Energy Efficient

A year ago, I was planning on sealing leaks and windows in the R.V. Now, I’m planning the same for my house.  I’ve always tried to conserve energy.  I’ve never taken long showers.  A steady home temp helps conserve in all seasons (it’s a struggle at times).  Many of my appliances are rated energy efficient. I’m also THAT person (I owe this trait to Dad). I’m the one that will walk behind you and turn off the lights left on (I’m sorry, it’s a learned natural reflex).   Ironically, I have horrible eyesight and need the BEST lighting to read. Lowering my electric bill is a fantastically fun challenge for me! Using my energy wisely is a necessity.

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In all the ways I try to conserve, I also waste.

There are times I don’t shut the door completely-to my house-and my heart. Have you ever left the door to your heart cracked open so you can let enough love in? Yet, during the frigid or heated times hope and faith leak out a bit.  

Have you ever tried to seal the cracks of confusion with caulk only to realize you missed a spot?

What about when you run too hard and long and your battery keeps dying?

How is your temperature setting? Do you fluctuate from hot to cold? Or is it steady and conservatively operating?

What are you wasting? Time? Energy? Purpose? Thoughts? Feelings? Money?

For years and years, it took so much energy to maintain the schedule I set for myself. My hate of waste kept my space filled with soul-searching situations. My new learning has provided a new energy; and at times depleted it.

Can we stop for a coffee break and chat? One on one? You can tell me. I’ll never judge you.  I see you. This is not a race. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.  Give yourself permission to pause. Use YOUR energy how you need. Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Is it edifying? Or is it exhausting? Do you feel it your true purpose or a pressure? If what you love to do requires much energy seek out power that will edify and electrify. Plug into positive energy. Disconnect from discord. Don’t be drained by debate or deadlock.  Try not to assume someone with more energy has more purpose. If you have NO ENERGY than why? Are you seeking a charge from a dead source?

Currently, I’m still waiting on electricity for a garage I had installed months ago (BUT I’m SO THANKFUL TO HAVE A GARAGE).  You know the way of the world today. Supply and demand. Demand is high and fluctuates easily. Supply, not so much.  Are the demands too high and your supply low?

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We could all help the world by conserving more, wasting less.  Outages will still happen. There will be breakdowns. It’s ok. Give yourself warm space to grieve. Allow love to power you back. It’s a beautiful recyling. It’s a renewable resource.

If kindness were in kilowatts what would be the total of your electric bill?  What if passion powered our spirit? Could inspiration impact ideal intensity?  Could you imagine faith as fuel?   Are you energy efficient? I have found the true source of my power. Have you? You are loved. 🤍

Have faith🤍

If you followed me from the beginning, or even friends I had on Facebook YEARS ago, you’ll know my love of watching the PS22 choir! I wanna sing this song dancing with my family, grandkids, and every kid that needs someone to believe in them! THIS IS ENERGY THAT’S NEEDED!
A little inspiration….may it light your way!

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74 thoughts on “Energy Efficient

  1. jpayne98

    So happy to be reading your writing. My heart conserves the energy from god to give out to others. I’m like you so much walking around behind kids shutting things off. 😂


      1. blindzanygirl

        Oh yes, I am doing well thankyou. And YES YES to nature, though I cannot see it. But I can reel it, hear it, touch it. Yes, God the Creator is where we get all things from. Bless you my friend ❤️

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      2. Lorraine, what I love about you is that you SEE things with your heart. There are many blind people who can see. You’re an inspiration to me. ❤️💛💜💕


  2. You are my dad’s daughter!!!???
    I was the one he’d follow in order to turn this or that off.
    And I hope that as I’ve aged, I’ve gotten better.
    And yep, I’ve wasted both time and energy—often by being in the hurriedness of the world or by not trusting or listening to God when I should have—in fact I’m doing a bit of a repair job that is nearly 40 years past time…
    Thanks Karla as always for drawing me back to the right place!!!

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  3. This post is so rich with metaphor and so ON TARGET! These are the questions we all need to be asking ourselves today. You have really inspired me to want to reach out to people – like both of my sons – who are dealing with their own personal “energy crises” as they juggle a bewildering array of demands. Thank you and bless you for this post!

