Long-Awaited Launch

Are you awaiting a launch? A new career? Motherhood? Fatherhood? Relationships? A new season in your life? New technology? At the beginning of the year, I planned a launch date. It is here.

While in Alaska I stepped into a cardboard “boat” with my little grandson. I’d sing, “We’re sailing, we’re sailing, we’re sailing on the water! What do you see captain?” His little body would stand with his hand planted ever so cutely on his forehead, “I see a dog,” he’d say in his precious 2-year-old voice. He was excited to launch…everyday! As I gazed at his tiny newborn sister, I thought of the world that they, along with their sweet cousin in Washington, will experience; so much launching ahead. During my trip I experienced my first “tiny” earthquake rumble, a mere glimpse of the Northern Lights, plenty of moose, and a beautiful fall that quickly turned to winter. It has been more than a year since visiting Washington and seeing my precious loves there. Yet, as majestic as the scenery, nothing can hold a candle to the sight of all of them. Nothing.

My personal launches now take more intentional focus, energy, and effort. There have been times I’ve wanted to launch things across a room (particularly a cheap laptop). Innovative programs were launched. I have launched new careers. You may wonder if you even have a purpose, much less a longing to launch. You might struggle with launching out of bed due to doom and gloom that seems ever so present in media (or the opposite, complete tone-deafness to the genuine issues of humanity). You may long for a life that can no longer exist (why yes, I’d love to live on Walton’s Mountain or in a Little House on the Prairie for a bit). Maybe you rely on luck to launch you. Perhaps your purpose is paused by panic. Has melancholy muddled your mind? Do you repeatedly regurgitate regret? We all feel like this at times.

Do any of you remember the old hymn, “Love Lifted Me”? Written by James Rowe in 1912, the lyrics refer to Jesus in the book of Matthew. He walked on water, saved Peter from drowning, AND calmed the storm on the sea. While working on my new launch (after a safe landing from Alaska), I tweaked the title just a bit, singing happily, thinking of my grandmas and all my family around the piano, “When nothing else could help, love launched me!” Isn’t it true though…what a little love can do? My tank is full. I am ready to launch.

Finley loves being on the cover! My little grandson loved the book (although I told Mom that I did NOT hide all the other books 😉)

Have faith🤍

I’m so glad I was introduced to this song in Alaska. Tears fall with the love I hold for my kids and grandkids. Listen and enjoy. ❤


38 thoughts on “Long-Awaited Launch

  1. jpayne98

    I fell in love with you all over. I can see you and Asher singing and playing in your tiny cardboard boat. But I also can the literal see the throwing of laptop. Love always for sharing your heart ❤️ 💚🙏♾. J

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  2. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights. I’d like to launch myself to Alaska and do just that one of these days 🙂 Many congrats on all the things you have launched for yourself and others 🙂 Hopefully the laptop survived if you ended up launching that too haha.

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    1. Hi M.B.! My daughter-in-law’s parents saw the most amazing display of the lights. The energy and movement was unlike any even my son and she had seen since being stationed there. I only saw them for a few minutes. They weren’t very “active”. But, nevertheless, an amazing sight~different from my sky here in Missouri. Thank you for your kind words and support. You’d enjoy the little book as it has history and wonderful facts. But it is all about MO! The laptop is safe in its spot~only by a miracle is it grounded. 🙃😜

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  3. Congratulations and I am so happy for you my friend. Wishing you much success with the launch of your book.

    I do remember all the words to the old song, “Love Lifted Me”. My husband has seen the Northern Lights on many occasions and he says, amazing! Happy October 🧡🍂💛

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  4. this post was truly inspirational; I’ve read it three times over the last few days and will likely read it tonight before sleep; I like what you say, I like your easy, friendly style, and I respect its non-bossiness 🙂

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    1. John, your comment just lifted my spirits so much. This feedback makes my heart, soul, and face smile so much. A writer hopes that his/her style might just be relatable. I feel that way about your writing too! ☺️

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    2. Our writing does connect! I read this: “Buddha once said, “the faults of others are easier to see thatn one’s own.” Some 500 years later, Jesus uttered these words: “Why do you see the splinter in someone else’s eye and never notice the log in your own?” Although our beliefs are different I respect those who choose to live a life of peace and love instead of hate and anger. I pray for us all.

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