Batter Up!

Spring is gaining ground on being my favorite season (the weather is fickle enough that I can still wear flannel 😉). Last Wednesday gifted me a breezy beautiful two hours of “being” outdoors. Memories were whipping faster than the wind. Years at the ballpark hold countless fond memories-watching my dad play, us kids playing cup ball, moms staking spots in the stands, my games, and then, packing my kids to watch their dad. Later, for multiple years, attending my own sons’ games and our local Baby Bird’s farm team (Go, Cards!). Suddenly, the wind dashed and delivered dirt in my eyes faster than a blink -just like on the field. Happy tears washed them. My focus was suddenly clear. I had rounded 2nd.

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I’m on 3rd base now. I’ll hang out here a bit as I’m monitored. The eight weeks between the second and third treatments were extended to twenty weeks due to low platelets/cell counts. Oddly, the 8th week was my worst. Your cheers in the stadium are music to my ears. Your signs of support, although I can’t always read them, are clear in my mind. My amazing Creator Coach has assembled a World Series team. The Coach patiently pulls me out of the game for hugs and new plays. Numerous bunts and stolen bases have gotten me this far in this game. Some days I’d rather “sit the bench.”

My sons, daughter-in-loves, and grandkids help keep my head in the game, Dad keeps me “shaking it off,” Momma puts ice on injuries, and sisters carry the burden like a bat. MANY family members and friends would like to pinch hit or run. Almost a year ago I stepped up to the plate in this new game. I’m working hard to create a resemblance to the life I had before. Wisdom has taught me that things can’t always be as they were. Using peaceful perimeters (I’ve come to despise the buzzword, “boundary,” so I’m personally replacing it with a more friendly-to-me term, lol) I’ll gain new strategies to make it to home base. Before cancer, each week held a day for writing, editing, reading, chores/bills, and nature. Then my popcorn bag spilled. Things aren’t the same. They CAN’T be the same. I’ll find new strategies to still do what I love and enjoy. Although I had grown accustomed to keeping my game semi-private, it’s become more seen.

The Coach and I discussed this at great length before my single hit. “Do you want to bring awareness so that others might not suffer?” HE asked. My neck hurts from the nods. I’ve followed every sign HE’S given at 3rd. It’s hard. Easy would be crossing home base early, changing out of uniform, and comfortably taking a seat in the stands. But what if another player is hurting? Or someone in the crowd has unexplainable symptoms?

Let’s huddle.

No matter the remaining innings, I’ve won. I’ll keep the dirt out of my eyes, stay focused on the game, and, with good form, I might even slide into home plate.

How is your game? How can I support you? How can I relay information to the Coach for you? Feel free to email me @ Please know I might have some rainouts and delayed replies. I’m on YOUR TEAM just as you’re on mine. GO, TEAM!

“Shake it off!”


“Never allow the circumstances of your life to become an excuse. People will allow you to do it. But we have a personal obligation to make the most of the abilities we have.”

Jim Abbott

 “Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.” -Leo Durocher

Leo Durocher

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me…all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

Jackie Robinson

“You may glory in a team triumphant, but you fall in love with a team in defeat.” -Roger Kahn

Roger Kahn

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”

Babe Ruth

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”

Yogi Berra

“You play ball like a GIRL!”

Ham Porter (Sandlot)

“There’s no crying in baseball!”-Jimmy Dugan (yes, Jimmy, sometimes there is 😉)

Jimmy Dugan

“You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I’ll give you the guts.”

Jackie Robinson

Have faith 💚

Have you heard of N.E.T., yet? 🦓

In layman’s terms, three out of four of these special radiation treatments (P.R.R.T.) are complete. Number four will be my last. This is not an easy cancer to explain; nor is the treatment. A special PET scan identifies receptors on tumors that must be present to receive this treatment. Tumors have different “grades”. The tumor biopsied in May ’22 was grade one. However, due to the sizes and numbers of tumors, it was explained that I have many different grades. Some tumors did not show receptors for this treatment. My oncologist specifically told us, “This isn’t a Grand Slam!” That’s fine! I can round the bases again as long as the tumors keep responding and the tumor burdens stay low.

