What Will Last?💚

What is life if you live it in fear?
Always worried you’ll lose something dear.
We’re only here for a while, just passing through,
Do you know the beauty waiting for you?

I can’t imagine not believing,
Just living, existing, and merely breathing.
Worrying about things that matter so little,
Knowing nothing is permanent and mostly, brittle.

I no longer hope to be someone’s desire,
To bend the wrong way or just put out the fire.
To not conform or keep the “status quo,”
Or do just the things that most only know. 

There’s no need to compare or justify
To explain or post to satisfy.
One minute, one hour, one day, or a week,
I’ll live it the grandest with nothing to seek.

I’ve already found it and believe it the most,
Eternal love and kindness should be what we boast.
What we wear, who we’re with, what we eat or drink
Worrying about what others might think.
To let go of the normal and grasp the grace,
Be kind, gentle, and not just “save face.”
Whether I’m here today or gone this next day,
I’ll not waste one moment in dread or dismay.

What is faith if I fear or dread the next step?
It’s human, I know, per the “rules” that we’ve kept.
Can we stop worrying about others, what they are or don’t do?
Focus on faith, family, and nature-that’s how we’ll get through. 

K.L. Hale 

Last Saturday night I shared with my friends attending the benefit that no one is guaranteed another day. We’re given a “life sentence” the minute we’re born. Knowing I’m not promised another day just lights a fire in me. I found out this morning that a sweet man, Basil, is dancing in heaven today. Basil and his wife, Terrie, attended my benefit last Saturday night. Last Sunday they both enjoyed an outing to Dogwood Canyon and Basil was airlifted to the hospital that evening. Yesterday I mailed their “thank you” card. We are never promised tomorrow. Basil’s life, and Terrie’s faith, inspired me to write this poem today. It makes me think of all, in faith, who have gone before me. 💛

What will it take to strengthen faith? There’s no time to waste on hate or judgment. Let’s not focus on dread and make each day count, let’s pray for the best, & increase our love amount.

“But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children’s children.” Psalms 103:17

Have faith💚 (if you don’t have it or know where to find it, or you need prayer or someone to listen, please email me @ finleyriverpublishing@gmail.com. You are loved. 💛)

Featured image by K.L. Hale-Spokane, WA (Bowl and Pitcher State Park)

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