I Approve This Message

My name is Karla Hale and I approve this message.

Thinking about primaries? Right now I have a primary focus-preservation. Preservation of my memories, mind, soul, and body.


A streetlight near our house reminded me it was time to go inside. It was 1970-something. We biked, walked, explored, and always had something to do. Finding creatures was my favorite. Furry, hard-shelled, squiggly, snuggly, the cuter the better. “Mom, can we keep it/them?” The songs from “Grease”, Ronnie Milsap, Jim Reeves, Queen, Conway Twitty, John Denver, Michael Jackson, Eagles, and a host of others echoed in the brown-shagged carpeted bedroom. Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett covered the Tiger Beat and the T.V. Guide was simply fine! Re-runs of Gentle Ben and Flipper, Little House on the Prairie, Johnny Quest, and Scooby Doo were indulgences. Church on Sunday, family around the table, the river, softball, a cafe on the corner, and the Book Mobile were all stand outs!

The 1990’s are my most special-motherhood. Early mornings and late nights. A love that you can never describe. Two little boys brought delight and love. Giggles, books on the lap, camping, ballgames, dirt, and yes, tough things. Puzzles, Legos, trips, movie nights, homemade pizza, and cinnamon rolls with gooey kisses! A classroom, kids, and a career. Adulthood abducted me. Motherhood was still my dream come true. The 2000’s roared in–wait, we’re still here (Y2K?)? Technology tackled time (and still does!). Motherhood and school defined me. Amid it all I still tried to laugh. There were ballgames, family gatherings, graduations, special hugs, and talks at nights. Motherhood seemed to end as abruptly as it began. Becoming a Grandma came around a decade’s corner. My heart grew even larger. 💕

Mind & Soul

Years working with amazingly different personalities, revolving relationships, trying to unwrap the unexplainable, diving into learning, and still dreaming all widened my mind. I’ll never stop learning. Minds may imagine things in ways that are not reality. My mind managed the best it could. My soul longed for simplicity. Simplicity soared from my complexities. The ups and downs ushered utter understanding of the longing in my soul. It went deeper than a career, 3-bedroom home, and the “stuff” collected that littered my life. The feelings of abandonment, misunderstanding, and desiring to be everything to everyone suffocated my safety. Letting go of the litter, brushing off the brutality of the brokenness, and absorbing acceptance sanctified and satisfied my soul. My Creator was there all along. Love lived in me. This realization, coupled with simplicity in small things and spaces (including a 300 sq.ft. R.V.) rallied my resolve! Political affiliations, dress codes, unrealistic expectations, forced feelings, pressured partnerships, and accumulation of assets never propelled my peace. Contentment came with courage. Courage to leave behind the confusion that came with miscommunication. Courage to step off the ride of resentment (when I wanted to remain). The courage to love anyway.

Grace. It grows you. It’s essential I not absorb the hate talk, toxic tones, and artificial authenticity. My soul sighs when I think of my Savior. Will we ever slow down to savor the sacred? The sweet? The sincere? Will we reach across divides and deepen our understanding? Can we bridge the gaps of gloom with gladness? Can we create cordial? Can we reach the ruthful? I know who can.

Vote with your heart. Live by your heart. Walk with heart. Listen with your heart. Speak from your heart. Open your mind and make way for the merciful and the meaningful. Use your mind to neutralize the noise; your soul to secure and serve.

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I’m Karla Hale and I approve this message.

Have faith💛

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Have You Heard of Net Yet?

Thank you for joining my journey. I’m currently on a chemo break! It will end with appointments this Thursday and chemo beginning Friday (simply the first two weeks of each month is how it’s fallen). At the end of this 3rd round scans will be scheduled. Decisions will be based on results (continued chemo, radiation, etc.…). Overall, I feel I’m managing the treatments very well. Like we all experience in life, there are moments of strengths and weaknesses. A new doctor is addressing blood glucose levels. I’m still learning all I can about this cancer. The experiences of others provide knowledge and comfort.💛 Small “chunks” of time work to accomplish tasks. It’s taken me two days to complete this small post. Something we should all consider-does your family know your wishes in case of an unexpected event? I found out that Missouri is a state that offers a Beneficiary Deed. With this, because I’m single and do not own much, probate will be avoided. This took a couple of hours to navigate-the paperwork, small prices, and now a future trip to the County Recorder’s Office. A will? An advanced healthcare directive? If you already have them in place you may want to revisit to ensure accuracy. Out of fairness and love for your family, please share your wishes. Once this is complete you will have a better peace of mind. FYI-I’m not planning on NEEDING these soon! 😊 For those living alone, I understand. If you ever need support, please use my email at finleyriverpublishing@gmail.com. Due to my circumstances, I may not be readily available; just as it is for texts and calls. I’d advise a “S.O.S. team” in case of emergencies (a few family members or neighbors/friends in close proximity). Cancer is like a full-time job. I’m still on the first lap! I’m expecting superior results and take one moment, one hour, and one day at a time. I’ll not stop adding to my bucket list. I’ll not stop praying for you and sending my best wishes always. Thank you for being here. You are loved.💛

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

John Maxwell

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