A Night to Shine, Part 1

It’s Thursday, my favorite day! IT’S MY PLEASURE to spend time with such giving and loving people. So many lives are impacted by the love and care of just a few. These young adults with developmental and physical disabilities will come through the door expecting to FEEL love and care. They’ll get every bit of it and more. Today the excitement will be felt. In about 36 hours they’re going to have a “Night to Shine!”

The red carpet will be rolled out. Lanterns and lights will decorate a dance area. Crowns and tiaras will be worn. Delicious food will be served. Camera lights will flash. And the smiles will light up the room even more. This is their night to shine!

Friends, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of “Night to Shine”, but I personally want to thank CHANCES of Stone County and the Stone County Disability Board for their offerings in our area. Thank you to the Tim Tebow Foundation for making a difference in SO MANY LIVES. Thank you Tim Tebow for being such a role model for us all! Part 2 will come this weekend–excitedly, I will post pics and reactions to this wonderful occasion. https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAjJOQBhCkARIsAEKMtO1NQTLo6ASCidl7U8BSDlg-H_ItppOcQ_aasgBdtoBJG9EhuwhD4jQaAqdtEALw_wcB

Thankful Thursday–my journal notes, 2/10/22

No matter what, I’m thankful. There’s an expression we all hear, “Someone has it worse than you.” We might all agree that it’s best to not SAY this to someone while he or she is struggling with each step-each person has their own pain threshold. While it’s good to be an ear, to be a comfort, to be understanding…to just LISTEN, I do tell myself how fortunate I am. We all have pain. We all have suffering. Recently a friend shared that her two youngest children have a LIFE-LIMITING disease. For the next 5-10 years they will progressively lose neurological and muscular functioning; dementia by possibly teens and early 20’s. THIS IS A RARE disease. Her teenage daughter will witness the decline. BUT FOR GOD! Selfishly, I want to break boundaries with my own family by desperately reaching out to the young ones in my family. Stop, Karla. Don’t live in fear. Where’s your faith? So I sit. I pray. And yes, I do tell myself, “everyone is battling something.” While some are setting up tripods to create a reel, some are sitting in their wheelchairs. While some are shopping for the latest trend, others are praying for food on their table. While some are protecting their boundaries, others are wishing someone would call just to say, “I love you.” I wish we could put down our cell phones and knock on a neighbor’s door. I wish we could quit living in fear and start living. I wish we would stop judging. Some may laugh that I watch “The Walton’s” or “Little House on the Prairie” and dream of the days where folks depended on one another. Yes, times were hard. Yes, they suffered. But for certainty, they didn’t walk around with their noses buried in small devices. My life is a balancing act. I’ve been accused of being a “fixer” and at times, admittedly, I’ve called myself that. I’m not that. And no longer will I even say that. I don’t want to “fix” people. I want to love people–WHERE THEY ARE. Because of the love that God has for me, I show that to others. I’m thankful I don’t live just at the summit. I’m thankful I don’t have to live only in the valleys. AND TODAY, I’m thankful for every little thing I have and what I’m about to witness!

Have faith…you are loved. 🤍 if you need prayer, a friend, a laugh, or just to talk, you can reach me @finleyriverpublishing@gmail.com

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