Mastering March

Tuesday was beautiful, windy, and wild! It was the last day of February-the recycling center was open! A small wooden crate fell on my back (I’m fine!), my elbow decided to ram into the metal rim of the cardboard bin, an ink pen gurgled out ITS ENTIRE ink supply (a plaque stating “Lean Not Unto Your Own Understanding” fell off off my desk and landed perfectly on the cap🙃), an eco-friendly disinfectant bubbled up and exploded its germ-fighting magic mist, and Finn decided to find something “smelly” in the yard. It was time for an impromptu bath and much-needed haircut I’d been putting off (for Finn, not me ;-).

My hands were ink-stained and tears flowed down my cheek. It was a “perfect” ending to February! Finn, sitting there 1/2 the girl she was before, licked my hand and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t help but start laughing through the tears. She just gets me. Cancer didn’t seem so bad. Time to recycle my thoughts into something new. “You did it, Karla! You got through February!” There were celebrations amidst confusion, pains with perseverance, happiness amidst haphazard happenings, tears, trials, giggles through goofs, laughter, love, and a testimony of faith tangled with the trials. Tomorrow is March. A new beginning. The next hour provided amazing “snaps” of my grandiose kids and grandkids. Friends and family checking in on me heard only my hope. The first 3 days, along with a newsletter, have been mastered.

Bring it on, March💚 May YOUR March be filled with hope, good health, love, and peace. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know WHO holds it. Do you know how loved you are?💚

Have Faith💚

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Finley just being her. It was so great to do our thing together!

Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for inspiring me in so many ways!