warm, and they all brought change. I’m embracing them all.

I’ll throw on my flannel, keep the faith, and continue sniffing the aroma of Momma’s apple cake.

As I’m tilting and rotating I’m grounded by the love of a Faithful Father. It’s as comforting as adding that extra layer of flannel.

Many things come to life in the Spring~ I bloom in Autumn. As leaves fall, my praises lift. My spirit will shed with new hope. A hope that the constant in life is always masterfully molded by the hands of my Creator.

K.L. Hale

Although I appreciate all seasons, today begins my favorite. And in this season of my life I welcome the wisdom gained and lessons learned; they create an equator in humanity where we all reside. We rotate together.

Enjoy the drive through the seasons

Turn, Turn, Turn Take a listen 🎶💚

Have faith 💚

Hiking, flannel, falling leaves, chili?…what’s your fall favorite?