A Night to Shine, Part 2

When the night ended I was asked, “How do you think it went?”

Volunteers, such as myself, high school, and college students, had the honor of of escorting and accompanying the royalty for the evening. We were told to “dance as if no one is watching!” The dance floor was magical, magnetic, and meaningful! There was more hugging, dancing, gathering, and laughing than I have experienced in nearly two years. The food was delicious and served by amazing volunteers. For three hours the rest of the world’s problems didn’t exist. Kings and Queens, and their caregivers, smiled through the night. It was a celebration of life oozing with positivity-no panic, no pandemic. It was THEIR NIGHT TO SHINE.

How do I think it went? It was a night I’ll never forget. 🤍

“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”

– Robert M. Hensel

Have faith 💚


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