A Puppy, Purpose, and Progress

Mom and Dad let us name them. Midnight and White Socks fit them like a glove! One pup was solid black and the other had white feet. The yard was fenced with plenty of romping room, but unfortunately, we (my sisters and I) did not take responsibility.  I barely recall the specifics other than Dad made sure these two cute black pups went to a better place (I still wonder where those two ended up). As an adult I’ve had more than a several dogs (not as many as you, Martha, if you’re reading). Just like parenting in general I’ve learned great lessons! Did you know that today is National Puppy Day? There’s a day for EVERYTHING! Finn didn’t seem THAT excited when I gave her a special treat and exclaimed, “Happy National Puppy Day!”

Busily I’m making connections with schools and fellow writers. Personal calls, emails, and visits have been an encouragement to me! I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I’m not on FB and I feel like Instagram has been invaded by very long posts, loud videos, ads, and Reels (I thought those were for Tik Tok?). The hair-raising noise from the videos and ads actually jars me!  Yep, I found the mute button when scrolling! There are many benefits of technology-BUT the time spent creating a post or reading sometimes hinders my purpose. I’m not obsessed with numbers, just the authentic connections made with others. My purpose here on WP is the same: to encourage others, practice my own writing skills, read others’ writings, AND create new friendships. It’s truly my favorite place to connect (my apologies for not being able to visit and comment regularly). This month has been filled with special moments in Club Jr. and CHANCES, visiting my home school, and stopping by the State Archery Tournament in Branson to visit a former school’s archery team coached by a dear friend who has led them to many victories (I loved coaching with her for a few years-it really gave the kids who didn’t feel confident in other sports the ability to feel successful). Today I succeeded at completing a Power Point for a presentation. Next week it will be my honor to present to area Pre-K and Primary parents at our local school for a “Lunch and Literacy” program. It’s like jumping back in the saddle and getting back on the bike, but in smaller chunks that aren’t as overwhelming. I’m prepared. Admittedly I am nervous and have many notes. I’m practicing each slide and all I can do is give it 100%! Prayers are appreciated!

Aren’t we all a work in progress? Purposefully, by following the correct plan from my last post, I’m listening. I’m taking the pressure off and enjoying peaceful pauses, even in all the preparations! I’m being present. To progress we need to believe we have a purpose.  Please don’t think you have to accomplish something huge to be purposeful.  You serve a purpose to your family and friends just by being you. You’re a big deal. Especially to our Creator.

“Finley, what’s your purpose?” She just cocks her little head side to side. Her eyes answer, “To love you and others!” What a perfect plan, Finn.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”-Romans 8:28

Have faith 🤍

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