Hello, November

Much have I spoken of the faded leaf;	
    Long have I listened to the wailing wind,	
And watched it ploughing through the heavy clouds,	
    For autumn charms my melancholy mind.	
When autumn comes, the poets sing a dirge:
    The year must perish; all the flowers are dead;	
The sheaves are gathered; and the mottled quail	
    Runs in the stubble, but the lark has fled!	
Still, autumn ushers in the Christmas cheer,	
    The holly-berries and the ivy-tree:
They weave a chaplet for the Old Year’s bier,	
    These waiting mourners do not sing for me!	
    I find sweet peace in depths of autumn woods,	
    Where grow the ragged ferns and roughened moss;	
The naked, silent trees have taught me this,—
    The loss of beauty is not always loss!

Elizabeth Drew Stoddard

Finley Frolicking

49 thoughts on “Hello, November

  1. I noticed that November 4 is “Common Sense Day.” I was reading the news this week, and I think they cancelled that day. I found no evidence of it, anyway.

    I hope you and Finley are frolicking together in the Autumn leaves!

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    1. I wondered who might catch that one! I laughed typing it. That was Finley running last Fall. She’s had plenty to play in just from the ones falling. But she’ll need a good run like that soon!


    2. ephesians413

      Although one must search high and low for common sense in our world, November 4th is indeed “Use your common sense day.” Hmmmm. I wonder if anyone will notice if we do.

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  2. Finn, it looks like you’re in my front yard. I don’t feel any sorrow over the arrival of fall. To me it means the good times are about to start. Snow, cold, crystals in the air, maybe I’ll ski. Maybe some year I’ll write a dirge to the arrival of summer. Something about mosquitos, deer flies, heat, ❤

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    1. Finn said she loves the leaves and asked, “Can I wear my sweater?” I love the cooler air; but it seems we bypassed Fall today with cold and wet-I wished my joints liked that! The snow where you are is so much more enjoyable! But I’ll take this over the mosquitoes and heat. I want to read your dirge! 🤍🐶

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      1. I need to write it. I will have to wait for July when it’s really dark and the mosquito spray truck goes by irritating the dogs and protecting everyone from West Nile. If I were rich, I’d spend the summer in Patagonia!! 😀

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    1. Aww, thank you Kathy. She has a gender neutral name doesn’t she? I love Huck Finn and the Finley River. So Finn seemed perfect for this little girl. She is easy to hide! I hope your first day of November has been wonderful! 🤍❤

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  3. A very newsy newsletter! Finley is adorable! My friend saintvi dresses her dog Oreo in all kinds of outfits – on Halloween he had a sweater with a Jack-o-lantern that had flashing LED lights in it! Very spooky when it got dark out!! I bet Finn loves to feel cozy in her sweaters!!

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  4. Really loved your calendar for November and yes I laughed when I read “common sense day” for November 4th, which hey is today. Not much evidence of that around even though I’ve kept mine intact yet because I have, I seem to some to be a bit wacked. I don’t care. I will not fall for the narrative, never have. I live LIFE. I heard a saying from a documentary I was watching that said, “Those who are afraid of dying are afraid to live.” Hmmmmm ….. so true!!

    Can you believe it is November already? What? October just started! Good luck finding those colors! So appreciate your attitude and your outlook on life. I smiled as I saw your Finley frolicking. Shouldn’t we all be doing that very same? xo

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      1. My cats have kept my KID in me alive and well, Karla. LOL You should hear and watch me sometimes. I even invited my ever so serious Hubby to join in the fun last night. Not holding my breath but ya never know. Teehee ….. xo

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  5. Wonderful to see Finley playfully running through the leaves. I don’t think I can keep up with his energy. As Stoddard’s poem shares: autumn’s peace will carry us through the winter’s silence until spring awakens again.

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    1. Thank you, Mark! Ye Olde WordPress, that made me giggle! It has a mind of its own for sure. There are several I’ve had to go back to follow again and sadly, some may think I’ve unfollowed? Crazy! Have an awesome day!


  6. I’m late to the party and see that I just missed Kindness Day. I’m pretty sure I was kind. Mostly. I may have been cranky once or twice. A little. You, friend K.L., do a marvelous job of bringing out the gentle and gracious. Peace and all good.

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