“What do you say, May?”

May came in with a punch! Really, May? Again? It’s been almost a year since that day.

With the rain falling gently outside I sat at my computer to begin a newsletter. Momentum seemed on my side. I would hit “publish” on May 1st. What a great plan! That day was followed by activities that felt brand new again. A movie, a mall,…it will never feel the same. A different perspective. A shift about shopping (truly, I hate it, anyway, lol). My soul was swirling around the ’70s after binging a show titled “Firefly Lane” on Netflix. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?” delivered me to a decade that I cherish and remember (and 3/4 of the “Horseshoe Girls” together again-more to follow in new writings). The following days had no separation; the pain took the position. It’s time to boast again about my weakness. “Hi, God! It’s me, Karla! I love you no matter what!”

With each NEW day, I live with an OLD promise. No matter the day, week, month, or year…

God’s love never fails.

Happy May, my friends! Have faith. You are loved. 💚

The definition of hale (adjective)-

-free from defect, disease, or infirmity SOUND also retaining exceptional health and vigorhale and hearty old man


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