Last week held fear. Although things turned out fine, there was pain. There are unknowns. The process of my treatment last Thursday went smoothly thanks to a dream team-a kind friend, a loving nurse, an amazing doctor and tech, and NO blown veins (first time!). My mom and twin stayed for two days. Yesterday I felt well enough to sit at my computer; but due to little sleep and struggles, I stopped. I’m listening. Sleep seems to be non-existent due to treatments. I’ll seek ways to improve this. Last night for two hours in the evening I had waves of pain. They’re familiar to me; pancreatic waves are what I call them. The pain moves around my abdomen and my bones. Some pain, I must feel. I tripped on my front step and my fingers bled and bruised (yep, I’m a clutz). I’m pretty sure I have a staph infection in my left nostril. Here I go again. It’s all in the blood! Amazingly, I keep moving. I’m wise. I know when to call my doctor! My body has adjusted to life with lower counts and energy. I’m finding true strength and joy in the Lord. Last weekend I met a couple of local hosts of a morning show that lifts my spirits each day. They’ve asked me to join them, along with the illustrator of my children’s book, to speak of my journey. I’m scared. My sister and a dear friend shared that I need to think of this as teaching. I’m still teaching; just to a bigger audience. If this helps ONE, then I feel I’m following the most recent play given to me by my Coach.

This morning I read the following from Rick Warren: “You and I have a variety of great abilities. For some of us, it’s the ability to do the math, fix computers, or sew. We all have abilities, even if, at times, we need others to point them out to us. But do you know what your greatest ability is? Responsibility. Responsibility is your ability to respond to life. It’s what makes you human and it’s a gift from God. Much of your life hasn’t been in your control. You didn’t choose where you were born. You didn’t choose who your parents would be. You didn’t choose how your parents would raise you. You didn’t choose the unique gifts or talents you brought into the world. Responsibility is how you handle everything else. God has given you the freedom to respond to what comes your way. How you respond to what life throws at you impacts life more than any other factor. In many ways, life is a test of how we handle responsibility. We spend only a fraction of our lives on this side of eternity. God doesn’t care about our achievements while we’re here on this earth. He cares about our character. Our lives are mere warm-up acts for what’s to come. God is testing your responsibility for what’s going to happen later on. God put you on this earth for primarily two reasons: to know him personally and to develop character. Many in our world live by the motto: “I’m not responsible for anything. It’s not my fault.” (boy, I admit I’ve screwed up at times). Responsible people make the most of the life they’ve been given.”

“Live life, then, with a due sense of responsibility, not as men who do not know the meaning and purpose of life but as those who do.”

Ephesians 5:15

Each day I can base my truth on three things-what I say, what the world says, and what God says. I’ll base it on the third. HE GETS US. HE KNOWS. Now that’s a GRAND SLAM!

You are loved. No matter what! 💚

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90 thoughts on “Batter Up!


    I was wondering about you today. It’s been a while and like most moms, when I don’t hear – I worry. It’s o vinous that you’re still in the game and ready to score a home run. Keep the faith. God has this.

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  2. Swing for the upper deck! Knock the Clock out, Karla! Stop time in its tracks if only for a moment! I love your baseball metaphor. It is so fitting for where you are in your journey. I smile when I see your post come up, knowing your are still hanging in there, whether at the plate or on the bench!
    Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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    1. Dwight, thank you so much! I was just thinking of Roy Hobbs in The Natural (well, Robert Redford, lol). I appreciate you and your wife praying for me and cheering me on through this! You should see me smile when I’m able to write and know I can let all of you know I’m here! I’ll keep it up and the faith!

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  3. This prayer from someone else’s website seemed like it was a good one for you today, dear Karla: “Lord, help me to hear you saying, “I am your hope” over all the other voices. Lord, your word says, you are the hope for hopeless so I’m running to you with both hands stretched out and grabbing on to you. Fill me up with hope and give me a tangible reminder today that hope is an unbreakable spiritual lifeline (Hebrews 6:19-20). God, you know those things in my heart that I barely dare to hope for, today I give them to you, I trust them to you, and ask that you hear my prayer, because I know that you can do more than I could ever guess, imagine or request in wildest dreams (Eph 3:20). God, you are my hope and I trust you. Amen.” Shalom, friend. Jane

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    1. What a beautiful and timely prayer, Jane. That’s so precious of you to share. Today, when searching pictures, I found a print of a gal running into Jesus’s arms. I’m very visual. I open my door each day to him. When I was running every day, I ran to him (and still do). He hikes and walks with me. Sometimes I just sit in his lap and cry on his shoulder. What a Father I serve! He really is my hope! How are you, friend? Much peace, dear Jane. 💕


  4. Thank you Karla. This piat hit a home run in my ballpark.. And I love the quotes, especially, “baseball is pretty good too!” I can’t offer any great advice, you know the coach better than me right now. God bless.

