In the Middle

I’m not the first born, nor the last. I’m in the middle (within five minutes of my birth, I beckoned my twin to follow 😉). Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week. For sake of argument, let’s pretend that Missouri is right in the middle of the States (supposedly we are “Midwestern”).

To add to my medium (writing that is….), I’m middle-aged. Being in the middle has had its shares of ups and downs. Honestly, I don’t mind being in the middle… all.

There were times I put myself in the middle of situations I shouldn’t~and times I was put there without extra work on my part. Haven’t we all been placed “in the middle” at times? The middle of…

  • arguments
  • politics
  • work situations
  • birth order
  • relationships

Recently, I submitted an article to a magazine located in the West (I will NOT name it). A few weeks transpired before a message was sent. To paraphrase, “Your writing is not OUR style. BUT I think you will find the right platform.” To paraphrase the paraphrase, “You’re not liberal enough.”

Another recent submission was for an essay contest (publishing company located in the EAST). The response was eloquent, detailed, and encouraging. Yes, a rejection~but, oh so sweet with feedback. To quote specifically, “You have a story to tell. Keep writing and keep submitting.” But as I read what they DO publish, I can tell my stories don’t have a political “flavor”.

A friend told me, “your writing is typical to what I’ve read in Reader’s Digest.” She nailed it in many ways. In my twenties I wrote an essay about my Grandfather Wilson (to note, Grandpa “scared the hell out of me”~thankfully, Grandma was there to ease the sting and soften the life-changing commitment I made to follow Christ) Reader’s Digest never published the essay. Nor did I “make it” as a children’s book author as I had dreamed. Rejection started early. To say it doesn’t sting would be false. There was a time in my life that the feeling of rejection took its toll. It’s wasn’t “good” and it wasn’t “bad”…..well, I was in the middle. I guess it was just “ok”.

It’s been preached that you can’t be in the middle. Take a stand! Choose a side! “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”,….yada, yada, yada. Just because I choose to stay in the middle doesn’t mean I don’t take a stand on truth.

I’m just a small-town girl that has traveled to the far West. And to the East. And to some other countries. I choose to sometimes stand in the middle of the road. I might get ran over by the left~or ran over by the right. It would encourage me immensely to find others that choose to stand in a position where they can see each direction. Sadly, some don’t even really choose (using their own mind) where they stand based on belief~but what media says or what others say is the right direction. To some folks, being in the middle is not…..extreme enough.

A breakdown of a recent conversation with Jesus.

“Whom do you love?” , I ask.

“Everyone”, he replies. “Don’t get me wrong, there are things I hate.” I used to gulp with guilt when he said this. Not anymore.

“Do you want me to the right or to the left Jesus”?, I ask confusingly.

Softly, he replies with a smile, “I don’t care which side you’re on, as long as you’re on my side.” 🤍

I stand in the middle of life loving what’s to the right & what’s to the left~as long as it aligns with the love of Christ. I feel comfort in the middle. It’s here that I’ve grown the most. In every pic below, I’m in the middle. The middle of my sons, the trail, cute baby goats I once owned, the country, the roads, the river, the air, and friends. Don’t worry if you’re in the middle of something. It’s ok. And know this~embracing the uncertainty of being in the “middle” might lead you to the best life yet.

Have faith 💚