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    1. Thank you, Russell! I feel the same about your posts. I read your post, “Am I really a male?” to Jeff. He enjoyed it too. Don’t you believe it’s easy to just got lost in routine or draining rather than just stopping and letting it all go a day? I used to tell the teachers I’m doing my “death bed” test~if the doctor told me I had 6 months to live would I be worrying about what is stressing me at this very moment? I understand there are bills to pay. I feel the stress. But I’ve experienced life-altering recoveries and still know I have to protect the energy to help my health. Too often it takes a physical crash or breakdown before you realize it’s time to conserve, adjust, and hook up to the right power. I appreciate you and your wisdom. And support of course! Bless you both too!


  4. Karla, I enjoyed reading your reflective and engaging piece. Nice “energy efficient” intro leading to the personal/human perspective. You also posed thoughtful questions, that when asked with a receptive heart can shift one’s mindset, maybe one’s life. Well done! 💐

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    1. Michele, your kind and thoughtful feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much. I write it because I practice it myself. And putting it out there for others who can relate and understand just affirms the nudges I hear in my spirit. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. ❤️

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  5. A beautifully written reminder ❤ I would definitely admit to wasting plenty of energy on panicking about things completely beyond my control, and working under a pretty rigorous schedule with very few breaks. You're right, sometimes we need to stop, refresh, and consider how we're spending our energy.

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    1. Thank you, M.B. What would Abe say to us from our pictures? 🥰 It’s true the battle is in the mind. 90% of what we worry about never happens. I need to take my worries and turn them into a fiction masterpiece. ❤️ keep refreshing as you complete your book. Thank you again.

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  6. Great post Karla. I have a friend out in the middle of Australia on just solar energy. She says that you learn to live with what you have. So much so that I think she walks around turning lights off in the middle of the city too 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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  7. Love the idea of energy transfer from the sound of voices in harmony, or the wind blowing or better still the words of love whispered in the ear… Manmade energy always runs short and is so very expensive but that heart energy is an endless supply!!!

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  8. a wonderful thought provoking post: the line ‘have you ever left the door of your heart cracked open to let a little love in?’ floored me ; sadly, I haven’t always but am more aware now, as I am in not wasting energy on things unworthy —

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  9. An excellent post, Karla. It is timely for me because I have been thinking about energy lately. I am reading a book titled The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. He says that a lack of energy comes from a closed heart. There is unlimited energy available to us. We are hanging on to something that doesn’t allow our heart to fully open thereby limiting our energy. Scott

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    1. Thank you, Scott. I’ll have to check out that book by Michael Singer. What an amazing concept. I do know that an open heart gives much energy. And filling it back up helps renew it. And when it’s not filled, we’ll, …you know what happens. Thank you for sharing this! And for your kind words and support.

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  10. Jean McDonald

    as always inspiring, hit me where i live, gives me confirmation that what God has been putting in my heart & mind the last several weeks is where i need to focus my thoughts, prayers & mind on. Have had a very emotional soul draining physically draining last couple of weeks but can see where it has given me resolve to make some positive changes with God’s direction & encouragement. We should not feel guilty taking time & energy for just ourselves. You truly inspire lady! 💕🙏💖☕💙

    On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 11:22 AM Flannel with Faith wrote:

    > K.L. Hale posted: ” A year ago, I was planning on sealing leaks and > windows in the R.V. Now, I’m planning the same for my house. I’ve always > tried to conserve energy. I’ve never taken long showers. A steady home > temp helps conserve in all seasons (it’s a struggle at time” >


  11. Karla, thanks for sharing energy from two blessed songs. I always rejoice with how you use imagination and creativeness to connect God’s message with simple, everyday people, places, and things. God’s peace and grace continues to feed your writing.

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    1. You’re welcome, Richard. And thank you for such a thoughtful response. I really strive to empathize with others. If my thoughts resonate with just one, and give hope, than I feel my efforts are with it. Writing these is healing to me. It’s because Im learning along the way in life, and I want to give that same hope and comfort to others. Isn’t that choir darling? Peace and blessings to you both!