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  5. Ginger Salvatore

    Karla, you sound so “up for anything” I actually think you could run around those bases yourself! And yes, we’d all be cheering.

    Your family and friends have given you tremendous support, and those of us in the bleachers are trying to do the same.

    You’ve come through so much, and not all of it pretty, but you stuck with it and survived. And somehow, always with a smile and concern for others. Amazing.

    My prayers are with you dear friend that you come through this latest round of chemo having the last laugh and giving us all the 🤙. Third base and almost there kiddo. What a glorious day that will be. You so deserve it.

    Give sweet Miss Finley warm hugs and kisses from me, and perhaps an extra treat. She’s the best medicine you have!

    This may be quite a ride so hang on tight. The gold ring is waiting for you at the end….or maybe that’s a baseball bat. I should get my eyes examined!

    All my good wishes and friendship Karla. Ginger

    Sent from my iPad


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    1. Ginger, you always lift me! Finn IS the best medicine (2nd to kids/grandkids, lol). She told me to give you hugs and kisses! They’re sloppy, stinky, but full of love! I’m so happy to know you’re in the stands and I hear your cheers. Always! It’s quite a ride and I’m running slower, but I’m still running. I’m happy you’re here. I’m happy we’re on the same team my friend. Love and hugs 💚⚾️❣️


  6. Mary Bellingham

    Oh, Karla dear, I join the very many in being tenderly humbled by your tenacity and sense of responsibility. You are a true inspiration and I hear your voice at the times I need a friendly nudge to get me on with it and to do the best I can. your giftedness is such a gift to all of us. Continued daily prayers for your healing and welfare. He has you in the hollow of His Hand and there is nothing that can take you out of the game being played above. Love you, dear heart.

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    1. Mary, what a precious response. It’s humbling to me to know I’m an inspiration. It’s truly the prayers and a higher power! I believe! Your prayers and love are cherished. Love, Karla


  7. Karla, I love the baseball analogy! You have stayed in the game even though it isn’t easy. I was so happy see your post and update, my friend. You are an encouragement and radiate the love of Jesus. I love you and you are always in our prayers ♥️🙏🏻🥰🎶♥️🙏🏻

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    1. I love you, Pam! I see you and Butch in the stands and it’s such an encouragement (I see some cute girls, too). It warms my heart ❤️ thank you for your kind words and never waiving support. You’re a blessing! 🎶❣️❤️💕🥰🙏🏻✝️

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  8. This made me smile! “Swing away” comes to mind – I’m hoping you knock it out of the park or at least get a couple good base hits! As always I’m praying and the prayer warriors are on it – full time even!!

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    1. Aww, Val…swing away! I “see” you and your gathering of prayer warrior friends and that’s the best “huddle” I can imagine! Much love and hugs! ⚾️❤️💕✝️✝️✝️


  9. Karla! You are just such an incredible writer, and I love to read your HONEST, heart-wrenching, wise and faith-filled blog posts. I really liked this: “Then my popcorn bag spilled. Things aren’t the same. They CAN’T be the same. I’ll find new strategies to still do what I love and enjoy. Although I had grown accustomed to keeping my game semi-private, it’s become more seen.”

    Did I ever tell you that one of your beautiful comments sits on my desk? It inspires me on a daily basis! (One day I’ll send you a snapshot of it!)

    You just amaze me in every way! 🤍🤍

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    1. Stacy, your words hit straight to the soul. Do you know how you inspire me? Your loss, the way you live and love,…the wisdom. For you to say this to me is overwhelming and heartwarming! Thank you for the specific feedback and sharing the words in which you relate! To know you have a comment on your desk is affirmation that God does uses words and actions to help one another. When I read this last night before my “tech” downtime, it gave me happy tears. May our faith continue to keep us strong and when we can’t feel strong , at least bring us hope. It truly binds us. Much love, Stacy. ❤️✝️✝️🙏🏻


  10. I’ll never forget that moment in my heart when I saw what God had given me. I had tested all your bases on the field, working, being a partner, sharing love with those around me, and so much more…but I suddenly could see something I never expected to. God had shown me by all those responsibilities that He loved me so much…by allowing me to finally appreciate who I am, and find His love within myself…by going through all those things. How can we not appreciate something so beautiful after enduring so much…so that we can appreciate a home run that wins us the game. And that home plate of understanding has a message on it from God as we finally go past it…and it says…’I love you…and cheered you on always’. I’m cheering here too dear lady, along with all those many other loving souls around you as well. You go girl, I can hear the cheers from here 😀❤️🙏

