Can I be Cliché?

You know the old’ cliché, “I don’t mean to sound cliché, but…would you pardon me as I purposefully be cliché? I know, I know-as writers, we’re supposed to “avoid them like the plague.” Please don’t get your “knickers in a knot” or a “bee in your bonnet.” It’s always good to “think outside the box” during times like these.

I know I’m not “over the hill”, “older than Methuselah”, or even as “old as dirt” YET.  And thus far, “laughter has been my best medicine.”  I’m a “chip off the old block” and work hard to “keep my chin up.”

And for the rest of us? Only “time will tell” if we all choose to actually “live happily ever after.”

I’ve seen the “writing on the wall” and some are “scared out of their wits.”   In the face of so many challenges it’s also evident that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Knowing that “time heals all wounds” and that “every cloud has it silver lining” help solidify my faith in the unknown.  Truly I know the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side”; therefore, I’m working diligently to “water my own grass.”

Times like these seem to “last an eternity.”   And sometimes I relish in the fact that “ignorance is bliss.” But I also know it’s wise to “be safe than sorry.” 

“You can’t please everyone” when dealing with such crisis situations.  Some of us are living “frightened to death” and some know “nothing lasts forever.”

It’s true that “love is blind.”  God truly loves me despite everything.  So far, “what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger.”

There’s “no time like the present” to allow our “actions to speak louder than words.”  Though we may wear a mask, are we smiling with our eyes?  Though we may not handshake, are we gesturing with encouragement?  

Do you think all this “absence will make our hearts grow fonder?” 

“Only time will tell” …

Have faith 💚

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pictures taken on my hike at Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area, Branson, MO 4/7/20

Faithful footings

When is faith required? How would you define it? My complimentary closing, “have faith”, is easy to write. For some it may sound too cliche. But it’s with sincerity I share it each post. For every celebration, such as the Super Bowl I last shared about, there are those that are lamenting the death of loved ones, experiencing other types of loss, and possibly have nothing to celebrate. The last four days have unfolded with extraordinary testimonies of faith.

Sunday and Monday were similar spring-like days in S.W. Missouri. Prior to the big game on Sunday, J &I headed early to my favorite church of all~the woods. I always start each day with meditation, prayer, and quiet time with my Heavenly Papa. Getting to the trail just amps my spirit (and health). We trekked many miles and met such cool folks (a couple moving here from Illinois and another couple from Lake of the Ozarks). Birds were singing, daffodils were trying to sprout up, and the entire trail system was packed with positivity. It was easy to have faith. My handy trekking poles guided me and I was not alone.

Monday morning arrived chock-full of activity. But the afternoon cleared for a dear friend and I to tackle the trail again. Trail talk was all about faith. You see, my friend was experiencing an unknown. Many months ago her daughter and son-in-law learned that their baby girl, scheduled to arrive at this time, had a chromosome disorder. For months they had experienced assessments and the unknown. Daily prayers were said for this precious family. This beautiful baby girl was sleeping in the arms of Jesus at delivery just two days ago. And the faith of this family stirs my core. The love they all share with one another, and 3 healthy grandgirls, is an example of faith. When I shared my love and prayers she simply replied, “we are so thankful for God’s mercy and grace through all of this.” Faith does NOT take away grief~or the expected stages of grief. Knowing that I have a healthy grandboy and a grandgirl on the way, I’ve asked God, “Why~why this baby girl~why this family?” Haven’t we all asked God why? Her faith makes my faith grow.

Faith isn’t necessarily associated with the belief in God. Some have faith in things, people, and themselves. We rely on everything around us to keep working, producing, enabling, and performing. Our routines are designed around things that WORK. And then suddenly, when something stops working, we might try to fix it or replace it with something that does work. Or do nothing because we are halted by change. The loss of a loved one can’t compare to the loss of a “thing”. And when that loved one is gone how do you establish faith in what works each day? And how do you cope without faith?

Friends, look around. We need to pay attention to those that need to see faith in action. 🤍 We will all experience life situations that will rock us to our core~or even cause us to lose faith. May God give you comfort, hope, and healing.

Have faith. 💚

For my friends suffering loss…..❤