Faith and Finley Series

Faith and Finley Tour Missouri is a creative non-fiction children’s book for ages 6-11. Using simple poetry to share events, places, and people, this book offers opportunities for readers to infer, evaluate, and interact through questioning, sharing, and finding hidden objects!

Join Faith and Finley as they live out their dream of tiny living! On their adventures they will meet new friends, discover places, and find ways that make humanity so great!

Come discover and uncover the the world of tiny living in the great outdoors with your new buddies, Faith and Finley. Together we can: Be Kind! Be Adventurous! Be Bold! There’s so much to see and LEARN! Who will join us?

1st stop-Missouri

Faith and Finley begin their tour in their home state of Missouri. Stay tuned to see where their tiny home on wheels takes them next!

Launch date?

THE BOOK IS IN ITS FINAL STAGE AND ALMOST READY TO LAUNCH! Thank you to my illustrator Gage, my Publishign Coach, Lisa, my editing team, and family and friends for your support!

Contact Info:

If you’d love to start a conversation or have questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you! 💚

Written by K.L. Hale

Illustrations by Gage Becker

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