The news I waited on four days ago was worth every second. Patiently I tried to keep busy knowing that my granddaughter would soon be making her grand appearance. At 11 p.m. that evening my eyes brightened at her beauty (viewed on my tiny screen). Longing to be there, I was still “over the moon” with her pictures. Such a tiny little princess was delivered into this crazy wonderful world! “Welcome to your life precious Whitley from Washington. I can’t wait for you to meet your first cousin, Asher from Alaska (his beautiful arrival last July officially made me “Grammy K”). And of course your great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many others.” I’m blissfully blessed.

Most news I don’t care to know about~ does anyone else try to avoid it? The inquisitive side of me~the learner, the researcher, and the “want-to-knower”~wants to stay on top of current affairs. And this “dread” is felt, I’m sure, by many. And then yesterday happened.

I did it. I tuned in the news on T.V. (R.V. living requires a literal “tune”-a twist of the antenna). Proven were the reasons why I shouldn’t. There wasn’t ONE thing learned that impacted my plans for the day (except the weather-but that changes every hour too). The latest headlines seem to always contain controversy-beliefs cemented by a political stance, where you live, the color of your skin, and decisions made by our higher authorities. Karla, turn it off. Slowly I opened the camper door. The birds were singing and the sky was still in place. Happily I headed out to escort my sister to a doctor’s appointment.

Despite my frustrations with drivers driving the last few weeks I considered myself, or so I thought, positively prepped. Listening to uplifting music and glueing on my smile I zipped onto the 2-way lane of life. Oh boy. Just like my newborn grandbaby, I did not feel prepared for entry.

Just like the news, the headlines on the highway were controversial (to say the least). The right lane didn’t like the left lane. The left lane tried to pass the right lane~the fuel of their discontent clouded my view even from a short distance. Apparently the speed limit signs are suggestions only. And if you recall my personality type, I’m not a speeder. Within 40 minutes I felt closer to my maker than I had the whole morning. Safely, I landed at the pick-up point. The remaining 20 minutes on the road with a happy companion made for a better trip.

Unfortunately the air around the health center was pretty stale. Rudeness, discourtesy, and unprofessionalism; they grate my skin like the sound of someone chewing on styrofoam. What REALLY had me hot under the collar (or even hotter under my required mask) was the nonverbal communication towards my sister (I’m protective to a fault, my background is special education, ALL OF US have challenges, and I have too high of expectations for kindness). And then I tell myself, “All God’s children have a place in the choir”!

“Father God, humble me, give me strength, and thank you for loving me and everyone in this place,” I pray to myself. Have we relied so much on “behind the screen” communication that we’ve forgotten that our NONVERBAL is just as powerful (insert eyeroll here if you want; but include tone of voice, loudness, inflection, etc…)? I was so appreciative of the kind and professional individuals that helped us. They deserve praise and a raise! Their kindness definitely helped soothe the sting of the rude ones.

Isn’t this our world anyway? Not to sound too simplistic, but some folks are nice, some aren't. Some hate their jobs or themselves so much they’re going to deflect their feelings on everyone around them. This isn’t “new” news; it is sad news though. Some come from abusive backgrounds, broken relationships, financial crisis, loss of loved ones, or other things in their lives that have caused sorrow and pain to turn to anger and lack of empathy (or sympathy). Perhaps their hope is gone? They can’t see it in this topsy-turvy world. Sometimes a glimpse of hope is all you need to spark a flame of faith.

My sister and I said good-bye. Soon after completing a call, I noticed a police officer loading his trunk. There was a voice whispering, “Encourage him.”

“Officer, I’m sorry to bother you. But I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate all that you do.”

“Thank you, Ma’am. I don’t always hear that.”

“Have a great day and stay safe!”

“You too. Thank you again!”

As I was leaving a man walked out of the gas station extending his hand to the officer. Tears immediately filled my eyes. Quickly I put my car in park and got out. They both looked at me when I said, “This is the hope I needed to see today.”

“We’re not all alike and we don’t all believe or act the same!” the man exclaimed.

“And we’re not all that bad either,” the officer said.

I stated, “I love you both for who you are.”

I have good news. There’s someone that loves you NO MATTER WHAT. There is love when you don’t feel like you deserve it. There was a sacrifice beyond my comprehension. We don’t have to understand it. We just have to believe it. It’s free. And you my friends are worthy.

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1

Have faith 💚

To thine own self be true

How well do you know yourself?

Even at a young age I was observant. If others around me were having conflict, or even experiencing harmony, I could feel it. In some ways it was if I could read others’ minds. Of course, that’s the stuff in which dreams are made.

Questioning the existence of God, the universe, the sky, and WHY things were the way they were was just part of daily thinking. Vividly, I remember thinking by Junior High, “I just don’t fit.” My empathy for others was so strong. At times it’s a gift. And sometimes a curse. Looking for hidden meanings, significance, and intentions could describe my interactions with people.

Getting lost in my meditative world is still something I do. My T.V. is currently off. Notifications are off. Phone is silent. The light of the day is streaming into my camper window. The shadows of the trees are dancing on the floor. The rest of the world is quiet. No disruption.

Even in my dreamy and artistic swing, I’m still a concrete gal. I have goals. I create them and I strive to meet them. Hunches are something I’ve leaned on~and intuition runs high.

Sitting at the neurologist’s office each year for the last 5 has been intriguing. Although short-term memory better than it was, it doesn’t seem to bother me that I forget the mundane. Because my mind has awakened to the part of me I remember from childhood. The part where I write, create, and imagine. Not the part where I struggled to fit in and searched in all the WRONG PLACES in the WRONG WAY to feel “normal”.

Being a good listener is important to me. Do you listen to yourself? Most importantly, do you hear the voice of the one WHO IS, WHO WAS, and WHO IS STILL TO COME? He molded you. He knew who you were before you were born. YOU ARE UNIQUE. We all have “quirks”. For me, observing others is a way to learn. It’s not judging. It’s easy for me to understand different views. However for some who wish to never change their thinking or learning, understanding other point of views equates to believing them.

As a student, teacher, and administrator, the M.B.T.I. (Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator) was used to distinguish the 16 personality traits. I double-dog dare you to take it.

Take it with an open mind. Never stop learning. Use this knowledge in your workplace, within your relationships, and how you operate in our world.

I’m an INFJ~A. In the 8 year span since I last took the test, I’ve become a bit more introverted. However, knowing these things about myself answers many questions I’ve had over the years. And still, I hold tight to my faith and the words of truth that are concreted in my heart and soul.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Romans 12:2
Have faith 💚
~I see a child, I see my own (and grandson and grandgirl to arrive soon)
~I see family, I see my life
~I see a school, I see a past career
~I see a campground, I see my current home
~I hear laughing, I hear my life
~I hear crying, I hear everyone
~I see forests, I see paths
~I hear music, I hear God
~I walk a trail, I'm walking ahead
~I climb a mountain, I'm reaching heaven
~I fall, I get up
~I sleep, I dream big
~I heal, I become stronger
~I question, I learn
~I let go, I gain
~I disagree, I respect
~I love, I love more
~I wait, I watch
~I'm quirky, I'm me 
~I am able to think, therefore I exist.