Hang your Hat on Hope

Which book do you open

at morning’s first light?

Is it habit to scroll?

does it incite or ignite?

Do the images and phrases

give you truth mixed with peace?

Or does confidence shatter

and your reality cease?

Don’t worry what others

will say or think.

You might stand alone

or feel yourself shrink.

No matter your past

or the life of today.

There’s a book with no face

that will show you the way.

Stand tall and remember

There’s only one you.

Cling to hope and a heaven,

love will carry you through.

Have faith 💚


52 thoughts on “Hang your Hat on Hope

  1. Vicki

    Touches my heart & deep in my soul as always. Makes me take a deep down look at myself & make better decisions today. You always put a smile on my face & a song on my lips! Beautiful picture! Enjoy your time with your kids dear friend! 💕💖❤💞🎶📖

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    1. Vicki, we are making memories. Today, gathered around my Momma’s table, was one I’ll never forget. My youngest, his wife, and granddaughter will be here Weds. I’m soaking up every minute I get with them all. Thank you for your kind words always. It touches me that my words touch you. I had a friend recently share she had deleted Facebook. It seems with the wonderful ways social media can connect us, it’s that many ways as divisive. I don’t understand it. So I just put my trust in what I know to be the truth. I’ve bet my life on it 🥰💛💚🤍💛 love you friend.


  2. atimetoshare.me

    The Bible has been the foundation for my life. I would be dead in sin if I didn’t have it as my permanent “go to” book. Thank God for sending His Holy Spirit to inspire the writing to come through His followers to everyday people. They are His words and are so true.

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    1. Kathy, undoubtedly you have led a life paved by THE book 📖 ….there’s SO much to soak in and apply. Through all the interpretations and millions of ways it can be presented it is still the only true love story that comforts me. It even intrigues me. I love the history, the people, the times,…the truth. 📖💕

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  3. Awww…beautiful, Karla. Love the photo that goes with the poem too (your grandson from their recent visit?) Starting my day with the Bible is so much more satisfying than scrolling social media.

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    1. Thank you my friend. Yes, this was on the Branson Scenic Railway. There are so many people that love him and they will all be worn out when they head back to Alaska. My youngest, his wife, and my granddaughter, are flying in tonight. The times around my Mom’s family table will be special indeed. On a side note, have you watched The Chosen? It’s been a wonderful series! Take care, Laurie! Keep running (please don’t break anything!)!


  4. Rythmical and rhymical, and wonderful to read. A short time ago my phone gave up and entered an infinite reset loop. Having no landline at home has meant communicating with people via emails when I am near a computer and able to, and via Facebook Messenger according to the same requirements.

    It has been immensely freeing, both from the weight no longer in my pocket every time I go out the door, and because I am not wondering “was that a message?” or even “who has read my latest post?” A new phone is on its way, because I value being able to talk to my family and close friends even when I’m not around a Wifi connection and a computer, especially in a world where we are not able to visit all the people we might want. But I am evaluating how I should ration the time I spend on my devices.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. 😊

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    1. Hamish, I relate to, and respect, every word you wrote. It’s so heartfelt and transparent! I’ve evaluated the same thing and have experienced the same freedom. Stay safe and blessed my friend! 🙏🏻💛

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