Thankful Thursday

At what age does one learn thankfulness? Just as we try to model and teach empathy (that’s a WHOLE other topic) how often do we stop and recognize that which we have-not what is missing. A friend and I were visiting about counting blessings. How do you begin? Intention is required. It might require something to knock you off your feet, pull the rug out from under you, or turn over your apple cart. Even worse than a jarring moment, it might take a severe loss in your life. Haven’t we all been there?

The last few days collected some tears. I thought a LOT about freedom on the 4th of July. In my normal fashion I started researching our nation’s history. The anthem and its writer, Francis Scott Key, became a focus. For each line of the anthem I thought of its application today. The highs and the lows in history, of our country and our own lives, can either leave you feeling thankful or bitter. I have the freedom to choose. Simply, what do you choose?

As my twin approaches her birthday tomorrow I type with gratitude. Another year. Another day. Another hour. Another minute. Life is not the same. However, my dreams are unchanged. I STILL long to live a quieter life of writing and volunteering–to work for a cause and hide behind the scenes to propel and promote others–to better my health and actively pursue the goodness of people and nature-to provide time to my family (I AM supposed to be taking care of THEM!)-to complete another little book and visit students-and the most important, to make memories with my kids and grandkids. God, you’ve always proved faithful. You will always get the glory. I am thankful.

Every tear I shed will be wiped with wisdom. Rejoicing will be my rebound.

With intention, attention, and ACTION I will show thankfulness and gratitude to every person that has impacted my life. Using intention, attention, and action I will take responsibility for my freedom. My freedom may seem limited to only things that might make a small home sparkle or a little dog comfortable and happy. My freedom may seem limited because I’m not visiting family and friends. My freedom may seem limited because I’m not on a trail or at a park. My freedom may seem limited–but it’s not. It’s simply different. There’s no limit in showing kindness, patience, or gratitude. My thankfulness is limitless.

UPDATE-“Have You Heard of NETs Yet?”

Have I told you all how thankful I am for each of you? I’m on day 7 of my 2nd round of Chemotherapy. Ding, ding, ding! There’s my alarm! For a few days I felt very lousy. Didn’t K.L. Hale state last year to “allow the the pain to propel and promote my persistence”? Specifically, my glucose levels are an issue. More testing will hopefully result in a plan of management. There are many appointments (I’m enjoying my rides with my Momma, family, and friends-I’m grateful for them). In the past I could balance reading, writing, and doing other tasks. I’ve always been intentional and paced. This is different. I’m not always certain how my body will react. I miss reading blogs on a regular basis. At this exact moment I am beginning to feel fatigued (and the 108 heat index makes me THANKFUL for air conditioning-let’s stop and say a prayer for those who don’t have air conditioning or even a home…so sad!). Cancer impacts 1 out of 3 of us. You, or a family member or friend, have experienced what I’m talking about–I know you understand. My twin and I have completed much research on neuroendocrine cancer. I’ve joined an internet support group. I’m learning so much about others across the country that are LIVING with this disease. Through the Neuroendocrine Research Foundation, I have found stories that have touched my heart. Each link uncovers a new discovery. There are over 35 resources in my toolbox now. I’m surrounding myself with peace, rest, and good nutrition (and TONS of family pictures and meaningful memories). I FEEL cradled in the Good Shepherd’s arms. Living with intention, in the moment, is a full-time job–actually, it’s paid me back more than I deserve. Thank you for the prayers as I navigate my new life. How can I pray for you? I see you. I know you. I understand. I hope today, tomorrow, and each day after, you speak your thankfulness to a loved one here or THE ONE that loves you more than anyone-no matter what. 💛

“In everything give thanks.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Have faith 💛

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