Seasonal Shifts

Winter welcomed hope mixed with frigid air.

Spring stormed in and dumped buckets of watered wishes. 

Summer is sneaking in ablaze.  Sweat and tears can’t douse the flames.

The seasons change and so must I.

Hot, cold, dry, or wet
the forecast you will soon forget.
Move on and let go of all regret
for coming soon is the best yet.

The cold, rain, and heat rotate
My mind, soul, and heart acclimate.
People and feelings may mutate.
I won't let my spirit deflate. 

A sudden shift might cause debate
instantly you can't articulate.
You feel as though you'll suffocate,
but don't let your faith fluctuate.

Leverage it all with love.
Don't get stunted or stale.
Change with the seasons.
Let wisdom prevail. 

Let go of expectations; hang on to expectancy. Let go of bitter; grab what’s better. Let go of regret; cling to real. Let go of the hurt; hang on to hope. Let go of mistakes; stay motivated.

Communication has definitely changed. For those of you older and wiser I know you understand this well. I still remember students passing notes in class. I remember eye contact and well wishes. “How are you?” “Thank you!” “Good morning!” I remember conversations. Although I love talking memories, I want to talk about the meaningful of the now. If you wonder how someone is doing, ask he or she. If you’ve ever felt alone in a group (particularly if you’re the only female) you may feel you’re never understood. And men, likewise. And because we change (or we should) conversations will too. Seek those who grow your soul. Maybe all you’re doing is surviving. Maybe there’s something you’d like to do, yet you feel stunted with little support? I have friends here on WordPress (and not) who have lost children, their vision, their spouse, their jobs, and the list goes on. It seems they have found the secret to life-…service. They care. They ask. They seek. No judgement. No debate. Just simple kindness. If you really want to know…ask. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call a friend. Look for ways in your every day life that you can make a difference in someone else’s. If someone needs to talk, try listening without giving advice. Just a smile at someone at the store can make a difference. If we could pay more attention I believe we’d see less brokenness. I’m paying attention. If you love deep, you’ll hurt deep. If you care deep, you’ll grieve deep. And if you believe…you’ll believe in the better. Let the emotions rain down, don’t keep them inside. But if you are having trouble controlling them, seek help. And if you’re unable to rejoice, call me. Text me. Chances are I’ve experienced it. And even if I haven’t I will listen with love. Friends, don’t lose hope. This worlds seems to be chasing a lot to find happiness. If you’re living simple and satisfying hurray for you! I’m so happy for you! I have found it too. But not without heartache. And now my heart just simply wants to love and encourage others while my grit tries to grow. I know a Savior who is there 24/7. When all seems lost, there’s so much to gain. If you would like more information or just to talk, you can e-mail me. May your tears turn to joy. May your soul find happiness. May a smile light your heart. May you find faith.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Have faith 💚

On another note-the last 5 weeks with family has been wonderful. Everyone is home safe. My book is coming along and I’m learning so much (marketing is the hardest part). I’m volunteering with a local chapter dedicated to assisting adult disabled community members (3/4 of them are former students). I feel a lot of wanderlust to want to pack up and travel. Do you feel it too? The time will come. I’ve grown through the changes. They’re not easy. But with faith, I’m moving forward. Keep the faith, friends. Thank you for your support!


59 thoughts on “Seasonal Shifts

    1. Thank you my friend. 💛💚❤️ I welcome every new stage~and you just hope others meet you where you are. You look desperate when all you want is communication. So you back off and remember who’s with you 💯…and those that meet you at your growth ~not where you WERE (especially due to illness or life change). Not everyone will understand. And that’s ok. We all have a unique journey. And when you’re alone there’s no sense trying to “defend” why you’re there. Grab God and move on. He knows what he’s doing so it’s best to leave it up to him. When I didn’t, due to poor reasoning, it led to heartache. Mixed with some bitterness and rejection. Find your tribe! We’ve all done it. And ultimately kindness and goodness win. Love always wins. ❤️💛💚


