One Fall Day

In 4 days it will have been 20 years since the tragedy of 9/11. Over the weekend I watched several documentaries. Remembering what we were doing on that day is something I’m sure we all share in common. Many of you are old enough to remember other tragedies; some of you too young to remember the impact of this one. There’s a sense of guilt I feel that I became absorbed in watching these personal interviews of survivors. To all of the victims and their families, my heart still bleeds for your loss. The aftershock and waves of sorrow that still impacts these victims are indescribable. So many died as heroes. And many heroes still live.

I was only 31 and responsible for leading a primary school. One teacher had a husband working at the Pentagon. Several parents had pilot spouses. Parents were coming in droves to pick up their children (including the preschool we had about 550 students). That night, probably like you, I couldn’t wrap my head around the attacks. But I hugged my boys very tight as I was glued to my T.V. Praying to God for leadership direction in the aftershocks. The fall of the towers and the vulnerability felt led to major personal changes. How did your life change?

My space here is not to create political or religious division. The poem I wrote below this past Saturday was not born from anything but love. For in the end that’s all that matters. Love.

One Fall Day

Religion became hate
and violence their norm.
The Cold War had ended,
new terrorists formed.

The West gripped their greed
and lived life based on things,
an enemy was planning
their terror using wings.

We all watched in horror
as the towers burned and fell.
We were stricken with grief.
It was a living hell.

Sisters, brothers,
husbands, wives,
Mothers, Fathers,
So many lives.

The shock of the loss
and the vulnerability felt,
made us close to our maker,
on knees we all knelt.

My tears wouldn't stop.
I hugged my sons so tight.
In my own tiny world,
that's all that felt right. 

Borders are created
by skin and beliefs,
religion, and politics,
is there any relief?

Terrorism since then
has been even homegrown.
Attacks on each other,
some alone and unknown.

Our weapons of choice
can be held in our hands.
In a text, hug, or wave
we declare our own lands.

Don't forget the days
that our innocent have died.
Turn your trust to God,
it's the only right side. 

K.L. Hale 

I’m taking a two week heavenly hiatus to spend time with family. May peace, health, and happiness find its way to your hearts.🀍 As it is written it’s all going as planned. But there’s hope in each day if we all extend a hand. Find the joy in the right now. And give hope and a hug to those who don’t know how.

Have faith πŸ’š

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64 thoughts on “One Fall Day

  1. I’ve written on this before and likely will again and again. There are events that impact and change the trajectory of lives – this was one of them. We watched in horror and disbelief then we crumbled under the reality. And from that moment many rose from the ashes – phoenix like and shone all the brighter. Yes, we prayed and still pray for those lives cut short, those in grief and those who still struggle with the after effect… I hope your family time is rejuvenating!

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    1. β€œAnd from that moment many rose from the ashes – phoenix like and shone all the brighter.”…that’s beautiful, Valerie. This is the first time I’ve ever written about it, publicly. Thank you for your thoughtful response. And I’m sure two weeks with little and big family members will be amazing!


      1. kriddy70

        We can never forget that day, and as others agree, it is one that redirected many of our own paths. I find myself so melancholy and sad– and for lack of better words, reflective, when this date comes around each year. Watching all the documentaries, footage, unbelievable photos,..takes me back to a time when I realized that evil was real and I truly thought the world was ending. My love, gratitude, and respect to all our first responding Heros. Your poem is so beautifully written and I just cried and cried reading it (forever saved❀). Thank you for including the song, too. I love the somber beauty of it. I love you so much and have fun with our babies!!!! Safe travels then come home so we can hear and see all about it!!


