Tuesday Thoughts

As I was reflecting on a beautiful weekend yesterday, my thoughts were filled with thankfulness. And then,…media was mobbed by a slap seen around the world. Meanwhile, a war still rages, families are struggling, and rage is not rare. I’ll keep first things first and position for peace. 💛

Through the eyes of a child

My Saturday began with a visit to our local Children’s Art Show (thank you Table Rock Art Guild). The children, and their parents, were walking around with such pride! I found the self-portraits particularly interesting and beautiful. You might notice the same things I did. They were authentic and true. Their eyes see everything. There’s nothing to hide in this http://www.world.com existence. But with it, they also “see” things that they might not otherwise. Kids…the perfect balance of faith and dreams.

Through the reflections of adults

The family table had its day. Thankfully, aunts, uncles, and us “young ones” (all cousins more than middle age now) gathered together. There are always missing chairs, but we manage to keep it crowded. Dad sat at the head of the table, a perfect place. We reflected on life, love, and loss. Hope and faith pulled up chairs. Laughter was a welcomed guest! Looking back…don’t linger, make it meaningful, and if you can, ruminate only on the radical recoveries!

One day my friends we won’t need faith and hope anymore. For if you believe, you’ll only be lavished in love.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Have faith 💚