This story, and so many just like this, details how Neuroendocrine Cancer DOES NOT discriminate! This precious Mom, who has a spirit that I can relate to, did the unimaginable in honor of her daughter!

Many NET patients are active people! We look healthy. Something we may eat could trigger symptoms. This beautiful young lady was an athlete and fought to her last breath.

As an advocate, and a continued researcher for this cancer, I refuse to give in to the negativity of being “sick”. I want to talk about my kids and grandkids, National Parks, sunsets, sunrises, the beauty in travel and staying active, the wonderful blessings of giving to others and making a difference. Yes, I’ll be wise. But I’m not going to join conversations of doomsday or let this become a dread everyday. The weekly visits and chemo regimen cannot be ALL life has to offer!

Listen to your bodies, ignore negative talk, and hang with the do-er’s. There’s energy when we allow it. There’s hope when you can’t imagine it. Find your people. Find your tribe. Find the ones that live by faith, not just speak it. For their energy will inspire you. How many valleys must one climb from before you realize that you’re an overcomer? Β Some might stand on mountaintops and still think they’ll be struck by lightning! Friends, don’t!

Have faith πŸ’›

This is just a public service announcement πŸ“£ please please don’t give up!

The Healing NET foundation

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