Is it quiet or loud?
 Do you feel shameful or proud?
 Are you nervous or unsure?
 Or is it all like a blur?
 Memories of better times 
 Without news of so many crimes.
 It was there but we didn’t see,
 More things under lock and key. 
 “We all have rights”, you will hear declared. 
 It might cost many lives and leave some in despair.
 To lay your life down for another
 Greater love hath no man this this.
 To swirl hate and be violent
 Is cruel and thoughtless.
 To die for a cause may be somebody’s goal, 
 I’ll pray for you daily and hope for your soul,
 The lines might be drawn, but God gives us hope,
 My faith is so strong and that’s just how I cope.
 I’m not empty-headed naïve or even untaught,
 I stay balanced and focused on truth I have sought.
 If one day I should meet you I can guarantee,
 I’ll treat you with respect; that’s just being me.
 They’ll be coming a time when truth wins the day,
 No heartache; no tears; and I know the way.
 Be wise and be ready and be willing to wait,
 And I pray in the future we’ll meet at the gate.  
Photo by Pexels.com

64 thoughts on “Certainty

  1. Dearest Karla, I pray I can continue in respect of others until we are at the gate. But there is something urgent inside my spirit, saying be ready, more opposition is coming. Oh Lord, we need You. Thank you sister for being His vessel of grace. May He give you more words of love to share.

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    1. Thank you, Julie for your kind words. I understand them. It’s very difficult to watch and feel the hate. And also just apathy of any situation. I want to be informed and have researched many things in the last week. The one source of truth that guides me each morning is my Bible. And faith of the things I’ve overcome by sheer miracles. I recognize it and honor it. And just try and stay balanced, faithful, and hopeful. Radicalization of almost anything can work against its purpose~at least in my experience. I only speak for myself and appreciate the support I feel from this community. It’s such a blessing. And when the words come to me, I’m happy to share. Keep fighting with faith my friend. Keep us updated on your son and your future hikes too. Xoxo ❣️

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  2. Vicki

    You have a beautiful calm soul and very strong & self assured in your convictions which makes being your friend such a joy. You have a true gift with words & such a wonderful relationship with our God!

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    1. Vicki, thank you for your words of support. ❤️💚Staying calm and confident is a choice I’m trying to make each day. Even when we feel the world may be against us, or worse, everything seems just wrong 😑, I have a peace that surpasses all understanding. It helps to have a good sense of humor and a cute puppy. ❤️ I have a partner, Jeff, whom you’ve met I believe, that is extremely supportive. We are spurring one another on in the daily quest to heed wisdom from God. I learned too many times over a hard lesson in which if God is not #1 I won’t experience the ultimate true joy that comes from fulfilling your true calling~and laughing and loving even through the hard times. I love you friend. Here’s to a good camping season ahead for you both. ❤️💚❣️🙏🏻


      1. Vicki

        When everything is so awesome in our lives it is truly God! You are so right about making calm peace joy a choice every day & every moment! You & Jeff are a true joy to see together. Camping season can’t come soon enough! Bless you dear friend ☺😊💝💝💝💝💝

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  3. Very beautiful Karla, heart rended to see and feel this pain around us and bring it into the light with these words. Thank you for sharing, may it be read and heard by the many to find that peaceful change 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  4. atimetoshare.me

    Our prayers will be heard back almighty God. Perhaps it will be a long time from now. It may not prove to be what we pray for, but we can be sure that they will be answered and God will do so in his timing. Let us wait on the Lord.

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  5. Hitesh.C.K

    K.L Hale this is an another excellent piece from you. How greatful am I to be reading this. These lines prove your union with mother nature (the ultimate) Have a great time and lead your community with faith !!Thank You!!

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  6. kriddy70

    What an amazing and beautiful poem. Your words are such an encouragement and oh so true. I love how your whole heart and soul shows in your words. I love you….

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  7. Beautiful poem! It reminded me of this quote from Anne Lamott: “The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Certainty is missing the point entirely. Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.”

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