Invisible Burdens — Russellings of the Spirit

This post from Pastor Russ,, is a time-worthy read. It definitely resonated with me. May you all have a week of peace and blessings! And hopefully, weather-permitting, some time to enjoy our beautiful world outside the schedules, screens, and walls.

Have faith 💚

Just the other day, I had to make a trip to Home Depot. Not a terribly unusual occurrence in the life of most homeowners. Some days even call for more than one trip to my “home away from home,” as Joan also calls it. As I pulled into the parking lot, scanning for an empty […]

Invisible Burdens — Russellings of the Spirit

18 thoughts on “Invisible Burdens — Russellings of the Spirit

  1. I tried to comment on ‘Russellings’ page but alas, the WP monster is at it again 😀
    So I’ll try here…it is an amazing thing to ‘hear’ someone needing help, whether physically or emotionally. Sometimes we balk because of our own insecurities, and sometimes we go full tilt where angels fear to tread. But thankfully God gave us a gift to listen with our hearts so that we can hear that pain inside us all, and usually…no, make that every time…a lesson is given both ways, to the giver and receiver, of the blessings coming forth. I think love is ever unconditional, it is only us humans that block its journey. But gradually that river is cleared and its rapids, and the flow, becomes as smooth, calm and peaceful as it was meant to be. Great share Karla 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Mark, your words are beautiful. So many times it’s the loudest things that get the attention. And in quieting my soul from all the distractions and noise I can hear things so much better. Thank you for reading and for your comments! I’m sorry those WP gremlins are at it again! Stay blessed. 💚

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