Faith and Finley Tour the 50!

Faith and Finley Tour the 50 is a non-fiction creative children’s book series for ages 7-11.

Join Faith and Finley as they travel across the grand U.S.A.! They’ll cross state lines to fetch friends and find facts that make each state so great!

Readers will enjoy the marvelous places and dream of their own future travels. Sometimes you don’t have to roam too far to find history and beauty in your own home state.

Come discover and uncover the history and beauty of the world in the great outdoors with your new buddies, Faith and Finley. Together we can: Be Kind! Be Adventurous! Be Bold! There’s so much to see and LEARN! Who will join us?

1st stop-Missouri

Faith and Finley begin their tour in their home state of Missouri. Next stop will be Alaska and then to Washington State. DON’T WORRY! We won’t miss YOUR state! Faith and Finley will be traveling to ALL FIFTY great states!

Launch date?

The first book of the series is scheduled to launch in August 2021! You will continue to find updates on this page as the launch gets closer!

Contact Info:

Written by K.L. Hale

Illustrations by Gage Becker