Mercy Me!

“Well, mercy me!”

Those three words carry a poignant pitch of my past. I’m transported back in time to hear my grandmothers, and other older folks who helped shape me, utter these three cute words out of shock and surprise! I’d like to say things shock and surprise me. But they don’t anymore. So, to that I say, “Well, mercy me!”

Speaking of mercy… aren’t we all “at the mercy” of something daily? When you travel, just as I have recently to love on family in Washington, you’re at the mercy of the weather (and EVERYTHING else associated with the big silver wings). When you’re young, you’re at the mercy of your parents. When you’re old, you’re at the mercy of every system and those around you. We’re all at the mercy of our health providers (and oh, what a month with that!). Individuals on trial are at the mercy of a jury. Businesses are at the mercy of suppliers. We’re at the mercy of our local, state, and federal government. Most times we are at the mercy of factors and things beyond our control. Some want to kick, scream, and cry for justice, not mercy.

Control? There are things we can control. Some do not like being at the mercy of others. And simply, some set themselves up for being controlled. Control can come from a sense of fear and anxiety. Past trauma or situations creep in. I read somewhere that the one out of 10 workers who doesn’t want to follow the rules or expectations is subconsciously inviting authority to come down on them. If you’re unsure of how you think or feel and don’t express it, others may do it for you. If you do not take care of yourself or obligations, you may be inviting the control into your life. It’s called self-sabotage!

I try to view things in all colors and angles. I don’t have the rights I think I do; and that’s ok. When I surrendered my life to Christ, I gave up my rights. By striving to follow the teachings of Jesus (ok, Jesus, this can be hard!) I no longer have the right to hate, judge, or condemn. I’m at HIS mercy. I’m not perfect. Well, mercy me! Perfection is not needed to experience a life filled with love and mercy. The teachings I have hidden in my heart and soul are a guide to help direct my path. I’m at the mercy of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and joy. Self-sabotage may seem an excellent choice when you feel the entire world is out of control. Perhaps getting lost in media and creating our own world seems to be an easy out. For me, I long for hikes, mountains, rivers, and even the smell of an R.V. 😉. Kicking and screaming is exhausting and not an option for me!

During a layover at the airport Sunday many life lessons came to mind. Yes, like everyone else, I was at the mercy of the T.S.A. Also, the flow of a rushed crowd and making sure I had my ducks in a row and moved quicker than a snail. Many heads were down. Some of us connected by a smile. Or a kind gesture. I could see the worried looks on faces that felt at the mercy of things beyond their control. There were several that voiced what they wished to control. With my cup of coffee (much needed for a tired brain and body) I sat and relished memories of the week with my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter; just as the memories I had with my other son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids in August—this is all worth it). I prayed-us humans are impossible and exhausting at times, but there is goodness when we seek it, slow down, quiet ourselves, and listen.

“Thank you, God for your never-ending mercy and love. Thank you for loving us no matter what. Touch the lives of everyone walking in this airport. Heal the broken, love the unlovable, soothe the hurting souls, do whatever you have to for them to experience a supernatural control that gives hope; even if none is felt.”  His response, “You do it, too.”

“Mercy me!”

“May mercy and peace and love be yours in abundance.”-Jude 1:2

Have faith 🤍 If you don’t know how, why, or can’t, please reach out. You are loved.

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