Adjusting my Sails

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Are you smooth sailing? Are you ready for the squalls? Are the winds forcing you in the right direction? Are you adjusting your sails? Or do you feel ready to sink?

K.L. Hale

Prologue: After experiencing extreme drought conditions, we finally got relief. It has rained practically non-stop for the past 72 hours (and counting). The rainfall is about a Finley and 1/2 high. Around early morning, 5 a.m.”ish”, as I was listening to the rain pelt the R.V., I was thinking of all the storms ravaging our country; and not just the weather. Surely 2020 has given all of us reasons to reflect on many aspects of life. The morning progressed and the winds became strong and cold. No doubt this R.V. would make a horrible boat. As a movie buff, I began to think about Master and Commander, Cast Away (not a bad thought-deserted island?), and many historical moments on the water. But my favorite calming of the waters story (and fishing story) is from my favorite non-fiction book, THE book~my Bible.

Sailing is on my bucket list. Friends, fellow bloggers, and others I have known share stories of the adventures, dangers, and other experiences aboard their boats. Many years ago a student left the school to join her family on a year long adventure on the waters. What an experience. Later, the Mom joined our district as a secretary. Reading their logs throughout their journey was such a delight.

Although I have no experience in sailing adventures, I have had experiences in dealing with mighty waves, the fierce force of unexpected winds, and sturdy storms that have caused me to veer off course. Some caused me to feel puny, feeble, and insignificant. There were times I capsized and resurfaced with colossal common sense and dedicated discernment. My sails had to be adjusted…repeatedly.

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There are typhoons and hurricanes that will continue to rage for all of us (illness, loss of relationships, jobs, money issues, unforeseen emergencies). For me, I have to adjust for haphazard halts and swift shifts. If Jesus’ simple request for his disciples to throw their net on the RIGHT side of the ship resulted in the greatest fishing trip Israel’s apostles ever enjoyed (John 21:6), then why wouldn’t a whispering wind from HIM to adjust my sail and maybe stand in a different spot of the boat do anything less than help me stay my course?

It would be naïve for me to think at this age, with new love, the search for new “boats” (I love my R.V., but my search continues for stick and brick), and other changes in life, that my sails would never adjust. Emotional, physical, and spiritual sails might get torn weathering the storms. Repair and sail on. Enjoy the fellow travelers and the loved ones in your boat (and lifeboats) that wish to tackle the open sea of life alongside you. But remember who’s course you’re on~ there’s one just for you. And I know my Captain. Do you?

Have faith 💚

Just a little nod to my old country roots⛵
Finn and Me to you 💚🎵


Raise your hand if you’d like a do-over. Ah yes, I see many hands in the air. Some of you might be looking around. Others have their heads down. I’ve had experience with do-overs.

K.L. Hale

“Do I really have to write each word I misspell 15 times?” I asked my teacher in 2nd grade. That was enough for me to become an ace at spelling tests. Fast forward fifteen years to my 2nd grade classroom. Having implemented the Spalding “Writing Road to Reading” theories and practices, along with the spelling to writing and reading curricula, my students didn’t need to worry if they would get do-overs. You bet they did. Victoriously a do-over would lead to why I taught in the first place~to see students light up with learning and mastery. And that mastery was determined by each individual student (not based on their date of manufacture ;-). Some of you must be thinking “hey, you shouldn’t get a do-over on everything!”

My favorite administrator said to me when I was 26, “Karla, I appreciate that you don’t give up on the students or yourself! You’ll find a way!” I’ll never forget the impact of that statement. Ms. M (as I fondly call her) was the reason I changed my Master’s program to administration. She motivated me to fulfill a need to help other adults, not just kids, in do-overs (and of course to help achieve successful first attempts!). It was my personal mission to promote a safe and encouraging environment where each person, young or old, knew that grace would abound. With grace, yoked with skill and motivation, there was a satiation of love and learning. The schoolhouse would be satisfyingly electrifying (oh the stories of when the electrocution hurt!)!

Tweak a situation just a bit and we could all do better I’m sure. “Dad, can I take a mulligan on that shot?” “Mom, will you reteach me that chord?” “Boys, how best can I care for you?” “Students, what are you learning from me?” “Staff, how can I make your job better?” “Friends, in what ways can I help?”

“There’s no need for a do-over!” the voice of God boomed. HE was absolutely right as always. If I were to do it over and over again I’d still be ME. But there ARE things I should be doing over … and over.

My “to-do” over and over list:

  • begin each day with prayer and thanksgiving
  • show compassion
  • give and accept grace
  • be kind
  • learn from my mistakes
  • keep discovering
  • pause and reflect
  • take care of myself and those I love
  • live by truth
  • stay humble
  • see the positive
  • guard my heart
  • help others
  • stay agile
  • be flexible
  • think before I speak

Renew your heart and mind, de-clutter your soul, live with grace, and show love everyday. Do it over and over.

We don’t get a do-over on the ONE LIFE WE HAVE TO LIVE.

Have faith💚