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    1. Mark, I’ve “counted” on you for quite some time now~even from a long distance. You’ve certainly had your share of innings too. It gives us great perspective of the game doesn’t it? And can’t we hear the Coach even better? You’ve found the secret to the home run~true love! I always feel your love and prayers! All of us hear this voice cheering very far from the Down Under (so many different kinds of waves lol). Sending tons of hugs and prayers wise friend! 💚🙏🏻

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      1. You have coached so many kind lady, and as love does, it is returned in kind in all those home runs you have made. And yes, you only ever give out what you are, and that is why so many are cheering with that power of love in return. You have coached so many with that love to help build all those hearts, unconditionally. So big hugs returned Karla, to you and Fin, lots of healing love being waved down here, as over there. And most certainly up there too kind lady 😀❤️🙏

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  11. I can envision you standing on third base, savoring your triple, Karla. Gathering your wits and wisdom from the game so far, then stepping off the bag for a safe and secure lead. Hearing the coach’s voice in your ear with wise words. And then comes the right time to score that run!

    You gotta believe.
    — Tug McGraw

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  12. Great post, as usual. It is great to have you back in the line-up of weekly reads. I very much appreciate your ability to make use of metaphors to illustrate and clarify. Certainly your daily budget and this ball-playing are long-ball hits in the game of metaphors!

    “Live life, then, with a due sense of responsibility, not as men who do not know the meaning and purpose of life but as those who do.” – Ephesians 5:15

    This passage is a great choice for the closer. Responsibility makes sense only in light of our calling into the meaning and purpose of life, which is Christ Himself living His life in us and through us. Our responsibilities revolve around our union with Him and the Father by way of the Spirit, our love for Him above all other loves, and living in continual, conscious, conversational communion with Him as those surrendered to Him as living sacrifices. If these are our primary concerns, the rest seems to fall into the places He has for us and all things.

    Your strength amazes many. It is the strength of the Lord in you. May our God bless you richly on this day of your journey, Karla.

    From Portland, OR.

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    1. Tim, your words, “our love for Him above all other loves, and living in continual, conscious, conversational communion with Him as those surrendered to Him as living sacrifices” hit straight to the heart. Communion. That’s exactly my spiritual goal. Your choice of the word, closer, made me smile. I’m finding strength in the Lord. I can say, without any doubt, that’s the ONLY source! Some might say cancer is horrible. Yes, it is. I see worse suffering, Tim. It’s everywhere. To me, cancer was a gift. What?!? A gift? For the first time in SO many years I finally knew why I felt the way I did. Jesus revealed it JUST at the time I was ready to truly make my “game” the strongest. Some might see that my innings were tough. But there was so much learning, loving, and growing! I may be on 3rd base in regards to treatments. I’m actually leaning towards home base ~one leg forward ready to go. I want to finish strong so others can see to whom makes it so! Please be safe in all your traveling, presenting, teaching, leading,…Finn and I are giving high paw fives to Jackson and you! Blessings my friend!


  13. As a cricket-loving Englishman I love the baseball analogy. Whatever the sport life is a team game – and there are always spectators. Appreciating those who are there supporting alongside you, looking out for those team members who need my support, and valuing those cheering me on from the stands are always what keep me going… And working with the greatest life-coach of all – who knows my personal strengths and weaknesses, and who is my mentor, inspiration and friend gives me all I need.

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    1. How beautiful, Malcolm. Lately, I’ve been so inspired by the English way of life. You’re the 2nd friend to mention cricket. I’m inspired to learn more of the game. Clearly you and Coach have an amazing bond too! Yay for us! He truly is all I’ve ever needed. He gets us. From England to Missouri we share the same Coach! Thank you for being part of my team as I’m on yours, Malcolm! Let’s keep going!

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  14. Karla, I just spent the last hour catching up with you and I must say I feel more inspired today to grasp life with tenacity and purpose and most of all joy in the moment – than I have in quite some time. Though my challenges are much different than what you are facing, you have given me much courage – and a gentle but firm kick in the behind – to appreciate what I have, who I am, and who I can be. You are blessed to have such a supportive family and circle of friends. I think that may be my biggest “struggle” as I so often feel very much on my own – not alone – but definitely a team of one.
    May God continue to be your guiding light and constant provider of all that you need. You are in my prayers dear friend. Though we have yet to meet, I feel like we’ve known each other for a long time.

