Few Words Friday


41 thoughts on “Few Words Friday

  1. A friend of mine once stated, “I like my men dark, strong, and tall. Wait. No, that’s coffee. That is how I like my coffee.” Your quote reminded me of that, and it made me smile. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you, Erica! It came to me encouraging another young indie writer who felt fear of criticism. And this popped in my head and I shared it with her on IG. It seemed fitting. Our writing and thoughts will not be relatable to everyone. And that’s ok! For me, I’d rather go deep and narrow with my friends and followers then go wide and shallow and try to be everyone’s cup of tea! I’m very eclectic and can relate to so much. I admire teas and coffees of all kinds! ☕️ And I’m so glad we’ve shared great coffee talks around this big World Wide Web table. ☕️☕️❤️🤗

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      1. Again, here I am having my last cup Karla. I read the post that comes after this one
        (with no comments) Wow, what a great photo of central Missouri! I stared at it for a while.
        I love it there and that’s a great photo! The old timer’s like me are probably scratching
        their heads, I know you’re still young and all that but give us a little break once in a while.
        Anyways, it was an interesting post. You have great day sweat friend.

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      2. Eddie, thank you for your kind words and support always! Old timers are my favorite people in the world! From you “all” I learn the most! I’m an old soul. Technology has its place. But I definitely love nature the most! I love my conversations with the trees and the wind. I’m still sipping my cup too! Have a great day Eddie!

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