Memorial Day and More

I’ll never forget the sacrifices made~then and now. I have much to be thankful for today. Thank you to those who have served and are serving now. What a beautiful time to remember those that have gone before us. ❤️ 🤍 💙

It was a month ago when I shared my latest post. I was healing from Covid and so thankful for everyone’s prayers and understanding. After one more successful school visit (I was on cloud 9!), I woke up in severe pain. Visiting hospitals is something I dread. But this day was different. I just knew I had to go.

After several days in the hospital and many tests, it was determined that I have a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor/cancer. There was confusion as to what I really did have~pancreatic? Liver? The painkillers and the surreal moment made me feel I was outside of myself and observing a strange experience. I’ve had health challenges, but this was different. There’s a mass on my pancreas, around 9 lesions on the liver, and it metastasized in two lymph nodes, a small place on my skull, thoracic spine, hip, and pelvis. Although the tumor is grade 1 (slow growth) the cancer is stage 4. Surgery is not an option at this time. I begin chemo pills this Friday. I’m believing they’ll shrink and side effects never form. I tried to write one day~the pain overtook my pen. I’ve felt every emotion I could possible feel.

My family and friends are my team. I’ve yet to be alone as they all wish to be with me through at least the first few days of chemo. I’m completely overwhelmed by the support. At times I just cry. My Dad has overcome so much and I want to be like him. To say I have no fear would be a complete lie. To say I trust God in every step is my absolute truth. I no longer blame every pain on my past injuries. I was becoming great at that. In my heart I knew something wasn’t write. Friends, if you feel that please talk to your doctor or a supporter that could encourage you to seek truth. This has apparently been in me for quite a while. I’ve missed writing, reading, and “seeing” all of you. Since I began blogging this has been my longest break. It will take me a bit to learn my new “normal”. I’ll get there! My faith won’t be moved. I will fight. The most encouraging thing to me is this: as a follower of Christ I win no matter what. He has put the right people in place. I’m still reaching out to research hospitals and listening carefully. I’m encouraged it’s treatable! Prayers for my body to accept the treatments (and there’s back up plans if this doesn’t work). I’m used to being active, being outdoors, writing and reading~I’m ready to do it. I realize I must be patient.

To my family and friends-I love you dearly and words can’t express my gratitude. Thank you Red Cross and the bases in Alaska and Washington (and Germany for my youngest son’s short stay) for allowing my sons and their families to be here for this time. One doctor told me I didn’t have to live in pain anymore. I know that pain has drawn me closer to God. I also know the suffering here doesn’t matter because glory is waiting. I love you all.

WP family~My responses and reading your blogs have been delayed. Thank you WP family for being you and giving support.

Have faith 💛