The most frightening moment wasn’t standing on the edge looking down. The climb was terrifying. Sweaty palms on slick side rails were scary. Walking to the end of the board was undeniably a daredevil deed though.    

Photo credit-Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Less than 10 feet above the water, the springy board sought to hold my confidence captive.  My outstretched arms, like wings, kept me balanced as I tiptoed across the fiberglass.

I made it to the edge!  The height didn’t bother me.  Trusting my body, and the lessons learned from the swim lessons my parents insisted upon, I’d hop on one foot and jump (I HAD to leap on one bounce).   Consecutive jumping would end tragically, I was certain.  

Later in life I was introduced to the humorless high dive.  The swimming “friends” above or below me on the ladder, tossing taunts, were terrifying.   These “friends” would try to bounce the springboard while I was on the edge.   It didn’t take long to learn to wait at the side of the pool until the “nice” kids headed towards the ladder.

With time my confidence grew.  Jumping off the board became natural.  Making a splash hitting the water was satisfying.  Sometimes I’d gurgle because I left my mouth open.  But most times I’d swim to the safe side with a huge smile.  Ah, the valiant feeling of victory. Conquering that fear gave me the courage to climb even higher objects in life.  

The last 5 years have felt like climbing that ladder for the first time again.  I’ve been scared.  It would have been easier to just sit on the side and admire the waters from a distance.  Just like the gravel bar on the river. 

A year and half ago, I grabbed the handrails and took a step up.  This year I’ve continued the climb (beyond a doubt it’s a high dive).  On-line classes-a step up. Coaches and fellow writers-a few more rungs.  Faith, friends, and family support-I made it to the top.   My legs are a bit shaky. But it’s time to jump again.  I wonder if I’ll make a splash.

Relearning.  Reinventing.  Repurposing.  Reimagining.  Reinforcing.  Reconstructing. Recovering. Rediscovering.  Rearranging.  Researching. Revising. Rebuilding. Remembering.  REASSURANCE IS RESTORED.

You can climb the ladder too (if you’re not afraid of heights).  I will never taunt you. I’ll even jump in and help you if you struggle after the jump.   There’s this lifeguard who knows exactly when to throw me a life preserver.  He’ll throw one to you too.🤍

It’s time to SPRINGBOARD into something special and new. I want to thank Lisa Jochim (please visit https://blueberrypancakespublishing.wordpress.com/about/ to support Lisa). She had a huge following on WIX, she’s part of our family now. For 4 months she has coached me once on week. Thank you to Jon Bard and Laura Backes for the wonderful courses and resources https://writeforkids.org/come-join-the-insiders-2/?wlfrom=%2Fclubhouse%2Fthe-back-issues-archive-annual-members-only%2F. Jeff, Kim, Martha, Kristy, Vicki, Pam, Kate, Ashok, Kathy, Richard, Vicki, Mitch, Eddie, Kathy, Mark, Julie (both), Dawn, Dwight, Jane, Michelle, Nico, Brenda, Tangie, Vincent, and so many more…Thank you for your unending WordPress support!

Friends, If you have children, grandchildren, or just a fan of children’s’ books, I hope you peek at my new page (click on Faith and Finley at the top of my site).

Faith and Finley Tour the 50 is the beginning of a series designed for ages 7-11 (ALL AGES 😉).  

Why support Faith and Finley?  Readers can explore a few facts and meet friends as we journey across the state lines.  What’s near your own back yard to explore? What makes YOUR state special?  There’s history that can’t be forgotten and facts to uncover.   There’s a world outside of the walls.  It’s closer than you think. Feel the feelings but find the facts!  Find your park.  Enjoy Earth’s playground.  Get out. Don’t lose faith.  There’s beauty to behold when we seek it.

See you on the road and in a bookshelf near you!  

Have faith💚


51 thoughts on “Springboarding

  1. I love this post!! You and I are so much a like girlfriend. I too was terrified and traumatized by the diving board. All of my best friends were swimmers. It would take me what seemed like hours to jump off the high dive. My friends all cheering or jeering from the side. My kids all ended up being competitive swimmers. I was not going to have them be afraid of that board. Together we guan do this. “You jump, I jump Jack!” xx Lisa

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    1. Thank you so much! The jumping off was the easy part! I used to love swimming. I need to swim more. Now my hands don’t sweat as much climbing things too. But boy, was I terrified then! That’s Bear your kids swam competitively. I guess we’re brave enough to walk out together. You made a great splash with your book! Thank you for everything! Xx 💛

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  2. Took my back to childhood memories and into the heart where fear and courage intermingle with each other

    Two years ago, we went on a trip to the north east corner of India. Where a river was the border to another country. There was a baby cliff about 30 feet high from where I jumped into the river. It was possible only with a quiet mind and no fear for the fate of the body ❤️❤️🙏

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    1. Sip sip hooray my friend. We shall all springboard together. After 2020 took a nose dive and crashed why not the rest of us climb to something higher and see better views and make bigger splashes? Thank you for your support! 💛❤️☕️

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  3. I nearly drowned that day I thought I could jump from the broad without an “adult” treading water in order to catch me…I just knew I could do it.
    But low and behold, I could not.
    The last bobbing of up and down…a neighbor jumped in and grabbed me.
    I was five.
    I can remember to this day that fateful day I nearly drowned…but I also know that I would eventually be undeterred.
    I jumped again.. another day…
    May we all try again.
    Happy book publishing my friend!!!