  1. We are ‘nudged’ in so many ways. And these don’t have to be big at all, even the little things can change the world. I have just recounted this story to another blog friend but I think it is relevant here.
    I’ve had a nudge from God to visit a little open air church thirty minutes down the road that you can look over the priests shoulder out over the lake. It is an absolutely gorgeous place, a small piece of heaven. So when I arrived yesterday I found a notice that said due to the current work on the new car park the services would be held back in town. I was a bit confused at first thinking the whole purpose was to join the service but the urge was still quite strong so I thought, well I’m out here I may as well walk down through the tree’s and just enjoy the beauty of the place. Once there I met a young girl and her mother becoming quite a bit agitated because the sound system wouldn’t work that they were getting ready for a wedding. After a bit of heads together we got it going and a very distinct feeling of sharing something, not only with these ladies but whoever was getting married. It was like a moment of love for all involved to share. I’m intrigued as to who the wedding was for, I’ll just have to wait…or maybe that really doesn’t matter, it was just that moment to give hope, faith and courage that the world may be a bit crazy, but it is us that can make it other by giving from that unconditional within us all ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Mark, this is a beautiful story of hope, faith, and courage. These “nudges” are so very important. I’d be intrigued too about the wedding details. The world needs more kindness and attention. You’re just the person to provide it. You will be blessed just as they were that you helped. Many times it’s the little things isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing! And isn’t it nice when you meet people or have those in your life that you can just give a glance or a hand signal and the love shoots straight to the heart? With kindness and courage the world can be better. You’re doing your part, Mark…and more! Take care on your side of the world 🌎 🙏🏻💛

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    2. PS ~Mark, I think God smiles when we follow through with his nudges. Tonight I invited my neighbors to go get ice cream. Tomorrow is her 68th bday and he is not in good health. They walked over and I drove us. It just felt good. 💛

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      1. It most certainly does dear lady, we become that love and like all else…that is what we give out. Those moments are received and given because we stood in that place within. Scary for many but once you understand you realise it is only our normal nature…before it is blocked and covered over by our fear, a very unnatural way of being, hence why life can be so difficult. Don’t get me wrong, we need the hard stuff to guide us inwards, but once there you don’t want to return to what was.
        I hope you all enjoyed God’s ice cream 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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      2. “Scary for many but once you understand you realise it is only our normal nature…before it is blocked and covered over by our fear,…” beautiful. This morning in my devotion I heard something unique, “Worry is a form of worship….just aimed in the wrong direction. We worry about what we love the most, and have the least faith in it,…shift that worry to trust and you’re worshiping the right things!” Take care dear friend. Thank you for helping so many through your words and faith. 💛🌸🙏🏻

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      3. I loved those words dear lady. Its like seeing one side so we can truly see and appreciate the other…cannot know and appreciate happiness until we know sadness, and on through all those feelings in our hearts 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. What kind and thoughtful words, C. One never knows when writing your heart if it will resonate with anyone. But I write anyway and just pray it helps even one. I’m glad this gives you hope. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Stay safe and blessed 💛

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  2. sometimes a difficult moment feels like a stone lodged inside a shoe permanently wrapped around your feet . you can feel it all the time . you are not that sure anymore about the best way to live ones life . a clouded mind surrounds you with fatigue . obscures you from the vibrancy of your own life

    my dear Karla . your words entered my shadowed crevices and filled them with light . I feel the light of your earnestness falling on me and keeping me warm

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    1. Ananda, thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful response. You describe so well what a difficult moment feels like. And it’s so nice when you empty that shoe and keep going. Isn’t it? I’m so glad my words provided light and warmth. May faith and truth guide you always my friend!

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  3. Good morning dear Karla, “let your emotions rain down”. Yes, don’t try to stuff or deny. I hear God in your words sister. Love fiercely. And when we do so, we run the risk of hurting just as fiercely. Thank you dear Karla for being a light to shine through the cracks of our hearts, pointing us to Him. May God bless you abundantly this given day🙏❤✍

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    1. Julie, how are you? Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. How is Rocco? Your classes? I know you have helped teach me to “not stuff or deny”. Your light helps mine! Keep fighting with faith. And blessings to you always. ❤️💚🙏🏻📚

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      1. Oh Karla, we just got back yesterday. First vacation with a puppy. I am tired. It was good. Rocko was pretty good adjusting to all the new. I am trying to blog about it, still so much to process and I have to get back to work for school. I missed a class while I was gone, midterm is due this Friday 😦

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      2. I’m so glad you had family time. But I know your weary too with so much to navigate. I’m
        Lifting you up in prayer, hope, and air hugs 🤗. I’m glad Rocko adjusting. And that midterm~~you’ve already passed 😉💛🙏🏻

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  4. Has it been too long since doing any travel? Perhaps that burning question
    will be answered for us this year Karla. In the meanwhile, what we are currently doing
    more than seems to satisfy many of our needs. Have a lovely week dear friend. Eddie

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    1. Happy Monday, Eddie. Yes, I think the last year has had many “itching” to just want to adventure. And some, not! Lol I had ice cream with my neighbors last night. They are former full-time RVer’s. They said their family thinks they’re crazy for wanting to travel in their small home. From what I understand many National Parks are taking reservations only. Arches National Park has not…yet. But with the increase of those traveling, and sadly, trashing up BLM land, I feel blessed to have already seen these beautiful places. I tuck that in my heart. And am excited to tour places here in my own beautiful state! The wanderlust doesn’t make me unsatisfied; I’m so blessed! But it sure does keep dreams alive! I hope you and yours have a lovely week too my friend. It’s sunny and less humid~what a gift!

