Seasonal Shifts

Winter welcomed hope mixed with frigid air.

Spring stormed in and dumped buckets of watered wishes. 

Summer is sneaking in ablaze.  Sweat and tears can’t douse the flames.

The seasons change and so must I.

Hot, cold, dry, or wet
the forecast you will soon forget.
Move on and let go of all regret
for coming soon is the best yet.

The cold, rain, and heat rotate
My mind, soul, and heart acclimate.
People and feelings may mutate.
I won't let my spirit deflate. 

A sudden shift might cause debate
instantly you can't articulate.
You feel as though you'll suffocate,
but don't let your faith fluctuate.

Leverage it all with love.
Don't get stunted or stale.
Change with the seasons.
Let wisdom prevail. 

Let go of expectations; hang on to expectancy. Let go of bitter; grab what’s better. Let go of regret; cling to real. Let go of the hurt; hang on to hope. Let go of mistakes; stay motivated.

Communication has definitely changed. For those of you older and wiser I know you understand this well. I still remember students passing notes in class. I remember eye contact and well wishes. “How are you?” “Thank you!” “Good morning!” I remember conversations. Although I love talking memories, I want to talk about the meaningful of the now. If you wonder how someone is doing, ask he or she. If you’ve ever felt alone in a group (particularly if you’re the only female) you may feel you’re never understood. And men, likewise. And because we change (or we should) conversations will too. Seek those who grow your soul. Maybe all you’re doing is surviving. Maybe there’s something you’d like to do, yet you feel stunted with little support? I have friends here on WordPress (and not) who have lost children, their vision, their spouse, their jobs, and the list goes on. It seems they have found the secret to life-…service. They care. They ask. They seek. No judgement. No debate. Just simple kindness. If you really want to know…ask. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call a friend. Look for ways in your every day life that you can make a difference in someone else’s. If someone needs to talk, try listening without giving advice. Just a smile at someone at the store can make a difference. If we could pay more attention I believe we’d see less brokenness. I’m paying attention. If you love deep, you’ll hurt deep. If you care deep, you’ll grieve deep. And if you believe…you’ll believe in the better. Let the emotions rain down, don’t keep them inside. But if you are having trouble controlling them, seek help. And if you’re unable to rejoice, call me. Text me. Chances are I’ve experienced it. And even if I haven’t I will listen with love. Friends, don’t lose hope. This worlds seems to be chasing a lot to find happiness. If you’re living simple and satisfying hurray for you! I’m so happy for you! I have found it too. But not without heartache. And now my heart just simply wants to love and encourage others while my grit tries to grow. I know a Savior who is there 24/7. When all seems lost, there’s so much to gain. If you would like more information or just to talk, you can e-mail me. May your tears turn to joy. May your soul find happiness. May a smile light your heart. May you find faith.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Have faith 💚

On another note-the last 5 weeks with family has been wonderful. Everyone is home safe. My book is coming along and I’m learning so much (marketing is the hardest part). I’m volunteering with a local chapter dedicated to assisting adult disabled community members (3/4 of them are former students). I feel a lot of wanderlust to want to pack up and travel. Do you feel it too? The time will come. I’ve grown through the changes. They’re not easy. But with faith, I’m moving forward. Keep the faith, friends. Thank you for your support!