Flash Floods

It was rapidly rising. Like a dream I watched a wave of water defeat the dry ground. Is this real? Will it stop? For a moment I just froze. In a blink of the eye things got serious. Fast. A river formed in my front yard. Momma said, “You always wanted to live by the river.”

Rivers have left their mark in my life. Memories flood and gush over me. Oh, the days of floating on old tires and cheap “floaties”. The cool waves were refreshing on hot and humid summer sun-filled days. Cautiously, we’d keep our eyes peeled for dangers lurking in or near the water.

📸-all photos-K.L. Hale

It was 1990 something. We (my family of 4 and my sister-in-law’s family of 4) perched our canoes on a gravel bar for tasty snacks. Afterward, it was time to frolic and play in the water. I’ll not forget how the sun’s rays created magic along the top of the crystal-clear waters. Suddenly I felt something slip off my finger under the water.   Oh no.  This ring had been gifted to me by my parents at college graduation.  The boys, and their cousins, halted their high jinks to help search.  Instead of going limp in the swiftness, like most times, I used all my strength to search in small circles around me.   My grit grounded me, and my sandals held solid.  Some in the group shared I was fighting a losing battle.  “How can I tell them I lost it?”

Some might call it luck. Not me. Glancing in the water a glimpse of glimmer caught my eye.  Could it be?  My face was slapped with cold water as I extended my hand to the golden gleam. Tucked ever so perfectly, between the rocks, was my ring.    Despite the choppy and speedy waters at my thigh, a steady and serene section rallied for my ring at the rock bottom near my ankles. I’m sure my shouts could be heard up and down the channel!  I wear that ring to this day. These are the water memories that flood my heart with faith.

I’ve lost, and found, precious things navigating the river of life.   Seek strength to withstand a swift “sweep me off my feet” moment. You can’t layout on the gravel bar forever. We all must clear the currents in certain conditions.  Find balance without babbling and back down from the battle.  Be bold.  Become buoyant.

Flash Flood 4/28/21-K.L. Hale-The house, Finley, and I are fine. 🤍

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; …Isaiah 43:2

I wrote “A River and Honey” last year. Memories of times at the river, with the Wilson side of my family, will be forever etched in my heart. This post today is dedicated to Lloyd Wilson, Jr.~Uncle Junior. 🤍 You were loved by many.