Fickle February

It sounded like explosive gun shots. Tree limbs snapping and fiercely falling. The sounds echoed through the valley and the nearly 3 acres surrounding my home. I prayed and peeked out the window. The darkness swallowed by the sounds. Nearly two inches of ice fell. Trees, cars, homes,…more importantly, people,…displaced, somewhat broken, and not functioning properly. This wasn’t just a snow day. This was devastating ice. It was 2007.

K.L. Hale

January of this year seemed jackknifed… at first. BUT, it straightened out with wonderful experiences (seeing one son and family and wishing the other one a happy birthday to end the month!). One year ago today, another warm day, I busily prepared for a forecasted storm. Having barely adjusted to my little “home” I was faced with a water heater issue, heat not working in two units (mini-splits) and the unknowns of what might fail. Everything seemed fickle (including my love/hate relationship with this new dwelling). Fickle happens. You better face it head-on when mingling with Missouri weather. A 35 degree drop here is normal in a 24 hr. period. Currently, it’s 60 degrees and raining. Yet by 6 a.m. freezing rain and a light wintry mix will arrive, turning to snow through Thursday evening. I LOVE SNOW! The thought of having a few days snowed in is perfect and peaceful–but, ICE too? I’ve checked in with my parents, my neighbors, and my loved ones. As I joined MANY others on the road this morning I thought of the desperation in some of the driving! Simply frigid! Food? Check! Shovel? Check! Ice melt? Check! Is there a chance this storm will not be as severe as forecasted? Absolutely. Again, it’s Missouri. It’s starting to feel like groundhog days. January, you tried to get the best out of me and failed. A fallout of faith is not in my forecast!

February, you’ve flown in attempting to flip as fast as an NFL game. Again, groundhog days. I’m praying for cloudy weather tomorrow morning at Gobbler’s Knob (sorry Phil, you’re cute, but I’d prefer you not see your shadow). February, you really try to bring the best-my Dad’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and other holidays that I didn’t know existed. But not everyone loves the love oozing around-for some, it stings-parties, the prices, and the pressure to get the “best” gift. February, so you know, I’m already counting the days to Spring (47)! My faith must not be fickle-minded like the February forecasts!

Speaking of faith,…I put a lot of faith in things and people around me. Past storms, fickleness, temperature fluctuations, and forecasts sought to flurry my faith. Yet even after the disturbances of difficulties and dialogue, blizzards of blame, frozen frustration, blusters of blatant, and snowfalls of self-doubt, my faith is firm.

My heart goes out to all who are weathering the storms. And to those supporting them–thank you. To the workers, tirelessly, attempting to provide the basics, thank you. Don’t fluctuate or be fickle-minded in showing kindness–it might just melt a frozen heart. You are loved-no matter what. 🤍

“But when you ask you must believe and not doubt, because the ones who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown, and tossed by the wind.”

James 1:6

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49 thoughts on “Fickle February

    1. Oh jeepers!!! How could I forget? Do you see why I ask for input?? I’ve only been thinking of the Winter Olympics since the commercials began. Wowzers! I don’t mind the downhills because when I’m at the bottom I enjoy the climb! HOWEVER,…me on two pieces of wood going very very fast downhill is NOT a good thing.

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  1. January was pretty mild. I’m hoping that February is likewise not too bad. They are forecasting 12 -18 inches between midnight tonight and noon tomorrow. Sparky’s job has closed pre-emptively. Even so I’m trusting that God has things under control (but I’ve prepared nonetheless). Hope you and Finn are staying warm!

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    1. We have been fortunate to have a mild winter, too, Val. I do love the snow and am glad the ice is at a minimal this morning. Sounds like you will have the same storm! God indeed has it. Finn is snuggled in sweaters, as am I. You and Sparky stay warm and safe! 💕❄️


  2. I love the word fickle! Makes me think of pickle and I do love a good dill. I grew up with beautiful winters: a lot of snow, very cold and squeaky clean. The world changed, I changed and now I love winter from the inside looking out. I have faith that spring will be here soon…

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    1. Pam, I love the word fickle too!! Another blogger, Crystal, shared all about words and asked about our favorites? Lollygag comes in a bit ahead of fickle~which makes me think of pickle and I love the sweet and spicy now (Famous Dave’s brand?). But a good dill….yummy. Your winters sound beautiful. Your changes are beautiful too. I’m with you on that. 💕 thank you for your support and words.

