Theatrical Throwback

It’s as if I had stepped back in time.

The memories of traveling to the downtown area of the “big city” smacked my senses. There it was, the hauntingly captivating theater, standing in its elegant elevation (the same one in my post, Spooky Spin). “Cinderella” was on the marquee and princesses of all ages were scattered around the scene.

Landers Theater-Springfield, Missouri pic courtesy

Upon entering the stately structure a scent of sensational history wafted through my nostrils. The amazing architecture, the comforting carpet, the plush velvet squeaky seats, and the creaking of the floor welcomed us with open arms. My twin and I made eye contact thinking of the year we were in youth troupe (ensemble for “Johnny Moonbeam and his Silver Arrow). Oh, how we wanted to go backstage again! We were so happy to have our niece between us.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to today’s performance of Cinderella.” Many thanks were expressed to all who contributed to the program’s success. “Please turn all devices to silent or turn them off. The actors work very hard and it’s rude to disrupt them.” This elegant woman spoke in a direct and kind manner. Again, I smiled. I remember all the years of live performances-cell phones beeping and people walking out early. I didn’t expect that would happen here.

Photo by K.L. Hale

Two hours of live music and stellar performances by all-what delight! The stepmom/stepsisters stole the show! Of course, Cinderella and the ensemble were extraordinary. The standing ovations, bows, whistles, and applause were….so….needed. Pure entertainment at its finest.

Photo by K.L. Hale —yes, as a history buff I will always think of The Ford Theater when I see any balcony.

My day ended watching Lady Gaga sing with Tony Bennett on a TV special for his 95th birthday. They sang their hearts out (did I mention he’s 95?). She respectfully asked if she could have the honor of escorting him off the stage.

It’s as if I had stepped back in time.

I’m a bit old-fashioned if you didn’t know already. I’m also extremely eclectic when it comes to life-I love absorbing the arts, learning new things, and do appreciate modern conveniences, yet love my daily reruns of The Waltons, too. Very few things make me as happy as being in nature. But this was one.

Have faith 💚

Their collaboration began years ago~respect! Love their voices!