The Great Escape-Part II

Winding roads, curves with caution, and unchanged signs of times abruptly lowered my heart rate. Each mile marked a memory.

In many ways, I was headed home.

Home-the place you sleep. Home-a building with comfortable “stuff”. Home-the walls that raised love. Home-made of sticks and bricks. Home-a place on wheels. Home-where love resides. Home may change or stay the same. Home is where you lay your head in hope. It’s a place to grow.

Stability in the heart can’t be stunted. Outside the walls is a place that needs our attention and care. A world that NEEDS our love. Home-I’m just passing through.

A tiny life was once what I knew. 335 sq. ft. became 1,000 sq. ft. and grew to 1,500 sq. ft. For five days, 133 sq. ft. would be just enough.

Site 35 whispered, “Welcome Home.”💚

Have faith 💚

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Pics-K.L. Hale-Table Rock Lake, MO

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47 thoughts on “The Great Escape-Part II

  1. Ginger Salvatore

    Ooooo, your campground looks so peaceful and pleasant. And sweet Miss Finley looks like she’s having the time of her life! 🤗

    You more than earned those five days Karla, and I hope you can make a second trip there before winter sets in.

    Peace, relaxation, quiet time to reflect, time to enjoy memories, time to dream, and time to plan ahead….all good things. And I see that very important bag of Lays Chips on the table in the RV….yessiree, healthy food is important too! 😂😂 That’s what I would have packed first!

    Take care my friend. I’m glad Site #35 whispered “Welcome Home”.

    With love and friendship, Ginger 💞

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    1. Ginger, thank you for being here and going along with me on my little getaway! Oh, the Lay’s…oh my, lol. I DO have good healthy snacks in the refrigerator hiding, but the salty goodness is hard to resist (like French fries). I have found some chickpea crisps that are even better but I didn’t make it to Sam’s Club for those. Finley had such a great time. She is a wonderful little camper buddy! Thank you for you love and friendship ~Finn and I feel the same way about you! 🩷🥰💕❤️🏕️🏕️🐾


    1. Manette, I’m at my other home now! It was such a beautiful time there last week. And I got to enjoy writing words and reading as the rain fell gently one day. Thank you for being here and your sweet support and prayers! 💕🙏🏻

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  2. Camping spots are so much better than motel and hotel rooms. The trees have comfort so many “just passing through” the soil has absorbed and recharged the weary and all of that lush greenery keeps renewing itself and us. I hope your break has given you fresh energy and delight Karla. X

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  3. It looks like just the place to open your heart and mind to the universe – and to hear the songs of the planets and stars!! God is good. I’m sure this replenished your reserves of hope and love!! Hugs to you and Finley!


  4. Beautiful Karla, I can feel a sense of peace coming through your words, and what is better than being surrounded by beautiful trees, placid water, and a big blue sky. Absolutely lovely. So glad this opportunity presented itself and you took up the challenge and went! Bravo. Much love and hugs to you, C

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    1. C, I remember well how you two walked the Camino de Santiago (that was the road right?). And how you’ve biked Japan, …the amazing adventures that presented themselves with open time and heart~and free spirit. In small ways, I’m attempting those “pilgrimages” for realignment. There is reality I can’t escape~but my soul deserves different “treatment” than my cancer! You inspire me, C. I love you! 💛💕💚


  5. Karla, site 35 was the perfect respite that you needed. I am so happy that you had this time to refresh and renew. Our God is so faithful! Love and hugs 💛🌸🎶🌼☕️💕💜

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  6. Susan Gillen

    Beautifully written words & pics! & So True! Jesus help us all.🤗 love, Sue 

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    1. Thank you, brother! I’m holding on the mindful moments and memories. I DID hold something captive during my escape ~my thoughts! It was a great time to “reframe” how I see things. And to face my fears, not only with faith, but in the realities I chose to tackle alone. I’m learning always. Not always the easiest ways…my back is “paying for it” because of one silly reality. But what would I gain if I never did anything? As we know, we’re never alone and we just do our best, let God do the rest (and take the help of a friend or family member that WANTS to help). May your weekend be blessed and filled with good health. You’re an example of overcoming adversity and pain, Matt! I pray you have peace and some relaxation!

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    1. Thank you, dear friend! It was so fun to enjoy AND be able to write a few “shorts” while Finn and I listened to the rain fall one day in the RV. I’m so happy for you in your new journey too, Mark!


    1. Thank you, Joy! I still have a few things left to “share” about my escape, tee hee. The physical pain has been lifted, spiritually, through these nature trips, family visits,…the things that are really what matter most! Thank you for being here and supporting me. I’m singing our song 🎶 I’ve always enjoyed Chris’s voice and songs. My music tastes are VERY eclectic. Life should just have background music playing all the time (NOT blasting, though, lol). Much love and many hugs! 🎶❤️💛🤗


      1. It would be great to see you. Camping with friends is just as nice as getting away from it all. We have a weekend reserved every month through October, and two weekends in July. I don’t normally like to camp in the middle of summer due to the heat and my intolerance of it, but I can hang out in the A/C. 😊

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