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    1. Kate, you were one that encouraged me from the start. I remember reading your poetry and being propelled by your passion. I knew I could do it! Thank you my friend so much. 💛💜❤️


  4. atimetoshare.me

    Being willing to take that first step can be absolutely terrifying. Good for you, setting those fears aside. With God we can do what we thought we never could. Blessings to you in your next steps up.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I’ve added a new page to my site solely for Faith & Finley. I’m editing and editing. I’m starting on my next one, to Alaska. My illustrator works a full-time job. In my self-marketing classes I’ve learned to begin my marketing early! Thank you for your support. 💛


  5. Vicki

    Awesome & thought provoking as always. Makes me dig deeper into who i “really” am. Aren’t some of the most rewarding parts of our lives the ones where we take it on afraid. God says fear not for I am with you. Also He would rather we do try things afraid then cower in our own insecurity. Sometimes we over think ourselves & miss some amazing opportunities. Love you & Fin dear fearless friend!💞💖💕❤☺🍵

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    1. Beautiful words and wisdom my friend. It really is rewarding when you do things “afraid”. And God is always there. I want to be as confident as he wants me to be to fulfill what he desires. My physical challenges can make me want to hide out. But listening, and moving in closer to him to hear and see better, has allowed me to stop and rely only on God’s plan for me. For if HE doesn’t come first things are never in any good order. But he counts on me to take the steps. Sitting back and feeling blessed doesn’t move me forward. Just writing one post takes me hours. My hands are in so much with writing. And organizing myself and establishing home. Circumstances, just daily life, an try to steal immediate happiness. I roll with the feelings. I feel them, get them out, and carry on with faith. We all have a choice. I don’t want to be angry, bitter, feel the need to be justified, …all that matters is who walks beside you, who will be there at the end, and the #1~eternal home. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me. Finn is too! 💛❤️💜🐾💚💜


  6. I never had the courage to jump from a diving board. But I did learn to snow ski late in life and was terrified, but I kept on. I am so happy for you, Karla because I know your book will be fabulous. Will it be a series of books!

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    1. Thank you, Pam. Going down hill very fast on two splinters of wood is very courageous!! 😳💕 it will be a series. I have a lot of years, God-willing, to write 50~one for each state. Thank you for your support! 💚💛💜❤️

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    1. Aw, thank you, C. I’ll take your description! Thank you for being an encouragement to me. You’re diving into a new pool too. Jump on a floatie and soak it in a bit! We’re never alone indeed. Take care C. ♥️🤗

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  7. I am BEYOND excited for you and to follow along, in this new journey you are beginning. Your enthusiasm is contagious and inspirational – I pray there are numerous others who will “dive-in(to)” their own adventures boldly & as courageously as you have. And may I be counted as one!! HUGE hugs and blessings are being packed up and sent with you my dear, dear cyber-space friend!!💕💕💕💕

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    1. Aw, Dawn…huge hugs back!🤗 Thank you for being a supporter and friend. I feel your excitement for me and it makes me even more enthusiastic! I’m glad that my words can be inspiring. It’s very humbling. Fear is a dangerous thing. There are things in which I had more courage. But it’s amazing what I’ve grown to learn through some times I thought I couldn’t anymore. Fear is such a liar! Keep on keeping on sweet lady! ❤️💛🙏🏻🤗

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      1. Oh. My. GOODness! (god-bumps moment.) I JUST wrote a post last evening (in the very wee hours) on the Father of Lies!! Interesting that I am just discovering your reply today! God is so BIG and so adorable. I love that He has connected us…and continues to keep the dots between us matching up! Sending you a BIG BLESSED hug!

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  8. This post is filled with so much joy! There’s always hope if we can muster the courage to try, and try, and try again. The most satisfaction is gained from accomplishing what at first seems impossible. And when we can’t on our own, God is right there climbing with us, not doing it for us, but providing the strength to take the lap of faith.

    Thank you for sharing this. It is so wonderful to see the adventure you have started, to create the adventures of Faith and Finley – which will most definitely ignite the fire of creativity in children (and lovers of children’s books!)

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    1. Hamish, thank you my friend. It’s such an exciting time of life~learning NEW things and propelling forward on passions. Seasons of life being much change. Yesterday in my studies singer Matt Maher shared about embracing our emotions and tears to move forward. I’m grounding myself and my reality of the life I have I know that “tears will be sowed with joy!” Everyone in his or her life must LET GO of expectations and embrace the reality of what is right in front of you. I’m a melancholy person, yet, even in this last month I’ve learned that diving into something new is good for the body, soul, and mind. If you forever stand on the sidelines and never get your toes wet you’ll dry up! Life is short. I’m only 50, soon to be 51. Not a one of us are guaranteed tomorrow. So I’ve realized why I’ve made the choices I’ve made and know that it is NOT the people around you~your family, your job, your friends {although they should be your support} that define you. We all have our own journey. And as artists and deep thinkers, as dreamers and do-er’s, we’re different. I don’t know what makes a dreamer and why some don’t. Being content is not about being settled and doing nothing. It’s about Godliness. And being at peace when you’re doing his work and following HIM. I don’t find happiness in my routine. My routine just helps me stay consistent. In my new learning I’m taking classes. Just last night I took a one hour webinar that thrilled me on new ideas for indie writers. Continue to stand on your faith and when you experience those “crashes” like your last post, we know who has us! When your energy is depleted don’t worry about climbing and jumping~just float on your back, give yourself grace, and let the waters surround you with peace and relief. Sending hugs and peace from Missouri to New Zealand. Keep fighting with faith! ❤️💛💚💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗☀️☀️💜💜

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