Thankful Thursday

I’ve shared this before and try to live it everyday!

It was humbling to be a featured blogger yesterday at Mitch, I’ve learned so much from you; thank you, my friend. My heart is full of gratitude.💛 Friends, it is worth every minute to visit Mitch You’ll know exactly why so many, including me, value his journey, writing, directing, and the many other ways he positively impacts our world. For those that have Amazon, you might remember I bragged about his movie, “Healing River” a couple of years ago. It’s beyond touching!

Originally posted on Flannel with Faith: “How am I going to explain this diagnostic summary to this parent?” I asked myself. Twenty-two years of life…

Ordinary Miracle
I’ve been subscribed to the Shaw’s since finding them during “lockdown”. 💛
This says it all. Thank you, Lord.