      2. Thank you for your beautiful words and response, Bunny (everyone, meet my twin). Reflective is a wonderful word. I stand with you in support of our first responders. I’m so glad my poem touched your heart ❀️. The song always stirs my soul. I will stay in touch and have lots of pictures (imagine me having lots of pictures?). I love you long time, wombmate.β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š


  2. Such a moving poem, very well done. I too remember that day very well. I was in high school at the time. A lot of parents came to my school to pick up their kids too. What a crazy day that we definitely still feel the impacts of. Be well and enjoy your time off ❀

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  3. This is a beautiful tribute to the victims of 9/11 and all the brave men and women involved and to all of us, especially, me! The poem is deeply moving, thank you for taking the time to write it.

    AND, have a wonderful time with your beautiful family, breathe in every moment! 🀍

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  4. If nothing else that September event will have taught many that time is indeed short, and all that hate and anger does is lead us down into a pit that is a dead end, to only then realise we just have to climb back out.
    Enjoy the time out Karla, we need to ruffle our plumage occasionally and stretch our wings. May it be full of smiles, laughter and the love that binds them πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

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  5. Beautiful and moving poem. I shall never forget exactly where I was that day. I immediately checked on my only child in school, my husband at work, and my parents. That night we met at church and prayed. My heart is heavy. πŸ™πŸ»

    Enjoy time with familyβ™₯️

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    1. Thank you dear Pam. I’m so glad, even as sad as a day it was, that we all immediately turned to family. And the most touching~cries of unity in prayer. I’ll share when I return. I’m sure your gardens and tables will be in full Fall swing. β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ€—πŸπŸƒπŸ™πŸ»

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  6. I can hardly believe twenty years has passed since this tragic day. A day forever etched into our collective conscious. Your poem is an honoring tribute to the lives lost and the shared pain.πŸ’”
    Have a wonderful visit with your family. Enjoy. πŸ’

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  7. Wow ~ 20 years, seems like yesterday, watching a tear form in my husbands eyes, my fearful and alarmed children, the needless deaths of innocent people and first responders. Tragedy and you capture it all so well in your poem. Enjoy every minute with your family, much love to you and yours, C

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  9. A lot of sobering truth in your poem. We have to be brave enough to start looking at ourselves and our nation with clear-sightedness, remorse, and hope for being better, doing better, living better. Twenty years later and more of us seem to be foolishly looking outwards for blame and fear-mongering and war-making, rather than looking within to find out how to not descend to the level of those who would make us their enemies. Oh, how Jesus’ words ring true for me as I struggle to be reborn — “why do you pick out the speck in your brother’s eye and miss the log in your own?”. 9/11 was an evil born of ignorance and hate, fear and “otherness as enemy”. We must stop this same insanity and evil in ourselves before it is too late. I hope your time away with your loved ones brings restoration and rejuvenation — Jane

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    1. What a beautiful response, Jane. We do have to look within ourselves too while we sit back and think, β€œwhat’s wrong with our country?” It all begins with me. And there are people who know nothing but hate. All I can do is pray. I’m enjoying every bit of my time! Stay blessed and safe my friend. πŸ’›


  10. Karla, your poem speaks from your unselfish heart. On that fateful day, I was teaching in a small eastern Montana community . . . a radio news update at about 6:50 a.m. informed us a plane had struck one of the towers . . . going to school pretty much unaware . . . over an hour later . . . watching TV update at school . . . first tower collapses . . . time to teach first class.

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  11. AMEN and blessings to you as you retreat. I love the poignancy of your poem and the wave of emotion it stirs up. Most of the time I would rather bury my head in my busy-ness and avoid reflecting on the past. But this is one of those chapters we all have to revisit and learn from. I also love the double meaning of your title, “One Fall Day.” Well done.

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  12. Whenever I think of divisions between people that is exactly where I try to push my mind: how can I show love where I am, to others, and encourage others to choose kindness.

    The words of this song hit a little different when I think about that kind of pain. It’s a little heavy, but filled with emotion:


  13. Good on you for the break. Time is so precious and I am certain it was well-spent. I look forward to discovering what will be shared when you returned. πŸ’• (Since I am so behind on my reading…..)


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