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  5. Anyone who genuinely and constantly
    With both hands,
    Looks for something
    Will find it.

    Though you are lame and bent over
    Keep moving
    Toward the Friend
    With speech and silence, with sniffing about, stay on the track

    When some kindness comes to you, turn
    That way, toward the source of kindness.
    Love-things originate in the ocean.
    Restlessness leads to rest.

    Rumi, One Handed Basket Weaver

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    1. What a beautiful response; words by Rumi. I would love to have read more and shared conversations about the life of this well-respected poet, by all religions. His work is enlightening to so many. Each stanza speaks gentleness with encouragement. That road to Damascus feeling. ❤️💚💛♥️ love and hugs 🤗🐶

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      1. I understand this comment very well! Oy vey! Two of my dear friends stopped by yesterday morning for coffee and we carried on to lunch. Our conversations included a similar discussion to your comment; but with me being in your spot. 😉 🤍

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  6. I know that some of my colleagues find it a bit odd that I prefer to get up from my desk, walk to theirs, and ask them my question face-to-face instead of typing on our office-wide communications network, Karla. So much can be gained from the human conversation in person, all nuances and reactions connected. Still and always.

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  7. Umm. Wow. Absolutely, blown away by the Spirit which dwells within you.
    #1 “Seek those who grow your soul.” Tag you’re it!
    #2 “If you love deep, you’ll hurt deep. If you care deep, you’ll grieve deep. And if you believe…you’ll believe in the better.” Amen.
    #3 “Friends, don’t lose hope.” I am a better person having met you.
    Huge hugs….💕

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    1. Dawn,…wow. 💕Thank you so much. #1~tag, you’re it again. I have found a space here in WordPress, and with all of my kindred spirit friends, that I’m free to express and uncover the deepest part of my soul. And, just my thinking. Conversations in my life have circled around circumstances~with very little depth. In this space I don’t feel “awkward” for not keeping up with small talk, or seem strange for not following the world. It’s where I don’t scowl my brow for understanding;wondering how I can relate. Its ironic to me, Dawn. We’re not to hide our light under a bushel. Yet, so many would rather speak of their life with no credit given to a power much greater than ours. Small talk replaces singing about the success of our souls 🎶💚. I’m better for knowing you too. And glad we’re on this journey together! Stay blessed!

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  8. This hit hard, in just the right ways. I had a rough day yesterday, but God is always there even if I don’t realised it or can’t feel the embrace: He’s there. Listening with our ears and not our mouths can be the most difficult thing, but is so deeply important.

    And I really feel what you mean about marketing being difficult. I have not yet got my book to the point I’m ready to start thinking about it being publishing and having to market it yet, but encouraging people that this story is worth their time, and that I believe it’s well written and a fun story is not something I’m very good at. Talking myself up is difficult! Even when I believe the thing I’m talking about.

    Thank you for sharing, and for the consistent and loving encouragement. Thank you for being there for those around you, being available for people reaching out and offering to reach into their lives too. 💛

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    1. Dear Hamish, I’m so glad this hit home to you. It did what I had intended then. I’m sorry about your rough day. I empathize and sympathize immensely. Yes, it’s hard to “market” ourselves. We have to talk ourselves up a lot! In our hearts we want others to enjoy our writing as much as we do. I’m happy to be a beta reader and help in any way. All of our styles and voices are unique! I’m having hiccups with my small children’s book. My illustrator’s software backup and mine will not merge. Meaning I have to redo all my sizing {fonts, words, sentences, etc..} again on his version {print press weakness or not being able to allow us to work collaboratively}. It can be disheartening. And I’m the meantime, I feel like my testimony has a place in my short writings I’m piecing together for an adult book. I will always encourage. I feel it’s a gift from God that I must use. I’ve had encouragers and I’ve also had times of very little support. Keep talking yourself up and I’ll not stop either. You have a story to tell. And sometimes we just have to get it out whether or not others find it helpful, fun, or interesting. But if there’s just one….I’ll be that one for you my friend! Keep on keeping on and don’t lose faith. You’re a great young man and human. ❤️🤗

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      1. This is the one thing that keeps me looking forward, even when I stumble, and find myself slipping beneath the surface. I know it, even if I can’t believe it, and draw it into the very depths of my soul.

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