My Great Escape~Part I

I climbed the wall.

It was a great escape. No one had me locked in. There were no mean guards or dangerous people. It was a prison I built around myself. A prison of fear. A lockdown for love. A jail of jitters. Have you ever constructed your own cage? Maybe it’s a career you can’t change, others’ expectations, a health hazard, a lack of resources, insecurities, or perhaps, unhappiness? To be fair, I must be wise. Should I be climbing any wall,… alone,… with tons of tumors?

Seven years ago, I was told I had a “fairly common” mutation. Two years later, my body ached even more. Pain, questions, doubts, and confusion didn’t stop me from the 4,000 miles I traveled, round trip, twice. The miles would end with what matters most. I needed to SEE and hug my sons and families-to SEE the beautiful country with a different view and perspective. Today, I still ache. 4,000 miles is no longer doable alone. 40 miles? It’s doable. All the things that COULD go wrong were noted. Everything that COULD GO RIGHT became my motivation. The plans? Plan A-rent the R.V. and a campsite. Plan B-scrap the whole plan if I felt worse. “My blood count won’t dip worse for two more weeks”, I thought to myself. I’ll be careful with my back and call for help if I need it. Humidity was down. Schools were still in session; holidays a week away.

It was time.

“God, you are the creator of the universe. You’re in charge of me. I shift my focus from the problem to your peace and presence.”

She’s back to loving car rides! “Let’s go, Finn!”

Friends, how are you? For the last 5 days, I enjoyed time in the Great Outdoors. It was there I enjoyed peace, tranquility, and God’s beautiful creation. Thank you for joining me this week for my “Compact Camping Series” 🤗

As I reflect on holidays and anniversaries I’m acutely aware of the tragedies we remember each year. My heart goes out to the 21 lives lost at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. I can’t fathom losing my child, grandchild, or loved one in such a way. It’s overwhelming to think of the mass shootings that continue and the number of lives tragically cut short daily. My prayers revolve around healing and love in divisiveness. The mass shootings, hate, and divisiveness are devastating. My little life is blessed. I know it. Like I’ve said time and time again, I’m not a tragedy. Let’s not forget the tragedies. Let’s also remember the good things in life that we might take for granted each day. As for me, I choose to dwell on that which helps me focus on spreading a message of hope, love, and friendship. What can we do, this Memorial Day weekend and each day thereafter, that can bring hope to another human? Can we spread a little joy? Can we offer kindness? Do you have hope? ❤️

You are loved. No matter what. 💚 “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak, but he is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.” 🎶 HE LOVES YOU, TOO!

Have faith 💚

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