School buses are barreling by, and the summer heat hangs on.  Excitedly I await my favorite season.  The hot winds will cool slightly, and the leaves will fall in position.  Not being here with you, in this space, has caused a disconnect for me.  I’ve longed to write.  Each day I’ve been ready to see you-to read your thoughts of the world around us.  Simply, I’ve missed you. 

My heart burns for victims of devastation and tragedy.  Yet, in our own lives we MUST celebrate.  What can you celebrate today?  I’m celebrating another granddaughter! 🤍 My family is my greatest blessing.  Although I’m not near all of them I still celebrate them. Just days after her birth I published my first children’s book.  None of us have easy journeys. And there are days we may want to “throw in the towel”. Instead, let’s throw around some good news. With faith and belief, I will “press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Jesus Christ, is calling us.”-Philippians 3:14  


Tragedy after tragedy fills the screen.  Meanwhile I’m able to freely grab my cup of coffee, worship how I please, wear what I want, and shop as I need.  My rights are only limited by my own common sense, judgement, and wisdom.  Should I choose to go rogue on rational there will be consequences.   I feel heartburn coming on.

Countries suffering for rights while we fight over masks and mandates.  Temperatures rising and falling with the waves of wastefulness.   The waste of human life. Wasted money to entertain us.  Wasted food as others starve. 

I have heartburn.

My heart burns for the needy in my neighborhood.  My heart burns for the brave who battle.  My heart burns over barbarian behavior.  My heart burns because of devastating disunity.   My heart burns over tactless tension.  My heart burns over fiery feuds.  My heart burns over illogical indifference.  My heart burns due to habitual hate.  My heart burns due to jabs of judgement.

How can I reduce heartburn? How do I digest the dreadful?

Stop gulping greed. Chew chatter fully. Loosen cliquish clothes. Avoid the Acid.  Stand up straight with sensitivity. Elevate with empathy.  Swallow small bites of sincerity.

I’ll deter heart damage while I can.

Friends may your hearts blaze with blessings.   May your hearts ignite with inspiration. May your hearts inflame with inexplainable insight.  May your hearts scorch without scorekeeping.  May your hearts light with laughter.  May they burn for beauty.

My heart boldly begs for a breakthrough-and a hope in humanity.  May our hearts burn with love.    

Have faith 💚

This is just a cover of a copyrighted song by Anne Murray; uke cover -Anne Murray Me–just an attempt at one of my favorite songs and artists. I hope we can all share good news!

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