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    1. Erika, I’ve read your comment several times. You humble me. I understand and I’m here. I feel like we’ve known each other a long time, too. I need to get to your place. I always remember the challenges others are facing. Cancer is just what it is. Suffering is suffering no matter the name we give it. Honestly, there have been things in my life, and pain in recent years, that were WORSE than this. That’s where my strength was born. Ericka, it was born from loneliness, even in partnerships, confusion in pain, misunderstandings in miscommunication, fighting to keep a career that was challenging, separation from my “kids” in their honorable choices and paths that took them far, ….it’s so much. And now, a diagnosis is the simplest. It might sound crazy. But it made me “not crazy” as I KNEW something was wrong. I wasn’t ready to know before. God had to prepare me. HE was the reason I had a foundation. NOT man. And now, I rest and can heal in HIS peace and comfort. I shouldn’t even be here! But I am! I know I’m just one person, but my team is so kind, anyone reading this, can add you to THEIR teams. Here, in this space, is a family and group that can embrace you and encourage you. If you ever need to vent please email me at I’m here. I’m praying for you. Much love and hugs, Karla 💛✝️💛


    1. Manette, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it despite not being a sports person! I was hoping that would be the case with some! May the Lord bless and keep you and yours on your journey too, my friend.

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  15. I know cancer has robbed you of many things, but your compassion, intelligence and creativity aren’t among them. This is a fantastic analogy! I love how you used baseball to illustrate how your life has changed, how you are living the best life you can, how much your support system means and mostly, how much your rely on your ultimate “coach.” Seriously, well done! You are amazing!

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    1. Ann, your affirmations and feedback mean so much to me. How kind to write these beautiful compliments. My heart just melts. It’s truly Christ keeping me “wise and level-headed”! Isn’t our Coach amazing? There have been times I needed a bat over the head, lol. But I’m now in a stage of the game I hear his “whispers” even while the stadium is loud! Sending you love, Ann. Thank you so much! 💛

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    1. Hi, John! It’s a great feeling knowing you’re on my team! I’m on yours, John. I talk to the Coach daily on your behalf! You were placed in a similar “game” and I’m cheering for you as you do for me!

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    1. Aww, Gary, that’s so kind! Do you know how you inspire me?? You should know! I need to know more of Cricket. I dream of the area in which you live. I love that we have this “bond across the pond “ (I just made that up). I feel the hugs and I’m group hugging you and Hawklad! Many hugs sweet friend. ❤️❤️❤️


  16. Always so encouraging to read your posts. I come here to encourage you but always feel like I am the one leaving with the blessing!
    I will keep cheering you on from the stands! I hurt to know how you are hurting. Its so tough running the bases, you have been put in a game that you didn’t even want to play. But girl, you are doing it and I know your coach is so proud! Love and hugs precious friend! ❤💚💛💛

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    1. Joy, that touches my heart 💛 you are an encouragement and prayer warrior! It blesses me more that you are blessed! Your response hit deep (put in a game I didn’t want to play). I see and hear you in the stands. Thank you for being on my team! Love and hugs sweet friend. 💛💚

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      1. Soo glad you were touched! The feeling is mutual. Your post touched me deeply for I know about being in a game I never wanted to play. That analogy came to me years ago when my dear child was diagnosed with anorexia.
        Life is hard when we get curveballs thrown at us, but God is always by our side. Love you dear friend! 🙏🙏❤❤

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  17. Good morning, Karla, I love this message and your amazing spirit. I am so thankful God allowed our paths to virtually cross. It feels like we are connected to one another living next day. Thank you, sister for giving us, fellow bloggers, so much with your authentic display of love and affection for God and for us as an encourager on difficult journeys. We salute you with love and support. Enjoy your day in the arms of our Lord and Savior.

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    1. Happy May, dear Tangie. I appreciate your kind words so much. Thank you. You’ve been such an essential team player to me, Tangie. Our pain, the promise, and our Father, all brought us together. And the bond will remain. Undoubtedly we will pray each other through as we keep on! I’m so glad to know you feel the love I have for God and my goal is to continue sharing that and loving others as he did. I only have hope and feel healing because of him. Your words and sisterhood lift me up! Blessings dear friend! Know I support you the same way! 💛


  18. This analogy of life and baseball is filled with honest, relatable thoughts. Karla, I see you as the “designated hitter.” You keep stepping into the batter’s box and fearlessly swing away. Blessings to you, and always know God loves you so much.

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    1. Richard, I appreciate your thoughtful and “rich” response! How kind and encouraging! I do know and feel God’s love and it means so much you remind me! I don’t know where I’d be otherwise. It’s the only real love (other than family) I know to be true! Blessings to you and yours! Stay safe and blessed!


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