Spring Spending

My mind and body tried to adjust. My heart, full of joy, kept a perfect beat. The 8-hour car ride (time with my son and friends) was the perfect medicine. New sights. New roads. All led to family. Growing little bodies, small busy hands, and the cutest voices still echo. Reading, the zoo, nap times, and just being together were the cures I desired. In ways, time halted. In other ways, it went too fast. Memories for a lifetime were made. “Grammy K, can I go to Missouri with you?” “Of course!” I thought. Tee hee! We’ll nab little sis, pick up your cousin in Warrensburg, and have a grand ol’ time! Oh, for wishful thinking! Fast forward to spring. I’m already spent.😁

A Dollar A Day

Adjusting from a trip is harder now. Yikes, more adjustments! I reckon that’s what keeps me on my toes! My toes work but they, along with my feet and calves, are a bit swollen. There’s a glitch in my hitch (ugh) and my blood counts are low. I’m spent and spring just started! A sweet Momma from a school I just visited shared about another fellow “sufferer” that “spends” her money quickly. I’m a spender, too.  Here’s my energy budget for the day:

                *My morning time is priceless. Time with my Heavenly Father, coffee, meditation, and stretching keeps me well within my “bodily budget” *

  • $.05-getting ready
  • $.05-taking medication and eating
  • $.35-answering texts, checking emails, responding to others, reading, and paperwork
  • $.25-eating lunch, hydrating, recharging, unexpected tasks, rest
  • $.20-household tasks, Finley (she’s low maintenance but deserves attention 😊), resting, unexpected tasks, or shopping
  • $.10-eat, clean, text family, end my day
  • Broke by bedtime

Total-$1.00 (feel free to add zeros-100’s, 1000s, or however many you desire 😉

As you can see, the least spent is getting ready, eating, and taking medicine. 75% of my energy is consumed by the end of lunchtime!  That last dime is gone by 7 pm.  One year ago, I had double this money in energy. Triple this two years ago! I was canny with currency and outdoor activities! Indeed I can create currency by counting my blessings.

Many days I’m “broke” before I can visit you. Thank you for hanging in here with me. Some of you reading have sent emails, cards, and well wishes. Do you know how that has beefed up my budget? Do you know how thankful I am for each of you? I’ve missed you, my friends! May your currency stay consistent, your hope high, and your faith firm. You are so loved.💚

Have you heard of NET, yet? 🦓

Seeing the zebra hit my heart differently this time. 💕🦓

This Tuesday’s treatment has been canceled. I was bummed hearing this today. My platelets need to rise! Prayers for platelets 😊!My legs and feet are swollen, my back is out, my joints hurt, and I’m weak. The good news? By golly, NOTHING is going to take my joy. Did I tell you how much fun I had visiting family? My goal is to see my other son and family soon. I’ll never stop dreaming! Will you join me in staying positive, hopeful, and optimistic?

Thankful Thursday Shout-Outs 📣

First and foremost, my family. 💕This journey, although unique to me, is not mine alone. It has impacted everyone. Where would I be without you? To my parents: your unwavering love and support carry me. Thank you to my sons and daughters-in-law (Jarrod, Brooke, Jay, and Cierra) for loving me at my worst and best. Your sacrifices and families are the legacies of your commitments. I honor that and love you to infinity and beyond. The grands, soon to be ages 2,3, and 4, light up my life! My twin lives knowing that a possible gene mutation is shared. She “shares” this cancer with me. She and my older sister “carry” this with them. I love them so much. My nephew and niece provide smiles and love-I offer it back always. My cousins (Steph, your morning calls), aunts, and uncles-your prayers and love mean everything.

I want to give a special shout-out to my friends, Charles, Kim, Trish, and Stacy for loading me up and meeting Jarrod 1/2 way on the trip to Texas. This tribe has my “back” always (and Mary, too!). My “sister” Kim (thank you for volunteering to go to treatment; we’ll try again soon), who God put in my life at the ripest time (and we share so much in Spirit). And, of course, our 3rd treasured trio member, Rhonda. The memories and laughs make me grin. Rita, Judy, and Judy-you’re my family. Forever and Always. Judy, the trips to Springfield and memories at CHANCES thank you. Rita, I cherish my unopened gifts and years of laughs! Rhonda swirled in with the spirit from years ago; she just knew! Sonia, you and your precious son’s cards, gifts, and texts. Vicki, Cindy, and Joy-your cards lift my spirits. Martha (you teach me so much-you “3” are in my mind’s Refuge and heart), Mama K, Julie (another sister who keeps me listening to the Spirit), Kate, Dwight, Cheryl (C), Cindy (C), Lisa, Dawn, Kelley, Pam and Pam, Eddie, Jennie, Mark, Gary, Matt, Mitch, Kate, Russell, Brad, John, R.V. John, Hamish, Bill, Tangie, Cindy, Laura, Beth, Mama Lava, and many others: when I see your names in “reader” I know you’re well. This gives me comfort! Tim, your unwavering walk with Christ (and my yummy coffee) inspires me! Keith and Melinda, God brought you as neighbors right at my diagnosis. Your walk with Christ impacted mine. Our foundations have literally shifted and grown stronger. Because of you, “Karla’s Cottage” exists. Do you know how humbling this is? God has given me more than I have ever deserved! HE does that for all of us if we so choose! Larry & Phyllis, thank you for the truck prayers, giggles, and a life full of laughs. Thank you to all who I may have missed. Without all of you, I’d genuinely be bankrupt with bitterness. Let’s keep on keeping on!

Have faith 💚

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