Hello, April!

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Happy Monday, friends! No foolin’ on this Monday-I wish all of you a month filled with peace, love, joy, and good health. These are tricky days and times. But simply, you are loved. You’re angry? You’re loved. You’re sad? You’re loved. You feel alone? You’re loved. You feel unlovable? You’re loved. You’re desperate? You’re loved. You’re already loved? You’re loved. You’re disliked? You’re loved. Love doesn’t fix things; but love and kindness sure make the tough times easier to handle. Friends, I believe in you!

My apologies about the “sound” (me on my treadmill). Just like Finley, YOU CAN DO IT!

It’s been a joy to visit classrooms and read my book! This week I will be visiting a total of 16 classrooms (4 at a time in 4 sessions). I might be a little late in responding and reading your awesome writing. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Have faith 💛