To thine own self be true

How well do you know yourself?

Even at a young age I was observant. If others around me were having conflict, or even experiencing harmony, I could feel it. In some ways it was if I could read others’ minds. Of course, that’s the stuff in which dreams are made.

Questioning the existence of God, the universe, the sky, and WHY things were the way they were was just part of daily thinking. Vividly, I remember thinking by Junior High, “I just don’t fit.” My empathy for others was so strong. At times it’s a gift. And sometimes a curse. Looking for hidden meanings, significance, and intentions could describe my interactions with people.

Getting lost in my meditative world is still something I do. My T.V. is currently off. Notifications are off. Phone is silent. The light of the day is streaming into my camper window. The shadows of the trees are dancing on the floor. The rest of the world is quiet. No disruption.

Even in my dreamy and artistic swing, I’m still a concrete gal. I have goals. I create them and I strive to meet them. Hunches are something I’ve leaned on~and intuition runs high.

Sitting at the neurologist’s office each year for the last 5 has been intriguing. Although short-term memory better than it was, it doesn’t seem to bother me that I forget the mundane. Because my mind has awakened to the part of me I remember from childhood. The part where I write, create, and imagine. Not the part where I struggled to fit in and searched in all the WRONG PLACES in the WRONG WAY to feel “normal”.

Being a good listener is important to me. Do you listen to yourself? Most importantly, do you hear the voice of the one WHO IS, WHO WAS, and WHO IS STILL TO COME? He molded you. He knew who you were before you were born. YOU ARE UNIQUE. We all have “quirks”. For me, observing others is a way to learn. It’s not judging. It’s easy for me to understand different views. However for some who wish to never change their thinking or learning, understanding other point of views equates to believing them.

As a student, teacher, and administrator, the M.B.T.I. (Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator) was used to distinguish the 16 personality traits. I double-dog dare you to take it.

Take it with an open mind. Never stop learning. Use this knowledge in your workplace, within your relationships, and how you operate in our world.

I’m an INFJ~A. In the 8 year span since I last took the test, I’ve become a bit more introverted. However, knowing these things about myself answers many questions I’ve had over the years. And still, I hold tight to my faith and the words of truth that are concreted in my heart and soul.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Romans 12:2
Have faith 💚
~I see a child, I see my own (and grandson and grandgirl to arrive soon)
~I see family, I see my life
~I see a school, I see a past career
~I see a campground, I see my current home
~I hear laughing, I hear my life
~I hear crying, I hear everyone
~I see forests, I see paths
~I hear music, I hear God
~I walk a trail, I'm walking ahead
~I climb a mountain, I'm reaching heaven
~I fall, I get up
~I sleep, I dream big
~I heal, I become stronger
~I question, I learn
~I let go, I gain
~I disagree, I respect
~I love, I love more
~I wait, I watch
~I'm quirky, I'm me 
~I am able to think, therefore I exist.


Just as a literally tonedeaf person is unable to comprehend the differences between musical notes, a metaphorically tonedeaf person is unable to comprehend the different facets/nuances of a given situation. A statement such a person makes might also be described as tonedeaf. Jun 12, 2014

If you were fortunate enough to be raised with music you understand this title well. Two decades of hearing angelic family voices around me equipped my pitch-finding path. Those musically-inclined might credit their talent as learned and honed. Granted, I feel fortunate to have had great teachers, I view my ability to harmonize or find pitch as a gift from God. Admittedly, I have been tone-deaf too.

You know the scene. You’re either watching a contestant on a singing show (one of a zillion) warbling out words causing you to think of the expression, “can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”, or you’re standing next to someone~anywhere~that might be humming a tune that may sound a bit…unpleasant.

A friend of mine would say, “All God’s children have a place in the choir!” We’d laugh. Yet, seriously and with sensitivity, it explained that no matter who you are or what you did, you were accepted.

Being tone-deaf doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad voice. On the contrary, I know I lot of people that might not get the pitch, but have a great voice.

Sadly, beyond the scales of the pages and the music we sing, many are becoming tone-deaf to the world around them~OUR WORLD. Conceivably, tone-deaf to the situations in their own homes. It seems so easy for some to zombie away their humanity~numbly existing with little or no regard to anyone or anything around them? They’ll join in a round just because the lead singer is the loudest.

Do you hear it? Can you hear the voices? Are we on pitch? I’m riddled with guilt when I become tone-deaf (posting or saying something insensitive that is in direct contrast to the current topic or situation). It isn’t about ignorance. Are we truly aware? Are we paying attention? Don’t we all sing at times (and loudly might I add) and immediately declare, “I just put my foot in my mouth WHILE singing off-key?”

Witnessing the hate and deliberate tone-deaf messages are distressing. To appreciate our similarities and respect our differences has been echoed. It sounds repetitive; much easier to speak than do. Can we call a truce? Can we declare a ceasefire?

It’s ok if you’re a little off-key, we all are. There’s hope because we can train our voices. For some the music is deafening; others have turned a deaf ear. Despite tone-deaf sounds, I choose to hear the good.

When we hear the music around us can’t we all strike its chord? Because the underlying melody in all of us is beautiful. Amidst the clanging of communication, the ringing of the rhetoric, the muddling of the meaning, and the music of mockery, may those of us who choose to hear and use our voices for civil create a symphony of solidarity.

K.L. Hale
Have faith 💚