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  12. Hi Karla! Love this, our thoughts were sort of streamlined this week. My focus was scattered but rest was key! I love your metaphors! Made me smile and then I got up off my butt and turned off the bathroom light my husband left on! Hugs and love coming your way, C

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    1. C, it’s so good to “see” you! How are you? Thank you for reading and sharing. I’m so happy it made you smile. And you made me laugh. I can see you jumping up to turn off the light. I’ve been on a long hard drive to get that little book out; I’m filling up with fuel to make some literal drives to wonderful places to provide it. I’m sending love and hugs right back! 💛🤗

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      1. Hi K, I’m well, aside from my usual neurotic tendicies! I’m so excited and proud of you, launching your new book, promoting it, spreading your magic to the world. Can’t wait to purchase my copies. Is there info posted on this? I’m been at sea! C

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      2. Oh how fun~at sea! I’m going to update my link from an online bookstore that will be on my webpage (Faith and Finn). In two weeks it will be on Amazon. I’ll be making another bulk order and I take PayPal and Venmo, check, or cash , if you’d like me to mail a signed copy at a later date. Thank you for your encouragement and support. 💛💜🥰🤗

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      3. Yes, I’d like 3 signed copies, one for each of my granddaughters! Audrey (7), Sienna (4), Cora (4). I’m on Venmo and can send payment as soon as you let me know what I owe you. How do I privately send you my address? Email or text? Let me know! xxoo, C

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      4. Oh that’s so wonderful and kind! You can email me at As of TODAY my book is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Blurb Bookstore. BUT I have more copies coming directly to ME! They will be here on Nov. 5th and it would be my pleasure to sign, wrap, add my special thank you card for the grandaughters once they arrive. C, I appreciate you SO MUCH!! You can go to my Faith and Finley page on my site for any further information. Email me! 🙂 ❤🤍🤗

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  13. Needed this. ❤ In lots of ways. Currently, in the midst of my nightmare at work, I've been working on my relationships with my adult children. My son and his girlfriend are currently staying with me. His behavior on his previous visit as a result of alcoholism was the most damaging to me ever. No one supported my decision of letting him back in after that. It is going very well now though. An extra giant fur baby here too, so the household is very active, which I am not used to but trying to give myself to while I can. Not giving too much though is the key, trying to maintain the inner balance. I feel like I've been in charge of everything myself always, in my life, in my family tree, never having experienced someone taking the wheel for just a while. I did not do a very good job teaching my children to help out. BUT…when I pulled up to the house the other day after a training seminar in another town, the trash can was put back in the garage after pick up. I thought for sure a burglar was in there, as there were no cars in the driveway… turns out (according to my son's girlfriend), after my son picked up my daughter from school, he was stern with her to complete that chore despite her excuses and said she needs to do more around the house. 🙂 Hey, it's the little things… And you already know the ways in which I recharge. ❤

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    1. Laura, I do know exactly how you recharge and how your soul functions. I understand every word you write. Look at what your influence has done to those that love you. And how wonderful for them for your unconditional love. You have much on your plate, and the new fur baby (sweet). The balance of it all is indeed a struggle. There are more things you shared, so beautifully, that I can empathize. I’m praying your recharging times will stay protected and occur as you need. Much love and hugs sister. 💛❤️🧡🤗🙏🏻


  14. Love this. You took the bit and ran and ran — bravo you with the metaphors and plays on words. Brilliant. And yet, a hard lesson, isn’t it? It really hit me where I live on lots of levels and I will be reading it again. I expend so much wasted energy in feeling I have to be “on” and “giving out verbal energy” for people all the time, when really most people just want a good listener. And then I need to crawl into my little introverted cave but feel guilty — anyway, many of us can relate to this, but you really created a wonderful way of “electrifying” the idea 🙂 . Thanks for a very fascinating way to look at and try to conserve, adjust, treat oneself and the world ethically and to realign. Love this.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jane. It makes my heart smile knowing that it resonates with you. I feel your words and can relate to them so much. There were many times in my former career that I just needed to be an open door and ear for colleagues. “Crawl into my little introverted cave, but feel guilty…” yes, great words. I appreciate your words and wisdom always, Jane. Peace and love as we begin a new month. 💛


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