The Great Escape-Part III

The Tree and Me

Pic by K.L. Hale-The Trees and Me

“What do you see? What do you know?” I asked the big tree at site 35.

Tree replied, “I’ve been here many, many, many years. Years before all these people. The birds know what I know. The squirrels know what I know. See the geese family parading by? They know what I know. The possum, the woodchuck, the insects, and the grass know what I know.

I see people and their cars, RVs, and trappings. Hanging on to a lost art. Forming (or clinging to) a tradition. Attempting face-to-face, fires & fireflies, kids riding bikes, and the great escapes. Yet, more heads are down, and lines are blurred. Do you see that mother desperately needing attention? The Dad is stoic and stationary. The elderly couple made it by the skin of their faith- just now learning what it takes. The cancer survivor needs peace and hope. See that couple? They’re hanging on to their marriage by a very thin rope. That family of four has the least of stuff. They already know too much is just fluff. The dogs bark and play and provide fellowship. What do people today really worship?”

“Only one God created me. Do not worship me, said the tree. Just enjoy me. Nature is my home, my roots run deep, and my love never changes-it’s a promise I keep. No matter the things, the place, or the frills, what truly matters is what God fulfills.”

“We’re all sons and daughters, just ripples on the water. Trying to make it matter, until our time to leave. One day they’ll carve your name in stone, then send your soul on home. ‘Till then it’s praying for rain and pulling up the weeds, planting trees we’ll never see.”-Trees We’ll Never See (Amy Grant)

Thank you to my dear friend, Kim, for sharing this song. Enjoy this, friends.

Have you heard of NET, yet? 🦓

Did you have a good Memorial weekend? I pray you are all well. The timing for this holiday (and time out of treatment) was perfect. The echoes of small and precious voices ring throughout my quiet home. The voices of the adults I so love echo too. Hugs, love, playtime, food, …family. The perfect crowd. Handprints I don’t think I’ll clean. Memories made. It didn’t matter that the cancer is still here because so am I. Love and adrenaline boosted my energy. God provided strength. I’m resting now.

I’m 7 weeks out of my 3rd treatment. Typically, it’s weeks 7-12 that are my worst. For years I’ve known my symptoms and now, after 8 months, I’m familiar with when the P.R.R.T. side effects occur. My blood counts are dropping and my hope keeps rising. Thrombocytopenia is caused by low platelets and red, and white cells. Often I worry about my blood. As great as treatments can be, they also have many side effects. My feet might tingle and my bones hurt. It’s a hard balance-sitting versus staying active. There are a few new symptoms. If next week’s blood draw gives evidence of TOO low counts, I can be boosted. If you’ve followed my journey you know that this cancer can be masked by hypoglycemia (a type of diabetes), I.B.S., diarrhea, menopause, diabetes, arthritis (which in addition, doesn’t help the bones), and many other abdominal type issues that might go missed. Do you have unexplainable symptoms? If so, I encourage you to speak to your primary doctor. Be an advocate for yourself. Share what is going on. Don’t give up!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. As my doctor stated, “This is a marathon, not a sprint!” Since it seems I’ve been in this for a while, I do find myself wanting to hand off the baton at times. God has his reasons. I accept it and will gladly continue my marathon with all of you helping to wipe off the sweat, put ice on the injury, yell in the stands (Batter Up!), and pray to our Great Physician. We all have our own marathons. Mine is no worse or better. It just is. Rather than compare our races, let’s all support the fact we’re in it together. “We’re all sons and daughters, just ripples on the water. Trying to make it matter, until our time to leave.”

Have faith💚

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