Hope for Humane

Last Tuesday I wrote of my Faithful Fall.  That afternoon I was involved in a fender bender.  Once again, I was jolted.  “Why me God? Why NOT ME GOD?

The truth: accidents happen.  The truth: it could have been worse.  The truth: all is well other than inconveniences and extreme soreness I’ve learned to manage on my own.  The truth:  I’m never alone.

Even if I didn’t believe that God sent his ONLY son to die FOR ME and FOR YOU I would still want to be best friends with a man named Jesus.  Who wouldn’t want to hang around a man like this? He definitely has my vote.

Jesus was attentive, kind, decisive, understanding, forgiving, optimistic, patient, gentle, wise, considerate, sensitive, thoughtful, diplomatic, and tactful.   He hung with the lowly.   He knew only how to love everyone.  He became angry at injustice.   He sought to unite.  How incredible of a human~if only to be like HIM.   

As we continue to spin and become caught in the hurricanes of humanity to what truth do you adhere?

As for me I am going to grasp my grit, embrace empathy, cling to calm, bond to boldness, hope for humane, kindle kindness, seize the spirit, clench to compassion, and fasten my faith.   

k.L. Hale
1st steps of Fall

For God so loved the world that he gave us his one and only son. That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

1st hints of change

46 thoughts on “Hope for Humane

  1. God always has a plan! The Faith is trusting His plan! Yes how could we not trust such a gracious God as He! I will say there is no place I would rather be especially in this day in age then right in the throne room at Jesus’s feet! Peace resides when I walk side by side, hand in hand with Him! Happy you are safe, and I always think things could be worse. Even with my breast cancer. It is gone, it did not spread! Hallelujah! I am free! Have an amazing day in Him walking in the spirit. 💜 blessings Lisa

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    1. You are one I think of when reflecting on “overcoming”. He has his reasons and I don’t question them. I DO question my own self and then I remind myself to let go. We ultimately have no control. You are a wonderful example of his faith changes attitudes and oozes out to everyone in your midst. Isn’t life better with faith? With all the other oozing of infectious and toxic attitudes and disease it’s you and others like you that put it all in perspective. I have many in my family that join you in the ranks of cancer survivor. When you’re at the rock bottom and experience an overwhelming healing and peace you’ve just been touched by the Master’s hand. I’ve felt it. And even when we act “human” he’s still trying to reach us. What an amazing love. 💚 I’ve got your date on my calendar. Keep inspiring us Lisa. Love and hugs. ❣️

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  2. Glad you are ok dear lady, those impacts in our lives tend to shake our tree’s somewhat. But I suppose without them we wouldn’t change. May your impacts not be in cars but just those beautiful openings of wisdom and love in your heart 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  3. I understand Haley—I so hate the inconvenience of accidents and often forget to be thankful that
    all is relatively well—yet I get caught up in me having to forego my car, going to the doctor, losing my independence…
    Sometimes God needs to slow us down.
    I am thankful you are unscathed…and I pray that the “details” will smooth out quickly and readily!

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  4. So relieved you are OK! Those kind of accidents are so darn scary! I do not involve myself in the hurricanes in life. I’m keeping my eye on yes the elections but other then that, I am adamant I do not allow the world to invade my life. I wish you happy hunting for the Fall Foliage. I have begun and this Fall I believe the colors will be outstanding!! Have a good weekend!! xo

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  5. I am sorry to hear about the fender bender, Karla. It is still a stressful situation, even when we consider ourselves lucky. I extra love the word “grit.” A multi-layered word. Your last quote from Sitting Bull gave me goosebumps. Stunning photos! Glad you are okay.🙂

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    1. Thank you! All is well. My back is going to be sore for a while from many other injuries. But I’m great compared to what others may face on a daily basis. I count my blessings and do the best I can! I appreciate your support!

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  6. Aw, K.L. I am so sorry that you were involved in a fender bender. It can be very scary in the moment. I pray your body is healing beautifully, and I am sending my gratitude to the Lord that your accident was not even worse than it was.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about JESUS. His loving-kindness gets me every time all by itself. How many times have we felt alone, discouraged, overwhelmed, and simply overcome by life – only to find His glorious presence swoop in and pull us out? The love of Christ, His glory surrounding us does in one moment what man’s love couldn’t do in a lifetime!

    You are so precious, my sister. Thank you for sharing those beautiful Fall colors. It is my favorite season by far. How about yours?

    I also love that John C. Maxwell quote. How true it is! ❤ Sending all my love to you, friend. You’re a joy and a light in this crazy world.

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    1. Your comments are so thoughtful and appreciated. All is well 💚 it’s a reminder of how we truly have no control in our lives. ❣️ I have suffered from an accident when I was 36 that has long term health impacts. And just like that one, HE ultimately spared me from worse ~and then used the situation to meet some amazing people through this process 💕 I know I’m never alone~you’re never alone~and if one so chooses it’s the best relationship you can ever experience. You are so precious too, Holly. Sending you love and keep being a light as well! Be blessed my friend! 💛💚


  7. Oh, my! I am so glad you are okay & here to post to us, yet another day. I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of an auto-accident myself & can attest how jarring it can be to one’s body AND spirit. Hugs to you for using this time to mend, while maintaining your perpetual gratitude for all things given. 😘

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    1. Thank you Dawn. In truth it was just a fender bender. But enough of a jar and an inconvenience to remind me how grateful I need to always stay. I’m so thankful you’re ok! It was an accident in ‘06 that caused many issues for me…years later even for not taking care of them. So this one made me quickly do the necessary ~God didn’t need to hit me over the head this time. 😉💚🧡 blessing my sweet friend


  8. You never fail to capture the absolute beauty of what God did for us. Today we had our church fair and it was a struggle, at least for the first half. I was leading the sausage sizzle stall and about an hour into the four hour event it poured down with rain. Thank you to the relentless enthusiasm of our youth group and a couple of other positive helpers it was a great effort within the wider wonderful effort of the fair.

    I had to trust God, that even though I’m not great with crowds, or being in charge of people, He had everything in hand as long as I remembered what we were there for.

    After the fair I had a really this conversation with a friend from the congregation. It was an incredibly life-giving chat, where the prevailing thought we both kept coming back to was, “God can’t not be real”. Perhaps not the best way to think about it, and an odd way to phrase it, but it is the blessed truth. God is with us.

    Thank you for sharing. I pray your autumn is going brilliantly. 🍃

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    1. Good morning Hamish! First, thank you for your kind words and support always. Secondly, your experience at the fair sounds miraculous! I totally understand your thought process. I have to pinch myself at times with the miracles he works in my life! Your adjusting your sails and he’s working in you in ways you didn’t think possible. He’s real and aren’t we blessed? It’s a beautiful weekend to work here in SW MO and all the little goblins will be out for Halloween 🎃! God bless you my friend! Stay safe!

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