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  3. Jean McDonald

    When Larry was working with the power company we dreaded storms as usually he would be working either here or be sent away somewhere usually for at least 2 weeks. The joke among friends & Larry was Vicki always paints a room or ceiling when Larry was gone or Vicki needs a good storm job so she can paint etc.! LOL Take care my friend may February be a month of Peace, faith, Mercy & joy for you & Fin🙏

    On Tue, Feb 1, 2022 at 5:53 PM Flannel with Faith wrote:

    > K.L. Hale posted: ” It sounded like explosive gun shots. Tree limbs > snapping and fiercely falling. The sounds echoed through the valley and the > nearly 3 acres surrounding my home. Too close to home, actually. I’d pray > and peek out the window. I remember the dark and still h” >

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    1. Vicki, that’s cute! Please tell Larry thank you for all those tireless times he helped us patrons! And how awesome that you found the time productive as well. :-)! LOL I know you. You never stop moving. Giving a terrible storm you could probably flip an entire house! LOL Sending you much love and hugs. Here’s to future walks with Finn and me. May health, peace, and love guide your month, too.❣🤗🤍🐶


  4. Bundle up and stay warm and safe. I always hated ice storms. I don’t have to worry about it icing down here. It got down to the 40’s last weekend which is like Arctic weather for us. I hope it warms up for you. Keep the faith. Scott

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    1. Thank you, Scott! I’m so thankful the ice resulted in just a “glaze”. It seems we could have around 6-8 inches? of snow on top of it beginning later through Friday morning. I’m sure the 40’s does feel cold to all of you! Lol. I’ll keep the faith!

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  5. One state south, and we got ice and sleet overnight, with the promise of snow on top today… but the snow has been so light as to be barely measurable on top of the ice. At least we still have power; a lot in the state lost power overnight I love snow and winter weather, and sometimes I regret living so far south that snow is a rare and short-lived event. J.

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    1. We started with ice and sleet and it’s still snowing! I’m thinking I have at least 8 inches right now and 2 more coming tonight. I’m sorry for those that lost power. Never good. This is the most snow I’ve seen here in about 10 years? I had a short time in AR and I don’t remember snow! Take care and thank you for stopping by!

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      1. Last February we had two several-inch snowfalls in the same week, unheard of for this area. Most winters we have only one or two measurable snowfalls, usually melted after a day or two. I grew up in Chicago, where snow in the winter was taken for granted. A little winter weather is a nice reminder of earlier days. J.


    1. Wow, thank you, John! That means a lot! I spend much time editing (A LOT OF TIME) and then I think, “Oh well, here it goes! Some will like it, some won’t, but I throw my words to the universe!” I always appreciate your feedback. Take care!

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  6. Americaoncoffee

    My faith is in God. My dad once told me that life was like the changing weather patterns. He was right. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights, a reality fueling for each of us as the new year progresses. 💞🙏💐

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  7. Hi Karla, I’m playing catch up, so I’m late responding to this one. I always find it interesting that during the coldest and most “fickle” months of the year are the ones we are most likely to travel during. January and February call me to slow down, sit by the first and withdrawal from all the distractions of Christmas but they seem just as busy! Hugs to you my friend, thank you for sharing your strong faith, your inspiring words, and refreshing views. Love to you, C

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    1. Hi, C! No worries! I understand so much. I’m in the same boat of catch up. Typically, like you, I like to have some slow down time and recoup. But these last two months have been brutal. Winters aren’t always my friend. I do enjoy my times being snowed in with warmth. But it has been a roller coaster ride here. Wreaks havoc on challenges. BUT,…with all that said, I rise and keep moving forward. The alternative is not for me. I appreciate your kind words and friendship, C. Gage and I began our new collaboration and between Spring weather and marketing and busy times ahead I may get behind on reading. But I’m sending love, encouragement, and hugs always! K 💛💚

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