Face to Face

The Ozark’s-K.L. Hale

The glare of the screen will never replace the light of sun.  And viewing 1200-1800 pixels on a post will never replace the realness of real.   The silence is deafening, and the air grows stale. It was practiced during my day-looking someone directly in the eye.  Even nodding your head to confirm their thoughts.  Maybe a tilt of the head to display interest.  Even a smile to represent the humanness of the verbal exchange.  There would be a pause and that meant that the speaker is graciously giving the opportunity for a listener to respond-simply ingenious. It seems now most heads are down.  Rarely will you hear one voice speak at a time.  But you’ll hear a click or a ding.  It’s to notify.   Sadly, someone died, happily one was born, someone went there, someone stayed home, someone ate this, someone wears this, and someone did this.   Milestones in life celebrated on a screen.   These technology talks should bring us closer, so they say. Celebrations of life last the length of your battery. I look up and around.  And get out.  It’s with nature I have the best dialogue.  The two of us prefer face-to-face.  Imagine a stare-down contest.  Nature always wins.  Sometimes I chit-chat with the leaves and squirrels.   The trees nod to show they understand me.  Clearly, they’re seen as they are and don’t hide from their reality.  They only know to exist in truth.  They happily accept the changes each season brings.  The wind embraces me, and sometimes sings a melody, when it’s time to hug goodbye.  “It was great to see you!” and “I’ll see you soon!” can be heard as I walk away.   It was a true conversation. 

For me, ‘tis better to stroll, than scroll. 

Although I published this in May of last year, this is relevant to me today. Call me weird (really, I don’t mind), but I have no interest in celebrity news, the latest great show (although I love a good movie), diet tips and weight loss videos, and the constant barrage of the “me, me, me” in the media world (I’m so thankful for the baby animal, nature, and humor videos). It seems self-care and self-love trump soul care and love for others. Modesty is replaced with confidence from gained “self-love”. I love seeing the “likes” and meeting new friends, but my self-worth is not tied to the actions of others.

How much time do you spend on a screen? I had to be honest with myself. My learning in a variety of platforms can be overwhelming. Particularly because of the “me” emphasis. Self-marketing should be about finding a group of fellow friends and like-minded souls that will support you (your tribe), no matter what you write. I can’t keep up with all the media “tricks” for instant engagement. Real-time videos aren’t me. Why be something I’m not? If it gives YOU joy and peace–great! To each their own! Our differences, as well as similarities, make the world go ’round. As I seek my Creator, and make this place as much as heaven as I can until I get to the real one, I’ll continue taking care of myself, and keeping my eyes focused on what truly matters. I’ll respond “thank you” to a compliment or kind words, I’ll shake your hand when I meet you, I’ll respond if you call, I’ll look you in the eye if you speak, and if I become distracted from watching “Little House”, “The Walton’s”, “Andy Griffith”, or a good western, shame on me! 😁 Have I told you how much I appreciate all of you? ( I DO!) And do you REALLY know how much you’re loved? 🤍

Finley and I love Tim Janis’s channel! He, and the Nature Relaxation Channel, are wonderful to watch when you need a break for peace and calm.

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