Shackled Assurance

It's a prison I don't wish to escape. It's a confinement of confidence. It's finding your voice without needing to use it. It's seeking HIS will-not probing for problems.

A Prison of Peace

It’s bravery with buoyancy. It’s being hitched to hope. It’s being fastened by faith. It’s being restrained by radiance.

I'm shackled with assurance,
there's beauty between the bars.
A cell of contentment
is a surrender to the scars. 

If you feel you’re in prison, how do you find the key? It’s been with you for life. Unlock love and be FREE!

Have faith 💚

Photo credit-K.L. Hale (Wilson Creek’s Battlefield (MO), Lookout at Lowman Pass & Payette River, & Shoshone Falls Park (Idaho)🤍